Minecraft Canaan


1. What are THREE new things I learned about GEOGRAPHY & EARLY HUMAN SETTLEMENT?

-I learned that ancient canaan the civilization consisted of nomads and settlers.

-I also learned that the Jordan River hd a big role in keeping the fresh water and help there plants and crops to grow.

-The last thing I learned was that nomads where traveling people that never stay in one place for very long.

2. What are TWO things I am proud of in my project.

-I am proud of my Minecraft Canaan because it was detailed and looks very good.

-I am also proud of my audio because I have never done an audio recording before and it went very smoothly.

3. What is ONE thing I would do differently if I were to do this project again?

-I would redo the screen recording because I want to plan it out more and rehearse it.

Our Cat Tien Trip!!!

Last week we went to Cat Tien for our super unit on sustainability we did many different things like seeing Gibbons and going on hikes. We all got 3 questions to answer with our own opinions.

What did we do at the Moon bear center?

At the Moon bear center we were able to go inside the enclosure (not while the bears were in it) and hide food and peanut butter in random places like on trees under bushes and on their climbing area. 9 people were able to make bamboo snacks. So some people went to a table and were showed how to make the bamboo with snacks inside.To make them we had to put dog food in the bamboo then 5 or 6 banana slices then a banana leaf. After making them we went into the enclosure and hid them in piles of sticks and leaves.

What did you like at Cat Tien? What was an unexpected surprise and what was your favorite moment?

I liked that the cabins were really close together and that during free time we could visit each other like a bunch of little houses. I also liked that the food was good and there was enough to eat. My favorite moment was everyone was around the bonfire and singing and having a great time.

How does Cat Tien connect to our unit about sustainability?

I think that sustainability connects to Cat Tien because the park rangers are always checking if things are sustainable and if they can do anything to make it more sustainable for the animals and the tourists. Also we have seen things like recycle bins etc… to help the environment sustainable.

So this was our learning in Cat Tien I hope you enjoyed!



Close Reading

In our class we have learned/learning how to Close Read. Close Reading is when you  read the text multiple times and each time you read for a different meaning or question trying to answer what you are wondering or the question you have.

Yesterday I had a task with 3 sections and also a text book about ecosystems. On our 1st section we had to write 3 questions about the text and for that section we had to read the text once. For the 2nd section I had to find all the important words and to find all of the important words we had to read the text again. For the last section I had to describe the main idea and break it down into 3 or 4 sections.

I also was asked if I read the text 3 times because that is what Close Reading is? So yes I did.

The main idea was for the text about ecosystems was that “Ecosystems are groups of living and non living things” the 3 ideas for this are that: Ecosystems are made up of organisms. Also of living thing such as animals plants and trees. And non living things such as water air and the sun.

So I hope you enjoyed this post! Bye!!!!!

Green Dragons!!!!!!!

Today we started a unit called Green Dragons it is about sustaining practices thinking about the 4 things that create our society: Environment, Politics, Culture and Economics. With these 4 subjects we have to propose a piece of persuasive writing.

First on what sustaining means it means: to help, reserve,  conserve, save, protect and to take care of. So it can go on forever, take this example: the using and creation of everyday plastic bags, can the usage and creation go on forever? No. It can’t we will eventually run out of Environmental resources.

I wonder how we can sustain the Environment with all the plastic and other things polluting it. I also question how we will use the term sustainability in this project.

So that is what I think of our new project the Green Dragons.


Hack your class (in a good way)?

Since yesterday we have been working on a project called hack your class. This project is were you think of ideas to improve your class by creating something with the tech we are using. We are using, Littlebits, 3D printing and Virtual reality to make this projects. I am using Littlebits to create a safety alarm for our laptops. I decided to do this because I thinking if someone finds the key to the safe our laptops are toast ?. So I wanted to create an alarm and light system that will scare the person long enough for the guards (of SSIS) to come. It can hopefully be used on any kind of box that the lid (the top part) opens.

So this is my idea of using the Littlebits and I hope it will improve our class just that little bit more. Bye

True or False!!! (Quadrilateral edition)

We are doing quadrilaterals in our class and we have morning work to do a true or false… 

  1. The shape at the top is a quadrilateral?  True ✔︎ Because the shape is a rectangle and a rectangle is a quadrilateral
  2. This shape is a trapezoid? False because the shape has 2 parallel sides not 1 so it is not a trapezoid.
  3. This shape is a rhombus?  False because it is a rectangle and it does not follow the rules of a rhombus.
  4. This shape is a parallelogram?  False because the shape has only right angles and a parallelogram has none.
  5. This shape is a rectangle? True because the shape follows the rules of a rectangle. The rules are that all sides are strait all angles are 90 degrees and there are 2 parallel sides.

That’s it Bye!

Our class book

So in class we are reading a book called lemonade war where the main two characters are having a competion when whoever makes the most money wins the war and gets the losers money. So Evan (the big brother) steals his sisters earnings from her lock box (she earned 104 dollars but her friend who was working gave Jessie her share so now she has 208). But he only did it to scare her and was going to give it back but his annoying friend stole the money.

So the question I have been asked is if I was Evan what would I do or say?

If I were evan I would go to Scott (the friend that stole money) ask his mother what he is doing with all of my money and make him return it. Then after I would talk to Jessie and tell her I was very sorry for taking her money and return it.

This book is a great one I recommend it to anyone who enjoys so small action.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Bye

Another Math Post (Multiplying Decimals)??

So this week we have been learning to multiply decimals.

A challenge for me has been trying to get the hang on moving the decimal place to where it should be. I also have learned how to do the problem in many different ways.

At first I had no idea how to do this but with the help of my teacher Mrs Johnson she told me how to multiply in a few more ways, then I got another way from my dad which was like this below  ↓. Let’s say 3 × 0.12

3×0= 0    3×12=36  36+0=36= 3.6

So that’s my dads way. Also today we all did a activity on the carpet were we had lots of blocks and tenths columns and little hundredth squares to work with. Here is a photo. ↓img_0549            screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-9-28-54-am

That was a photo of me and then of the little blocks we used.(Sorry there are no little cubes in this picture).

So that is what we have been doing this week in math. Hope you enjoyed.

See you