Caravelle Hotel reflection!

We went to the Caravelle Hotel as a field trip! When we went in  someone called Mr.Hoa guided us everywhere! I learned that Caravelle Hotel is the only hotel that recycle water! We saw the process how they recycled water it was very stinky. After that we went to the Green wall, the green wall represented to make environment clean! Then we went to the AC place but the sound was very loud! we couldn’t even talk to each other! 

After we went there we went to the hot water place, the hot water place was very cold ,we wondered why?  Mr.hoa said that the hot water changes temperature to cold and it makes the air cold. Then we went to the roof top and we saw the view, the view was very pretty that we took a class photo a funny one and a normal one! Then at last we had snacks, the snacks were so delicious! There were mini burgers, sausage rolls and some fruit sticks. It was very good, my mom enjoyed the trip as well!

Documentary Reflection

Heart pumping, sweaty hands and today was the day where we show our parents and other people our documentaries we called it the Film Festival! We had been working on our documentaries for 8 weeks! Some people were excited and some people were nervous and I was one those people who was nervous. We started of planning, getting footage and then guide track.

My teams topic was mooncakes. My group members were Albert,Audrey and Dale! During the film festival day my  group was very nervous when our documentaries came out on the big screen we were nervous that we covered our ears at first, then we unblocked our ears and listened to our documentary.

After our documentaries were on the big screen we felt very proud! And we are pretty sure people were mad at the last part of our documentaries! After we saw our documentaries our parents were very proud of us and I am pretty sure all of the 4th graders were proud of them self!

The Heart of Exploring reflection

Today we did our service learning we shared our Music skills, Art skills and Drama skills in Music we played our wacky instruments with our parents. Our parents made some rhythms which were really cool. Then we sang some Christmas songs.

In Art we got free choice so me and my mom did jelly prints my mom had a lot of fun painting so did I too. Then I showed my mom my stop motion video which was made by me, Audrey, Sophia and Grace.

Then we came back to class then we did our Service learning I was partnered with Audrey, because we had similar ideas. Albert, Jack, Yufei and I was the MC for the service learning.

lastly in drama me, Linh and Audrey was in a called Where’s your house? I was the Daughter Linh was my Mother and Audrey was the police. After all of our jokes had been played Mr. Alan said that there was one more joke left and the he said that he wanted the parents to do the jokes but only Jack’s dad did it…


Doing Art with my mom.Parents trying make rhythms.Me being the MC for theService Learning.


Doing our play.Parents watching our play.  super good !


I researched about Roald Amundsen and what he did. I found wearing my costume difficult because my costume was really hot and I had worn that. I use think that Roald Amundsen was a person that didn’t impact us, but now I know that he is because he impacted our maps today by exploring the North and the South pole. My explorer had a positive impact on the world because he had never give up and tried an year to reach the North and the South pole.My thought about exploring changed when I was finding my explorers.




My IB Art buddy

Today we went to visit theIB art class, my buddy was Lea! She liked to draw instead of painting or anything else. She usually thinks about her drawing subject by drawing her future, place where she is living and her baby life! I noticed that one of her oil painting is really pretty because it was really detailed. I also liked one of her ink painting because it’s where we are living right now and I thought it was full of history.



I like the artist called Yayoi Kusama this artist changed my thoughts about art because I thought art is only paint, drawing and cutting but it’s not. this artist makes art with dots she makes art with dots by making a shape making it colorful and making it camouflage.

What did Amelia Earhart explore?

she had explored a plane by being the first women to ride a plane as a passenger and then she got more interested that she quited nurse and wanted to be a airplane pilot. 

What motivated her to explore?

I think the first reason is that she wanted to explore the airplane because she looked at it when she was young and  she was curious about the airplane. 

What characteristics did she show?

she showed that she is unique and that she is a tomboy and what i really liked about her was that she was really brave!

How did she feel about exploring?

I think she felt really proud to be the first women to go on a airplane as a passenger.and to be the first women to drive a airplane