Eco Dome Day 20

Eco-Dome day 20 

December 8 Friday 7:00 PM 


After some unfortunate events, I moved on to create a better new improved Eco-Dome. Using the knowledge I learned before, I used the following materials: 


  • 3 plants with roots
  • Bottom of water bottle
  • Wooden box 
  • Chopped up apples
  • Cricket
  • Pebbles
  • 60 mL of water
  • One plant without roots
  • Sealable container


Some Changes 

I put some pebbles in the water just like my first one. I did this so my cricket can climb out of the water in case it fell into the water. I also had the dirt slope up on the water container to help the cricket access the water more easily. I added a rootless plant so the cricket can hang out underneath one of them. I noticed that other peoples crickets will always stay in the shade so I considered the idea of added little spots where my cricket can relax. I forgot to put in some stones so my Eco-Dome is “stoneless”


Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Container None Basic structure of Eco-Dome Heavly Condensed with water. Hard to see inside
Cricket One Animal I have to keep alive Nowhere to be seen

Nothing really interesting is going on with my Eco-Dome and I can’t make any predictions on what is going to happen. 

guess we will see after the winter break!

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