Casablanca is a romantic drama about the cynical character Rick Blaine ( Humphrey Bogart ) and his old love Ingrid Bergman ( Ilsa Lund). It is set during World War II in Casablanca, where many people illegally take refuge to escape the war. It is a nice movie, but it is not teh best movie I have ever seen. It is recommended to the teenage age group, but only if they are interested in the film.


The story is of heartbreak and courage when Rick Blaine, an owner of a nightclub/cafe in Casablanca, meets his old love Ingrid Bergman in his cafe, which is a safe haven for people who seek illicit letters to go to America. He meets her and is faced with conflict, as she seeks to escape to America with her husband Victor Lazslo, a wanted criminal. As the movie progresses, we see a lot of characters make important decisions about their futures, and it is quite touching near the end.


This story of this movie is a compelling one, and is well done by director Michael Curtiz, but I feel like this movie is a pretty normal plot. It uses all the usual movie plots that a tragic hero would have, and I feel like it is a good movie to show to young adults to inspire them. This is not a great movie in my opinion, but I would say it is a movie worth watching.


Movie Info:


Release date: 23 January 1943 (USA), made in English, directed by Michael Curtiz and owned by Warner Bros. Pictures


Main actors:


Rick Blaine ( Humphrey Bogart )

Ingrid Bergman ( Ilsa Lund )

Victor Laszlo ( Paul Heinried )

Captain Louis Renault ( Conrad Veldt )

Ugarte ( Peter Lorre )

Yvonne ( Madeleine Lebeau )


Awards Won:


Academy Award for Best Picture

Academy Award for Best Director

Academy Award for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay