Hundertwasser Architecture

We are working on a new project which is based on Huderrwassers architecture. We had decided to make a facade of our school in Hunderwassers style.

We achieved in making the front of our Facade and the entrance. We also completed on working on furniture for the outside of our facade.

We did well in working on different tasks. One person worked on the furniture, another worked on extra details, and I worked on the wall of the building

My plan for next class is the paint the inside of the passageway black.

Life Card




Some of the challenges were that I had had to use the I-Pad. I would have found it easier to use the apps on my computer so I don’t have to wait for next class to do it on the I-Pad. I choose the image because my poem was about a spider and exploring nature. So I thought if I used a spider web in the forest, it would match the poem.


Myself in 3 characters

1. Montgomery Scott                                        2. Sans

He has a sarcastic personality                         He likes to make puns and is sometimes lazy like me

kind of like mine





3. Glory

Although lots of people misunderstand her, she                                                                       is actually very smart. I have lots of experience of people                                                                       underestimating me