Minecraft Project

Hi everyone and from last week to now, we have been doing a Minecraft project related to Ancient Egypt. To briefly describe what we learned HOW and WHY topography, water and vegetation truly influenced them to settle here at the Nile river instead of in the middle of the desert.

The amazing natural features I learned while working on my work, The Nile river will flood every year which is awesome because people can use the very fertile soil that was left from the flood call silt. Then the other thing I learned was that the Desert can form a long natural barrier which protects Ancient Egyptians from dangerous invaders.

One thing that I am the most proud of is the way I explained the advantage and disadvantage and how it influenced people to settle at the Nile river. One  more thing I have done that I am the most proud of is talking clearly and not stop and talk like that.

One thing I would like to improve next time is to give is to talk a bit clearer and miraculously stronger so that people can understand clearly.

Here are the 3 videos I done!!

Monochrome, tints, tones, fore, middle, background, silhouette, aerial, perspective, depth BLOG!

At the beginning of Art class, we learned about Monochrome, Monochrome is one type of painting using a technic called Tints and Tones when you are just using the color that you prefer. For example blue, after you put down you color. take a black and white. then you will start in the center with the brightest color then it will turn darker and darker. After that you have an art work from brightest to darkest.


then second art work we did was painting a landscape painting, Mrs. Jardin told us the difference of ” Fore Ground” ” Middle ground and ” BackGround”. At first we copy the picture into our canvas, then we paint the picture using the tints and tones method. She also remind us to use perspective, which basically means to check whether it stands out by the depth of the picture etc.

Then after this work we did the silhouette, which is a picture that is completely black. There is no other color except for one color you are using. It may seem crazy when you first hear it but it is an amazing piece of ART!!!

I love Art because i think  it help your mind to be more creative because it does really change your mood and your mind too.  For me it is a useful way to relax myself when I am frustrated with homework. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄


This week at class, we were working on an English unit about Memoirs. Memoir is your life memory when you remember the past thing that you did. you can talk about your home, family, the losses, and mostly your life of course. This blog will classify all the amazing activities OUR CLASS IS DOING RIGHT NOW!!!

At class, we have studied a lot about memoirs and information from Mrs. Johnson’s advices that she used to teach the other 5th grade classes. We jumped in and did some reading form authors who also wrote memoirs, for example memoirs from famous author like Ralf Fletcher. Then we started writing down  all the amazing stuff that we did when we were young. I wrote down more than 20 amazing things that happened to me, some were happy while other were challenging. By doing this, we also made poems which will be funnier and much more quicker than just writing a huge bunch of paragraphs.Image result for memoir

The reason why this piece of writing is important for your life? WHY? Cause it can change your mood from stress to relax, From sad to happy, writing a memoir is about your feeling and thinking. For me, it will change my life forever!!

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have the meaning of Memoirs and what they are special about!!!



Area’s and Volume’s reflection Blog.

During last week , our class has been working crazily on the Areas of 2Ds and 3Ds shape. This blog will summarize the amazing parts of this fantastic unit!!??

After finishing the unit of multiplying and dividing fractions, we are starting a new Math unit. This unit will be useful in Middle school because we are going to learn more about it next year. Now, we are going to explain the methods of finding the Areas and Volume of 2Ds and 3Ds figure. Firstly we are going to describe the meaning of area and volume, Area and Volume are pretty much like two twin brothers but Area is for calculating 2Ds figure while Volume calculating 3Ds figure. Volume is much more complicated than Area. As the result of you will need to multiply more than Area.

This is how we work this out, for Finding the Area for 2Ds shapes. We will need to multiply the Length and the Width to give the exact answer for 2Ds shapes. That how we find the Area. For 3Ds shape we will need to use VOLUME, we need to multiply the Length, Width and finally Height. This are the formulas to find the Volume and Area.

Our class has been doing plenty of work sheets and class activities to master this unit. We did a huge amount of multiplying Areas and Volumes. We did activities like making 3Ds models and presented these models to the class group and explain how we did it.

I am  highly interested in this work. I found out this will be very essential for middle school students. I hope you can find this useful as much as me and see you later everyone!!!

Blog project proposal!!!

 Our team proposal.

This week at class, Sheryl, Catherine and I are all busy doing a proposal unit about keeping our school sustainable, we as a team created a proposal related to “plastic Bottle Garden” In he research we find out that we need a whole lot of material and furniture too. We need a small shed, plenty of soil, gardening tools, maybe a gardner.

Why are we doing the Plastic Bootle Garden?

