For this Unit I learned about the tree environmental factors and how it influenced human civilizations but the most important factor would be Topography as I knew nothing about it but it is basically elevation and shape of land and features of land such as deserts, plains, valleys, mountains and hills. I learned about the land in Egypt and many things about the Nile. I learned about the choices of how people lived in Canaan them mostly being herders (basically nomads but with a herd of animals).I could now tell what is a good place to settle and not and some historical information about Egypt and Canaan. I learned what was available for them such as food and resources. I learned the methods and tools they used to help them with farming like canals and shaduf. I am proud of my editing as there were long pauses in the video and mistakes but I was able to cut it out and it still looked smooth. I am proud of my Minecraft world as I worked for a long time especially on the deserts and even though it is small compare to other projects I am still proud of it and I am proud of the plants I used for vegetation. I would've tried to record again as I stutteredĀ  a lot and there were pauses in between and I think I missed some facts.