UNDERWATER GAME - Dodge Ball Frenzy: “Adaptations”

By: Russell, Max, Dac Lan, KhaVy, Haley, and Ana


  • There are four goals and four teams which are wearing fins on each side of the pool.
  • All of the teams will be split evenly and will each have one goal.
  • All goals are evenly sized.
  • There will be water dodge balls in the middle of the pool, and coins are scattered underwater.
  • There will also be buckets with weights inside of them to keep them underwater.
  • Lastly, there will be rings which will have a team’s water polo ball. A water polo ball worth 20 goals while a normal ball is only worth 1 goal.
  • There will be teammates who have different jobs as well depending on your team's strategy, such as some will focus on getting as many coins as possible. Others might focus on scoring points through rings or goals. Some might protect their ring and goal from other teams.
  • The objective of the game is to get as many points as possible in the given amount of time (10 minutes). In that time, you must first pick up all the coins inside the pool and put them in your bucket which is underwater. After, you must take the normal balls and try to shoot them into the other team’s goals. When there is only one minute left, a whistle will blow and you can take your water polo ball, and score it in another team’s empty ring. This will score you 20 points. When time is up, your team will grab your bucket and count all the coins you have collected, as well as count up all the points you have scored in goals or ring. The team with the most points wins and get one point.
  • After that round, you rotate in clockwise and start over. This cycle will repeat until you have ended up back in the same spot as you were before. The team with the most rounds won at the end is the winner of the game.


  • Same sized goals x4
  • Water Dodge Balls x15
  • Water polo balls x4
  • Buckets x4
  • Coins x50
  • Weights x4
  • Fins (Depends on how many players are in the game.)


  1. You cannot pick up the buckets until the game is done.
  2. You cannot hit or target people with the dodge balls.
  3. You can only score using the water polo ball at the last minute of the game.
  4. You can steal another's water polo ball if it is floating in the pool. You cannot take your ball out of the ring, and score over and over. You must leave it there.
  5. There can only be one water polo ball each ring.
  6. Once you’ve scored a goal, you cannot get the ball back out from the goal. You must swim away, and get a new one. Not the one you previously used.
  7. You cannot steal a ball someone is holding. You can only take a ball if you see it floating in the water.
  8. There may only be one goalie at each goal.
  9. Once the game is over, you will hear a whistle being blown. After the whistle is blown, you must stop what you are doing and listen to the teacher to directions. You may not score goals when the time is over.
  10. Goalies can take balls from out the goals and can throw them into the middle of the pool.
  11. Be careful of where you are swimming because of the fins you are wearing might accidentally hit someone.
  12. You cannot steal coins from the other team’s buckets.
  13. You can only hold one dodgeball when shooting goals.
  14. You can only grab 3 coins per travel back to your team’s bucket.
  15. You can only throw one ball in one net each then you can go and get another ball to throw in another net.(You cannot throw the same ball in the same net.)
  16. Be honest about your goals that you have scored when telling your score.
  17. Be safe and aware of the others around you.
  18. Everyone should be active.
  19. Have fun! May the best win.

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This is a model made to represent the rock cycle! The rock cycle is a cycle that describes how metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks form. These are the three main types of rocks made. They are classifications so a limestone rock could go under the name of a sedimentary rock and so on. It also shows the process, which for example if a metamorphic rock is melted to magma and then cooled, it can make an igneous rock. But if it erodes, then it can turn into sediment. When the sediment is compacted then it can make a sedimentary rock. Add heat and pressure then you can get a metamorphic rock again. This can also happen in different ways or different orders. For example, it doesn't have to start with a metamorphic rock. It can start with magma or sediment. Different things can also happen to the rock instead. This is why it is a cycle. In the model, you can see the process when following the arrows. The types of process that can happen to rocks or other objects are: Being Melting, cooling, adding heat and pressure, having weathering or erosion, or compacting and cementing. The Duplo blocks I placed are used to describe the things that a rock can turn into or represent a rock. This includes magma, sediment, metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks. In conclusion, this model is an example of the rock cycle. The rock cycle describes how the three types of rocks are made and what process it takes. These rocks are called metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks. They can be made in different orders, and each is made through a different process.

In mandarin, we had to make a poster for our skit and memorize it, so it was like we were doing an interview with our partner. We had to say information on us, who we are, our daily routine and also our family. Now I have some questions!

Question 1) Describe one of your best successes in this class. What did you do to make it so successful?

One of my best successes in this class was the skits that I did in this class. For skits, we had to make a script and perform it over two to three days. I was never really happy to perform, so I was proud of myself after I had. I also was happy I could memorize the entire script and do well 🙂 What I did to make me successful was to be organized and also to practice so I could memorize and be almost fluent with speech.

