Monthly Archives: March 2018

On Monday 12th, the whole 5th grade went on a 4 hour bus ride to Cat Tien national park!.          When we got there, the boat was waiting for us so we could go to the other side to our cabins. Once we got there, we had lunch and the teachers told us who our roommates and groups, I got the person that I like to be with!!!. We all went to our cabin and my cabin was called Reddish wood, we all packed our daypack to go to the primate centre, after that we went to the bonfire with everyone. Then we went to our cabins and i saw a giant spider on the wall of the cabin, next day we woke up at 6:00 to go to breakfast, our group started with a game of deer ears and then we went to the moon bear centre but we sadly we didn't get to feed the bears because the people there already did. Then we started to head back to camp for lunch and all the groups had choice group, me and my friends choice drawing so at first it was ok but then it got really boring afterwards. We walked for around 10 to 15 minutes to do a micro ecosystem, we had some rest once we finish we had some rest then afterward we got ready for dinner and my whole group went for a night hike and we got to star gaze and soon we got to go home and i was so happy!!!!