What’s on your bucket list?

One day, I want to make sure I want to visit or even learn at Harvard University. Why? Because “Harvard is the greatest university in the world”, and I really want to visit or even learn at Harvard University. I’ve already told my parents that I’m going to Summer School at Harvard in 2021. That’s one of my chances to visit there and learn there. My goals are also to get better at English and don’t need to learn EAL anymore. Connecting to the learning subject, I want to pass my Algebra 1 test.  So to just summarise it up, my bucket list includes no.1 visit and study at Harvard, no2 is to get out of EAL and be better at English especially my grammar and finally, I want to be even better at Math. Oh and also, I want to work in a specific company in the future which is Maison and I want to be an accounter or Brand Manager. Yeah, that’s all on my bucket list.

Coffin cafe

30 people are experiencing how it is like being in the coffin. This is a place where people could come and experience how is it like being in a coffin for 2 hours. It may seem insane that people even want to do this but there’s approximately 50 customer per day who comes to try this insane experience. This place is located in the Northern of Japan, it will take more than two hours from Tokyo to reach this destination. This coffin shop named is Misasuki, it’s opening hours is 10 am to 10 pm.

To start, the customer put on a white robe and start laying in a coffin.

“ At first, I was so nervous about this, when I start laying in the coffin, my feeling was on top, I was shaking.”

– A customer

Then, a staff will put the lid of the coffin on them. However, the first 10 minutes, there will not be any air, but after the ten minutes, the staff will open a hole for air to get in.

The coffin which the participants lay in is wooden long and narrow.

“ At the first, I felt like I could not breathe and may pass out in here, but luckily after 10 minutes the staff open a hole in the coffin, allow air to get in. That was my “saving moment”. The air got in and I finally got oxygen.”- A participant

The rest of the of the time, the customers lays in that coffin which has a wide, circle and wooden hole to let air in so the customers and breath. After 2 hours, the customers got out of the coffin, terrified.They are sweating, shaking in terrified.

“ The experience is horrible, it was hot, uncomfortable, and it just feels weird, I just want to get out of the coffin as soon as possible” a customers who tried the experience the entire experience.

Cyberbully ( Class collection)

School should not be responsible for punishing cyberbullies because its happen outside of school and doesn’t harass the victim’s ability to study. In Crime and Punishment, Lucus Chen argues, “The judges agreed that the school can’t suspend any students for something that happened outside of school ”. The evidence points even that even the judges agree that the school is not allowed to punish or expel the student for something happening outside at school. It is not affecting the student’s study, so the school does not need to involve The school is only responsible for something that makes the students unable to go to school but if the student is still going to school then just don’t punish the cyberbullies The victims are still going to school, as usual, then just ignore them. The school just only needs to make the victim feel better and they don’t need to expel the cyberbullies. So make the victim feel better and stop expelling other students and make them feel bad. Therefore, explosion or punishment is a terrible way to deal with this. Matter of fact, if you punish or expel the cyber bullies, they will felt that they are being controlled and there will be no more trust between their friends and the trust to their school.

Cyberbully (2.1)

Schools should be accountable for discipline cyber bullies when they harass a student and it affects his ability to study.
One reason is that when cyber bullies harass the students, the students will have a terrified feeling and can’t concentrate on their studies.
To illustrate, Student A hacked into student B’s account and posted a harassing sexual picture of the student As a result, Student B felt scared that his identity was exposed and worried that his teachers would punish him. He couldn’t concentrate on leaning. This shows that many students are not afraid of getting punish and keep on bully other students and school should give a strong punishment to prevent it from happening again.As a result, the cyberbullies should have a serious conversation with the school of the action and attitude. After that, the school needs to have the authority to tell the cyber bullies to stop or even suspend them.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Why?

My favorite holiday tradition is Tet. I like to go wish elderly people luck and they give me lunar new year money. That’s my favorite tradition. Like it is not about the money, it’s about the luck that you receive as a new year charm. Every new year when I receive lots of lunar new year’s (hong bao) I look it as luck and that year a lot of luck cames to me! The second tradition I like is Christmas because my sister comeback to Vietnam and plays with me. Each year in Christmas, my sister from America cames back to Vietnam and has Christmas with the family. The most fun part about it is me and my sister goes shopping because everything is on sale so we buy a lot of stuff. Finally, I like Christmas, summer and Tet because I get to travel with my family. In all of that accusation, I get to travel!

My goal is to have fewer than 20 mistakes by May 2017.

EAL Cyberbullying


       3. What is your biggest take-away from our class discussions about this topic? Why?

My biggest take-away from our class discussions about cyberbullying is how we keep on the topic and keep building on to each other ideas. This is my take-away because this is a good strategy in a class discussion and I would like to continue using this strategy in my others class discussion.

       2.What did try throughout the writing process? How did it help you be successful?

I’ve tried to add many pieces of evidence as possible in order to persuade the reader even more. If I only have one or two evidence, it won’t be that persuasive and the reader won’t believe you.


  1. What new insights do you have into cyberbullying? What aspects of this problem do you know about now that you weren’t aware of before?

My new insights into cyberbullying are how the victim feels while being bullied. At the start. I don’t know how the victim will feel while being bullied by the bully but now I understand how terrible and how depressing can it be when you get bully by the bully.