Monthly Archives: September 2017

My 20 hour project is to be better at piano for a fast timing and hand movement. Therefore, I would try to play a piece of music that has a fast hand movement and timing. However, it's not going to be too hard so I should practise for maybe for a long time. Therefore I can get use to it and I should practise for an hour or two so I can be better.

Last Tuesday I practised for an hour,  but the problem was that I wasn't confident to do it.  But, I was able to do a bit of the song and I am also getting use to it.

I think next week I should spend more time on practise piano. I will spent 1hour on Tuesday and 1hour on Saturday. I will focus on the fast hand movement.

I think edmodo is useful for all the students because we get to communicate with the teachers and the other students and ask them question or ask them if they can help you with your work. I also think that biblionasium is good because we can look at what other people is reading or find what book you like to read.