Our model represents a volcano the blue bricks are the rock of the volcano the black bricks are the ash volcanoes spew out before they erupt. The red and yellow bricks are lava or magma. When the magma cools at the bottom it will become igneous rock if this rock were to heat and have pressure pushing down on it would become metamorphic rock. Volcanoes form in subduction zones where a mountain is fed magma from the crust that delved into the mantle and is being heated and melted then the magma rises into an underground magma chamber which then erupts and the magma bursts out. As the magma flows its cooling every second but it can take up to several months for the whole thing to cool but small spots like the end can take 10-15 minutes to cool. As a result of this, you can walk on it but it can still be very dangerous. The tectonic plates are still shifting as the volcano is fed more and more magma. 



This is 2017 SLC in this video me and Siwoo made a script and asked each other about it. We talk about when we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and when we go to sleep and much more. We got it correct(because I'm smart). I faced a challenge of  memorising my lines because I am bad at memorising stuff :D. Enjoy this video 😛 

Monarchy: When a king or queen ruled.Democracy: Where all Gummy Bear citizens got to vote on a representative.Tyranny: When a military leader ruled.Oligarchy: Where a group of Gummy Bears ruled in a harsh way.I knew that a monarchy was when a King or Queen ruled and I knew that in a democracy all people would be allowed to vote. I didn't know about the other two types of government because I had never heard about them before.

Just Do It = This product is a shoe it is saying that if you buy this shoe you can do just about anything and you will do it right now. The Just Do It campaign was launched in 1988 and it was highly successful. It was one of the top two tag lines in 20th century.