Why Parents Should Trust Their Child Using Social Media

Imagine a teen using social media everyday after his/her homework, and the teen’s parents wondering what the teen’s posting on social media. One day, the parents ask about it, but the teen wouldn’t reveal anything about it. After that day, the parents start wondering if they should start checking on their child’s social media secretly or should they just trust the teen. Social media is really useful and helpful to everyone, but sometimes, it could be dangerous. If teens post too many inappropriate things on social media.

So should parents trust their child using social media, or should they check on the teen’s social media more often? Parents should trust their child using social media because that will make their relationship  stronger, but  parents should talk to their teens about how dangerous it is to post inappropriate messages or pictures on social media.

From my perspective, parents should trust their child using social media  because it could build stronger relationships. If the teen’s family trusts their teen, he/she might not put too many inappropriate, private pictures or texts on social media, and that will make the teens and parents’ relationship stronger. According to Harlan Coben, the best selling author of mysteries and thrillers with 50 million books in print around the world, “There is one thing that technology can never replace- “Honest communication between parents and their children.”  Honesty is important between parents and teens. As a result, families should trust their child using social media because it could built stronger relationships with the teens and parents. The relationship could get stronger because if the parents trust their child they would be more careful too. For these reasons, parents should believe in their child so the relationship between them could get better and stronger.

Parents should trust their child using social media, but need to talk to them incase they put inappropriate pictures or texts on there. Harlan Coben said that some boundaries should be crossed to protect your child. That means parents should talk to them that social media are dangerous, so the teens would know that the parents trust them and will not post too much inappropriate and private things in social media. Parents trusting their children or teenagers would be really helpful for them not posting private messages and pictures about themselves and not chatting too much with strangers they haven’t met before. This could protect the teens from the meeting strangers and maybe even make them trust the parent more and won’t lie in front of them because they know the parents trust them. Parent should trust their child on using social media and tell them the dangerous about it so that they will be really careful using their social media.

To conclude, parents should trust their child using social media, but tell them to be careful. That will make their relationship stronger because they both trust each other. Social media could be really dangerous if the teens post too many inappropriate and private things on it. If parents want to keep their teens safe while keeping the relationship strong, they should believe in their teens but also caution them that posting private pictures or talking to and meeting up with strangers  is risky. In the future, parents should trust their child using social media, but also need to tell them that social media could be really dangerous if teens don’t use it carefully.

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