Hundertwasser Architecture

We are working on a new project which is based on Huderrwassers architecture. We had decided to make a facade of our school in Hunderwassers style.

We achieved in making the front of our Facade and the entrance. We also completed on working on furniture for the outside of our facade.

We did well in working on different tasks. One person worked on the furniture, another worked on extra details, and I worked on the wall of the building

My plan for next class is the paint the inside of the passageway black.

Total Number of Births

We watched a video about how to end poverty in 15 years. It showed a guy talking about poverty and telling us about the people who suffer from it. Some interesting things in the video are the graphs that he showed to the audience. They were satisfied to look at.  This video made me more aware of poverty. Some questions I still have are: how did he get all that data? And how did so many people become poor?


Water Design Cycle <——– click this link to watch video


This is a group project that my team and I did together. The requirements for this project is to fill up the document and create a water filter to filter dirty water. We all had the same idea when we were brainstorming for designs for our filter. We all wanted to get a big plastic bottle and cut it in half, then put the top in a cup and put in random materials in our filter. So we went with that. For our first prototype we did not plan much, we just randomly dumped materials into the bottle to filter the water. We got a pretty good result but the sand added to the turbidity and caused the water to become slightly dirty. So for our 2nd prototype we just did not use sand but we put in big rocks and more layers of materials. We filtered a lot of the salt out. Our results for our final design were not finished, the salt still has to dry. But our main results were the pH was 3 the copper was 160 and the turbidity was low. I think the project was fun but sometimes we did not get things finish and we were kind of slow in making all of the designs.c

3 Poem Reflection

What I had learned about poetry is that some poems can give you a feeling. Like, a happy poem can make you cheerful, a poem with lots of white spaces can make you feel isolated. I don’t think I can consider myself as a poet, not after the bad grade I’ve been getting, I don’t think poetry is my thing. I think I will still write poetry because I think I might have to do it again in the future. My experience with poetry is that it can be frustrating to come up with an idea to make one, but when you come up with a really good poem, it can be fun! As a writer, I think I have grown to do a lot more figurative language like similes, hyperboles, onomatopeias, etc. I think I have also grown to use more sophisticated words as well like: when saying fast, I might say rapid instead.

Life Card




Some of the challenges were that I had had to use the I-Pad. I would have found it easier to use the apps on my computer so I don’t have to wait for next class to do it on the I-Pad. I choose the image because my poem was about a spider and exploring nature. So I thought if I used a spider web in the forest, it would match the poem.


Myself in 3 characters

1. Montgomery Scott                                        2. Sans

He has a sarcastic personality                         He likes to make puns and is sometimes lazy like me

kind of like mine





3. Glory

Although lots of people misunderstand her, she                                                                       is actually very smart. I have lots of experience of people                                                                       underestimating me





Parable Poster

When I first started working on my poster, I was trying to create the guy in the picture. It was hard for me to figure out at first, the guy was just a block with a circle on top of it. But eventually, I figured out how to make the arms and legs which make the block with the circle on top look like an actual person. I gave him a necklace with the cross and a heart in his chest to show he is good. I also gave him a bag and a hiking stick to show that he is a traveler. I think this picture matches the parable because it shows the guy is a traveler and a person that would help anybody in need, like the good samaritan in the parable.

The parable appealed to me because the lesson was to treat others the way you want to be treated. For example, I feel like this lesson is important because people are normally pretty greedy about themselves. Everybody will have a better life if we all treat each others as ourselves.  I think the reason why this parable relates to the spread of ideas because, it’s a short story and easy to retell, it gives you sympathy for the guy who got beat up, and it’s heart warming.