My Digital Poetry Video


Making the video was not that easy, I had to find all the sound effects that gave me permission to use it, I had to make the images and find a way to put them in the movie. But I am kind of proud of the product. It did not come out as I expected it to, but I feel like it was dramatic and can make the viewer feel something. The challenges that I faced was, trying to find the right sound effects and music that I can use without getting sued. Sometimes the sound effects that I wanted were not available, so I had to find a different one. What I am proud of is the sound effects gave a huge impact to the viewer.    emphasize was to show the reader not to kill things. I made the pictures sad because killing is sad. I made the pictures in the beginning happy to show that when something is alive, it is happy. What I would change next time is my voice. I feel like my voice acting was not good enough and it sounded more unimpressed than sad. Some advice is to try to use sounds in your video, it will make it have more of an impact.