Why? The reason why, cause we are going to do this is nowadays people are throwing away over million of ton of plastic. So this is just wasting money, harming the nature environment and polluting the fresh air  that we are breathing. Furthermore, why we are doing it is that, we are reusing them as a different source. We can make a pot by a plastic water bottle, a fish tank and much more to do!

Why am I interested in this?

Because if people keep doing this, throwing giant amount of plastic to the earth and if we continue to do this without thinking of the aftermath. Our world would not look green, it will look completely grey and black. So reusing plastic bottle is a positive of keeping the environment fresh healthy and obviously CLEAN!



Types of Text.


Has anybody wonder how important to understand the meaning of persuasive text and expository test. Now, this is the chance to find what this really means? Here are some hint I can show you, persuasive means to give out reasons why you would like them to follow your idea. Then expository mean t give out information about a subject.

Why are persuasive text important?

Why is it important? Because in the future you will start a job and if you would like plenty of people to work at your company, then at that time you will need to write and persuasive text. Being persuasive or writing too has to grab other people attention. Grabbing their attention is making them interested in working for your company or a proposal. Furthermore, being help to decrease the stress for a argument, exposition, discussion, review or even an advertisement.

Why are expository text popular?

Expository is truly different for persuasive, expository does not persuade or grab people attention either they are just giving you an enormous amount of clear information. This can also be very useful, for example you are doing and experiment about hatching a chicken and the teacher would like you to find out How, when, what can be born. Now expository texts come in handy.

Doing a persuasive text and a expository text does take plenty of time.

That is true because it does take plenty of time to take down the note and then write down the information. Later on you must check




Cat Tien sustainability trip.

How to keep Cat Tien more sustainable.

On Tuesday 14 February in the early morning at our school, all grade 5 students were preparing their luggages for a brilliant  trip to Cat Tien National park which was around 3 hours away from our  SSIS school. This trip was not a trip to relax and enjoy the nature, this trip was helping us to understand what was sustainability and life of nature.

Now we are back to keep Cat Tien sustainable, there is more than 60,000 species of insects in Cat Tien and around 1,000 species of mammals too. Also I didn’t expected that there were scorpions there, which was kind of weird because mostly, scorpions lived in hot places like in the desert and not like in wet jungles and forests. To keep all the different type of insects safe we need to support them, to help, support, plant more trees. That can be very helpful too. Next, fortunately, the vietnamese Governors make a law to protect the forest so it is illegal to cut down tress or even taking a dead one. The reason why they don’t allow is that it gives back the nutritions back to the soil and another trees can also grow. Later on the trip, I discovered that parts of Cat Tien had rubbish laying down at the road. rubbish is very difficult to handle because it cost a lot of money to decompose it.


What is sustainability?

On Tuesday 14 February in the early morning at our school, all grade 5 students were preparing their luggages for a brilliant  trip to Cat Tien National park which was around 3 hours away from our  SSIS school. This trip was not a trip to relax and enjoy the nature, this trip was helping us to understand what was sustainability and life of nature.

The big question is what is sustainability, sustainability is how the world and human that can support the Earth. How can we protect our planet out of pollution, making it to the least damage to our environment to maintain the green. Onward with that, there is a potential damage to the environment cause of underuse and overuse. The causes of overuse and underuse can really harm the environment because if you use too much. It will eventually run out and never come again or it will take around millions of year to produce it again. Related to fossil fuel, they will properly ran out between 2050-2100 since no one is saving them, everybody is using them for money. And underuse is when to use to little and the thing over grow and it get more and more and that can lead to over population.


What is sustainability?

Sustainability is how we keep and reuse waste un-use materials such as plastic bottle soda can and pretty much everything else. Recycle, recycle is part of the Earth too. Earth recycles the water trees and carbon dioxide and plenty of other things too. Same with human we could also do the same thing but in a more complicated way,  recycle them or reuse them again then wash t and up to the recycling bin. That is the way we could be sustainable, helpful to the Earth. Furthermore we can pick up any trash lying on the floor and that is an other way to be respectful and dedicated in services. Surprisingly, at Mrs. Johnson class she told our class that see heard the cleaners commonly went to our school on Saturday and Sunday and you what they did. They clean up the trash!!! They come here and dumped plenty of piles of trash to the Elementary and Middle school field and then sort them into different bags full of different materials and that how they do it to keep our entire school tidy.

Do you thing telling the people all over the world to be sustainable, that is super complicated because it is hard to let people understand. Scientists are facing hard difficult time trying to keep the planet green so are you going to do it when you are older?



