3 Poem Reflection

What I had learned about poetry is that some poems can give you a feeling. Like, a happy poem can make you cheerful, a poem with lots of white spaces can make you feel isolated. I don’t think I can consider myself as a poet, not after the bad grade I’ve been getting, I don’t think poetry is my thing. I think I will still write poetry because I think I might have to do it again in the future. My experience with poetry is that it can be frustrating to come up with an idea to make one, but when you come up with a really good poem, it can be fun! As a writer, I think I have grown to do a lot more figurative language like similes, hyperboles, onomatopeias, etc. I think I have also grown to use more sophisticated words as well like: when saying fast, I might say rapid instead.

Life Card




Some of the challenges were that I had had to use the I-Pad. I would have found it easier to use the apps on my computer so I don’t have to wait for next class to do it on the I-Pad. I choose the image because my poem was about a spider and exploring nature. So I thought if I used a spider web in the forest, it would match the poem.