Eco-Dome Day 13

November 20th 5:16 

This is now my second Eco-Dome that I am constructing for my project.    

Here are the components that I used for my Eco-Dome. 


  • A big sealable container
  • A number of random plants that I found behind the HS gym 
  • 3 cut in half popsicle sticks 
  • Dirt 
  • Bottom of a water bottle 
  • 60ml of tap water 
  • stones 
  • Chopped up carrots and apples

 Some changes: 

I taped together some popsicle sticks and put food on them. I did this to prevent mold growing in my food. Last time I saw some mold all over the carrots and after some research, I found out that millions of mold spores are in the dirt and will activate if it finds food. I’m hoping that the popsicle sticks will block out the spores. I want to avoid mold because they take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. If too much mold is present, the cricket will suffocate

This time, I found plants with roots of them and made sure they are properly buried in the dirt. But when I came back to my Eco-Dome later, one of the plants where wilting. I fear that this Eco-Dome won’t be able to support plants.  



Component    Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Plant 5 To take in carbon dioxide and give oxygen to the cricket Slowly starting to die. Leafs are turning brown and the stem is bending
Water 60 ml Water for cricket and plants Starting to evaporate and condense on the walls of the Eco-Dome
Dirt unknown To hold the plants More moist and wet. May start growing mold soon…

Other Observations & Predictions 

I saw my cricket moving around and exploring its new environment during class. That show’s that my cricket is happy with its new Eco-dome. When I first put my cricket in the Eco-dome, I noticed that it went straight to the food. My cricket must have been hungry. I have a feeling that my cricket might overeat all the food because it was very hungry. Like I mentioned before, one of my plants were wilting when I put it in the Eco-dome. It worries me because it makes me think that my Eco-dome is not capable of keeping plants alive. (Though it may have been because I kept my plants out of the dirt for a while)  


Now it’s time to wait for our results… 

Eco-Dome Day 6

Eco-Dome Day 6

November 7th 10:46

Eco-Dome: Success

After leaving my Eco-Dome absent for 6 days, I opened my Eco-Dome and found out that my cricket lived! It was very still first, it did not move at all until it nudged it. I set my cricket free after that and considered myEco-Dome a success! I need to figure out what I did right and what I can improve on.

1st Rebuild

Observations of Eco-Dome:

  • Messier than before
  • Mold on the rotten food
  • One of my plants died
  • Cricket less active than before  
  • Water condensed on the sides of the Eco-Dome


Special Video


Things I will do next time

  • Find a better container to fit my plants inside and to provide more sunlight with
  • Try to avoid the mold
  • Find better plants that produce more oxygen.

Eco Dome Day 1

Eco-Dome Day 1

November 3rd 10:30


This is the first day of my Eco-dome project. What we are supposed to do is create an Eco-dome that can keep any number of crickets alive over the winter break.


  • How does the cricket get oxygen?                                           
  • What does the cricket eat?
  • How do plants get the water they need?



  • A ziplock container with a blue lid
  • Brown Soil
  • 50 apple pieces and 2 carrot pieces
  • Water
  • The bottom of the water bottle
  • Cricket



Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Container none The container is the Eco-Dome itself Water condensed on the sides
Apples and Carrots 50 apples and 2 carrots To feed the cricket Mold is growing on the food
Water unknown Water for plants and crickets Water is evaporating
Plant one To give oxygen to the cricket The plant is dying
Cricket one To test my first Eco-Dome Became less active