I researched about Roald Amundsen and what he did. I found wearing my costume difficult because my costume was really hot and I had worn that. I use think that Roald Amundsen was a person that didn’t impact us, but now I know that he is because he impacted our maps today by exploring the North and the South pole. My explorer had a positive impact on the world because he had never give up and tried an year to reach the North and the South pole.My thought about exploring changed when I was finding my explorers.




My IB Art buddy

Today we went to visit theIB art class, my buddy was Lea! She liked to draw instead of painting or anything else. She usually thinks about her drawing subject by drawing her future, place where she is living and her baby life! I noticed that one of her oil painting is really pretty because it was really detailed. I also liked one of her ink painting because it’s where we are living right now and I thought it was full of history.



I like the artist called Yayoi Kusama this artist changed my thoughts about art because I thought art is only paint, drawing and cutting but it’s not. this artist makes art with dots she makes art with dots by making a shape making it colorful and making it camouflage.

What did Amelia Earhart explore?

she had explored a plane by being the first women to ride a plane as a passenger and then she got more interested that she quited nurse and wanted to be a airplane pilot. 

What motivated her to explore?

I think the first reason is that she wanted to explore the airplane because she looked at it when she was young and  she was curious about the airplane. 

What characteristics did she show?

she showed that she is unique and that she is a tomboy and what i really liked about her was that she was really brave!

How did she feel about exploring?

I think she felt really proud to be the first women to go on a airplane as a passenger.and to be the first women to drive a airplane


G4 talk reflection

 When I did my G4 talk I was nervous and exited. I think what I did well is speaking clearly and using gestures. If I had to do it again I will work on talking a little slower and not looking at the screen too much.also what I was really proud of is my partner because in the rehearsal she was really nervous and quiet that people couldn’t hear what she was really saying.But when it was the day for the real G4 talk she spoke loud and clearly.  I learned that G4 talks were a project that made us independent and making healthy and good choices.

  Tips: Fake it till you make it! don’t panic when you forget your script! speak in a nice loud and clear.Be brave no matter what!if you are too worried and 


I will never smoke!

I will never smoke because smoking can give you lung cancer and it will make all other diseases in your body! smoking could be addicting because of nicotine. smoking contains over 4,000 chemicals and about 43  known cancers! cigarettes are a cylinder shaped and very thin papers rolled with tobacco leaves. people usually smoke because they are unhappy or stressed. a long time ago people thought smoking is healthy so people smoked a lot but after a few years later the scientist found out that smoking was bad then less people started to quit smoking but it was really hard because or the nicotine even though it is hard is you try you can make your life healtheir  so please stop smoking for everyones HEALTH!


Cyber bullying

Last time we learned about Cyber Bullying and bullying if I quickly explain cyber bullying is where you bully in the world called internet and just bullying is a another type of bullying where you don’t bully in the world called internet but it is where some people starts to be rude to you or also people saying to you what to do even though there not the boss and just bully is not when it just happen one time it’s when it happen a lot of time.when it comes to cyber bullying some stranger might ask you for your last name or a password and act like they are not hacking your account and sometimes you might get black mails that you didn’t normally  get. Nayeon

Unit 1 – Understanding Ourselves ‘s Post on Monday, December 12, 2016

We have been learning about simple machines and how they make work easier.
Just for fun we have built Rube-Goldberg machines.
Rube-Goldberg machines are the opposite of simple machine.
They are complicated machines that do simple task. My rube-Goldberg machine is made up of 3simple machines 2 inclined Plane and a Lever