Unexpected things to be found at Cat Tien.

5 most un- expected things to be found at Cat Tien.

Last week on 14th of February, we were going on a educational trip to Cat Tien. At Cat Tien, there were plenty of un-expecting things to be found at Cat Tien national park. Some of them you may know. However some of them you may find it unbelievable.

Here are some of the un- expected things I saw at Cat Tien.

  1. Scorpions, I have never heard that there were scorpions at Cat Tien, I thought scorpions usually live in the desert or somewhere dry,hot places. However there is one type of scorpions which like to live in wet forest.
  2. 60,000 species of insect, IMPOSSIBLE. But, I can tell you this is a true figure. To be honest to you, I have never imagined this amount.  These species includes spiders, grass hoppers, ants, termites, scorpions, beetles and much more.
  3. There is  one type of spider out of all different  kind of spiders I am totally curious about. The name of the below picture is the Scottish Cross spider. I believe that it might be the only spider which can make a perfect cross.

    Here is how the Scottish Cross spider looks like.
    I am amazed with this kind of fascinating insect.
  4. On the night scenery hike, I wasn’t expecting to see plenty of stars up the sky. Some stars were yellow and some were white ,red, blue and luckily I can witness a shooting star.
  5. The weather at Cat Tien is one of the special thing I would like to add on. It seems like the weather at that time is completely different to the stinging, hot climate at Ho Chi Minh city. In the morning, it turns out to be the coldest while at noon time it turns out to be the hottest. Finally in the evening, this is my favourite time because it is just right for people to chill down and have a bond fire all together.

Eventually here are all the different types of un- expecting things that I had a chance to experience the atmosphere there.  Going to Cat Tien is the opportunity to the wild and enjoy the fresh air all around us. Nature help us to feel the cool breeze moving around us and don’t bother about the disturbance in the city and noises.

Moon bear centre.


Hello my name is Kenneth and today I will tell you more about Moon bears. So firstly why do people call them Moon bear. Why? Because they have a crescent shape on their chest of the bear so that is why people named them like that. Furthermore, Moon bears are an endangered animal in Vietnam since they were been hunted for plenty of things. Number one Food, people all over the south of Vietnam loved to eat Moon bear because they may taste delicious. Then they were also been hunted for medicine because the yellow thing inside their stomach suppose to help human in digestion . Finally and one the most common thing they were hunted for was for pets. I believe being treated like pets undoubtedly is horrible. They have had to live in a small cage with sharp metal rusting bars hanging over them. The condition of their living is barely called a living at all since they are unable to do move and stretch. Thats why most bears will be grumpy, exhausted and which may lead them to fatal.

Seeing the Moon bear at Cat Tien.

This year at grade 5, we were able to witness the Moon bears, in a pretty close view, unexpectedly we saw many weird spots on them. One of the Moon bear has half of its fur  which was completely gone because this bear was treated in a bad condition, so the skin was infected which cause it to be very itchy. The bear then keeps scratching its skin until the fur was all gone.

What can we help them to live normally in the wild?  

As stated above, the smelling sense of the bear was awfully weakened since they no longer use their nose to hunt and track down food, then as time past their sent of smell had swollen to severely that they couldn’t even smell anything. Until The bear rescue centre save them from certain death and now at Cat Tien national bear rescue centre, specialist and doctor try desperately help the bear accident and now they have the sent of smell back and everything went fine.

I was heart broken and sad when I heard that bear were treated like a pets because bears are not deserve to be treated like this, they are animals that only belong to the wild and not house pets.  Last but not least, I sincerely hope people all over the world show empathy as well as sympathy to the wild life living things. Wild life organisations are changing the way of life people had today. Without them we no nothing and eventually the Moon bear will become die out as the result of nobody is caring about it.

Close reading reflection

This week at our amazing class we were doing plenty of reading because it help your mind to think better. However yesterday was a very special day because we have just learn what is close reading. Close reading is when you are reading the text or a book over and over again, this help us to understand clearer of the meaning of the book and a closer understanding of it. 

Furthermore, it can help people doing the test better. For example if you are doing a complicated test and you have just understand a bout of the test. So now this is the time when you should you should start to use close reading, at the beginning you will have to read it very closely and check ever single word that you don’t understand so after doing it make your first draft. The after that read it again and do you feel something has change in the sentences then that is close reading. Also remember to read it 3 times, that is the minimum amount of time you must read it.

Now you have understand the formula, it can be helpful to everybody if all of you do it or not. finally do you think it is still helpful in middle school and high school, will they be helpful to you?