F.E.S.L (Fantastic Energy Saving Lamp)

In the making of this prototype there were some difficulties like the shape of the lamp. Our first intention was to create a 3d oval ,like a egg shape out of plastic bootle caps but as we dug in deeper we realised that we would need a lot of bootle caps to create an egg and it would almost be impossible to create those caps into a circle. Our next idea was to create almost a square with bottle caps with one side missing so that we could install the LED lights but then we saw that the light did not show through. We finally agreed to cut the bottom of a bottle and use that. Once we finished tackling that problem we had to create a modern standard bed room which was not so hard then we set up the code and we were good to go.

Viable Vietnam

The Viable Vietnam unit was definitely an experience I will never forget. We had to make a documentary about a topic my topic was Vietnamese Traditional Coffee. We learned interviewing skills and we learned footage tricks to get footage like a professional! We even got to use a tripod and a shotgun Microphone. Once we had our documentary script done it was time to add all the footage. We went to highlands coffeeto get most of our footage it was amazing and there wasso much to film! Once we got our footage in thedocumentary all we needed was a run though with Mr Papasiet and wewere finished . A few days later it was the film festival and we were all in our fancy dresses and suits and we watched our documentary and we thought it was great I loved it it was just like a professional.

Fraction Cookies

On Tuesday 27 February we make cookies to help us with our fraction topic. We worked together to get measurements and get the ingredients right. We almost got it really wrong but we came together and made a change and fixed it. We also did not bake them at first I thought that Mrs Sylvester was joking but they were no bake cookies so they tasted really soft and good. We had to put ingredients like 1/2 of a cup or 1/4 of a teaspoon. 

My Winter Break

In my winter break I went to three places Mui Ne, Dalat and Phuket, Thailand. First let me talk about Mui Ne and Dalat, so I rode a train with my family and our motorbikes (we have two) and sat there for around two hours. Once we got there we only had two day before our journey up the mountain to Dalat. We played in the beach and build sandcastles until the time we had to drive up the mountain for four hours. Once we got there it was pretty cold but not freezing but cold enough that we bought jackets. We stayed there for a week and then we came back down the mountain I must say that going down was a lot easier then going up. We  stayed in  Mui Ne one more day and went back to Saigon.


Our second holiday was going to Thailand. For the first week we stayed in a hotel with five cats two kittens and the other 3 were adults the kittens names were Sassy and Kolo. After that week we went to Phi Phi ( which is an island in Thailand we stayed in a resort there and it was great we went snorkelling on a speed boat and swam with small sharks I did not see any but my sister did and she was terrified. after our trip to Phi Phi we came back to Phuket and stayed there one moreday then after that we got back on the plane and went back to Saigon.

Literacy Magic

This super unit we did something called book partners. In book partner we got chosen with a partner and we went down to Mrs. Ronzetti’s room and we picked a book to read for the unit. My reading partner is Noah and we picked the book “Extra Credit” by Andrew Clements. Basically at the beginning we selected 3 sections in our book section 1 ,section 2 and section 3. So every time we finish a section we had to type up a reading response to our partner and share the google doc with them. Then the next Monday we would have a book partner reading meeting where we talked about the section we read and wrote back to our partners reading response. In this book partner reading I learned how to write a reading response and how to explain about what I read.

The second thing is my writing. In my writing I have seen a lot of improvement in my punctuation and in my spelling. Now when I write or type something I double check by reading it to myself and then checking if all the punctuation and the grammar is correct.


Heart Of Exploring Unit 2

This morning we did a unit celebration for unit 2. The first thing we did was the service expo in that we discussed with our parents about our plans about how to show dedicated service. The second thing we did was Drama. We performed our joke plays mine was called “Running From The Cops” and it included Me, Ellen, Jasmeh and Landyn. Up next we had Music we performed our hand made Instruments and we even let our parent have a try. Lastly we celebrated art and we got to show our parents what we did,  like stop motion, jelly printing, paper mache and watercolor.

Unit Two Math

This math unit was about multiplication and division. My favourite part about the math unit was the ice-cream challenge, so what we had to do was learn each of our multiplication facts and for each multiplication table we go a piece of an ice-cream so for the 1,2,5 and 10 times table we got a bowl for the 3 times table we got a spoon for the 4 times table we got ice cream and so on. I got all of my multiplication facts correct so I got everything. Then on the 18th of Nov we had the celebration and we all ate ice-cream and had fun. 

Living Wax Museum


On Monday Nov 20  ,we did a living wax museum. My explorer was Stephen Hawking and he is a scientist and he works about the universe. I found presenting difficult with this project because Stephen Hawking is paralysed witch mean he can’t move ,so I needed to stay in the same position fo the whole time I was talking. I enjoyed the living wax museum because it gave me and experience to be out of my comfort zone, to act like someone else and to be like that person to say a whole speech 16 times! Something I learned was that Stephen Hawking discovered that when two black holes collide they create one large black hole but that large black hole can not split back into two or more smaller black holes.