Eco-Dome Day 16

Eco-Dome Day 16 9:13 

Eco-Dome: Failed 

Today I opened my Eco-Dome and I was greeted with a dead cricket floating in the water container. All my plants were okay and were in good condition but, since my cricket died, I considered my 2nd rebuild a failure. I wonder why my cricket drowned its self.

Here are some observations I saw:

Observations of eco-dome:

  • Dead cricket in water
  • The water is clear yellowish color 
  • a new plant is sprouting 
  • All plants are healthy 
  • Food has been moved slightly 
  • No mold on food 
  • Heavily condensed water droplets on the walls
  • Cricket seems to have some kind of tear on its back
  • Strange little white create swimming and feeding around cricket

Speical Video

Why did my cricket die? 

I have a few theories of the death of my cricket.

  • Maybe my cricket was trying to drink from the container but it fell in and drowned. I thought the cricket would drink from the condensation on the walls but perhaps I was wrong. 
  • Parasites maybe? I noticed a little white worm-like creature swimming around the crickets corpse and eating off it. It was had to see so I could not really tell if it was a particle or a worm but I definitely saw it wriggling. I did some research on parasites and found out that some parasites force bugs to drown themselves. I also saw a tear in the crickets back so parasites could be a possibility. 
  • The cricket probably did not drown but died in there. Maybe the cricket just went into the water and died due to lack of oxygen or some other reason. Since some crickets live in swamps and by the river I doubt that crickets just die like that. Maybe it was my Eco-Dome and not the water. 

Even though my cricket died I had made some major accomplishments. There was a little plant spouting from the dirt. This shows that my Eco-Dome was perfect for plants and they were probably producing a lot of oxygen. The plants were so healthy that they dropped another seed or a seed was in the dirt and sprouted due to the healthy environment. There was also no mold on the food this time which means that the popsicle sticks worked! 

What I will do next time: 

  • Put the water container in the dirt so the cricket won’t drown 
  • Find the plants that were able to survive in the Eco-Dome 
  • Research on what is a more easy way for crickets to survive.

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