Its funny and cool because when Aaron wear it and dance the chicken is super funny. I want to change to a harder chicken to make because is too simple. I learn what will happen is you put hot glue  on the hat and cutting something off. 


Documentary Reflection AND FILM FESTIVAL


Last week we finish  our film festival, film festival is a festival that every film must be about Vietnam’s  traditional and culture.  Each film take about 3 to 6 weak to finish the film for our class. When is the of died line the class was so scare to present the film. 

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To make the film the team need to work hard and do what there are suppose to do, so the team can won’t have that much of stress to finish the film.  If you want a perfect film you must follow the step that the teacher tells you you won’t be able to make good film.  Each film can’t be too long.


In our group the project name is The Secret Mooncake. Our project was hard too finish because our team mate  don’t follow the agreement.  My voice in the film is quite of funny you can look at it for hearing my funny voice.


Other group did a lot of hard thing and there voice is way better and quality is better then our groups. Of curse the food are good, the food is all from Vietnam’s traditional it test yummy then anything the are not that healthy. The food are all, so good but the teacher didn’t give me that many time to eat the yummy food so now I am angry.


Our script is all bad because the script is not that long. Our story broad is a plan that before we put in the computer!!! Our master computer is a computer that have the main project idea and that computer is mine!!!


The check list was hard because we need to do a lot of stuff for putting a check on the block. Translating the interview was the hardest part in the movie because you need to listen to the interview with Vietnamese and translate the word to English.


The person with the aster computer is the hardest part because if the team is not done is his homework. Master computer will have more stress then the team mate.

Put together is a hard thing because the stuff to make it need to make sense. You need to put in like subtitles, titles, credit, music, interview and voice record.

I think that next year we need to have film festival again too. The film can teach the kid why is a film so hard to make and how to make a perfect film. 




I like my piece because it looks cool with the rainbow color and the salt makes it look better. My biggest challenge is to get rid of my salt because two girls keep putting salt on my silk painting. If I can change I will put less salt and don’t let the girls touch my art work.


Heart of exploring station


Today we have a exploring station and there are 4 station the first station is music, the second station is art, the third station is service learning last one is drama.

The best station I went is music, and I thinks it the best because we got to teach the adults how to play the instrument that we make. The one I thinks that is the easiest to teach in music instrument is the ballon one because you just need to hit the ballon ,so it can make sound. When the music teacher tell us to find out the Merry Christmas song ,she help out what to do first, then Minh.d go up first but he failed next Andrew came up and he find it how to make the song.

The second best is Art because we can do our rotation that we do long time ago, but we get to do it today, so I am really happy. I don’t know why today I can’t do the best that I did to make clay stuff like that. I really think that the clay one is the easies to do, so I teach my mom how to do it, but it didn’t came out that good.

The third one that I like the best is Drama because we only can present our joke play and do some joke that the drama teacher have left and let the adult to try it. I think our play is the shortest in our class because the total  of my joke is only about 20 sentence line but other people have more than 20 sentence I guess. Lastly when the parent present I think is better than our presentation because I think Jacks’s dad it already is like a person that can present.

The one I don’t like the best is service learning because the other group have bigger paper but not our’s because yesterday Long stay in for our group because we are not done with our project then at the afternoon when I saw the paper have a same sentence at the paper but it was too late to tell to the teacher. I think, I didn’t did my best because I am carry away because other people had bigger paper. At the station when I saw Jake’s dad I feel kind of scared because he is the high school principle.

I have a lot of fun in this project, and I think my parents have learn a lot of new stuff like play instrument, drama play, making clay and our service learning. I think next year should do this too because it help them to be in team work and have a lot of fun in this unit. Lastly I had to say that next year you have a lot to do!


I researched about Daniel Boone. I enjoyed the living museum because it was fun and cool. I found being calm is difficult with this project because I am too nervous, so I forgot the lines. I used to think the other class costume is better then us, but now I know that everybody costume is cool. My explorer had a positive impact on the world. He showed this by founding the trail to the far west though the Cumberland Gap. My thoughts about my exploring changed when I saw that he had to work hard.

Amelia Earhart

What did Amelia Earhart explore?

She learn how to fly.

What motivated her to explore?

When she saw a airplane she want to explore.

What characteristics did she show?

She is risk taker, she is kind and she is quite.

How did she go about exploring?

She go exploring by, learn hard and never give up.