Question 2) Describe a challenge you faced in this class. What did you do it overcome this challenge?

A challenge I faced was the poster I made. It was really difficult to handwrite all of the things about me. What I did to overcome this challenge, was that I tried to be more organized with time to finish it - and I did at the last day and decorated it with markers too!

Here was the skit I did with two amazing other people:

Here was the poster I made:

1) What did we do in Archery?

In archery, we learned how to use a compound bow, and also we learned how to stand with good postures such as elbow position and foot stance. We also learned how to shoot an arrow at a target properly, how to put on an arm guard, and how to hold the bow and handle/pull out arrows.

2) How do we stand?

We stand by standing right, facing the wall, with our feet shoulder length apart. If you are left, face the opposite direction. Your feet should face the wall and look straight, holding your bow down when loading, and straight when firing. Elbows shouldn't be too low/too high when firing.

3) What is Targeting?

Targeting is when the person shooting will try to hit the target at different distances.

4)How do we hold the string?

Place your index finger on top where the arrow rests. Two other fingers under. If you right-handed, use your right hand, and if left, use your left hand.

5) What is GROUPING in archery?

Grouping is the placement of multiple shots on one target.



In Exploratory writing, we are making a product that we will sell later at a convention called Dragon's Apprentice - a student ran business! I am making a product that is a pencil holder made from toilet paper and designed differently. 2-3 main design points I have noted from my research is that every color choice matters, because every color has a different emotion, and choosing a wrong color makes your product feel another way than what you wanted. Some colors also won't go together, and if so, the product and poster will look bad and not professional or eye catching. Another thing I have noticed is to have good contrast, advertisements, and slogans to get a good first impression of your product. If your slogan and poster make no sense or your advertisement looks really bad, no one would want the product since they did not like what they saw, and did not look worth as much as it really does. Finally, I realized that posters should also be simple, and not too complicated, as well for the product. Don't put too much otherwise there will be too much to look at, and the buyer won't see what they are supposed to look at and main points. For the product, too much will make it look bad, and might not have to look professional and interesting to the buyer. Advertisements can be complicated, and they might be small, but they do matter! Next time, stop at an ad and make sure you realize how much effort can go into it.

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Once upon a Gummy, there lived a gummy bear monarchy with a happy king, queen, and baby. Everyone was happy to bow down to them and everyone lived a normal life, for many many years.

One day, the aristo gummies that served the monarchs did not like the nice gummy bears, so they were eliminated, and the aristo gummies ruled the monarchy into an oligarchy. The gummy people were devastated as they saw the new rulers and were very sad.

Then, one gummy bear who was a military leader got jealous and eliminated all of them. The people were devastated and as they had then ruled over by tyranny. Poor gummies. Have a moment of silence to feel bad for them. One day after many many tears, one gummy decided to do something.

The little gummy stood and said that they were all supposed to be happy little gummies in a happy village, and no one should deserve a sad gummy life. And so one by one, they destroyed the castle and burned the weapons as they stood in a circle, happily chattering as they were happy little gummies again. THE END.


  • What did you know about these forms of government before we started this unit?

I actually did not know what any of these meant. I was not the one who actually knew a lot or was interested in politics, so I did not really pay attention this.

  • Why is it important to learn about forms of government?

It is important to learn about forms of government because if you don't know, say if you had to make a choice between the four but you did not know what they meant, then you might choose the wrong decision. Or when voting, you might be not so smart and won't know what to do, and chose the wrong choice instead, and/or you can become an informed voter. Another reason why it is important is because it tells you a lot about our past and history, so you can make better decisions than before from our older past.

  • Which form of government do you think works best and why?


I think the form of government that works best is a democracy, and I think this is because not only does everyone have a voice, and also everyone gets things fairly, and everyone gets treated fairly. When using a democracy, you can vote and think what you think is best, while you cannot do that with other governments, as well as no one is treated fairly or is equal in other types of government. Because of democracy, everyone is treated fairly, choices are made fairly and easily, and everyone is equal and happy. 😀


McDonald has become a very popular company inside the food chain, but what does their slogan really mean? I think that I'm Lovin' it means Loving the food and enjoying the stay. McDonald's serves many dishes with all different choices, which is what people come for. Also, the food is very simple, easy, and really well priced. McDonald is a fast food restaurant everyone comes to since it is reliable and every can love and it's enjoyable, because of the food at ingredients it has in store and the good flavors.  Finally, McDonald always is open so you can go there whenever to enjoy their food. Lovin' it yet?


Before the entire six grade had to leave for the school camp - WWW - social studies had brought us the title of mummification. This is when we had decided to make a mummy ourselves, since coming to the end of Ancient Egypt. We had vegetables , or cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and apples. Then covered them in salt and on with peels. After wrapping in "many" layers of tissues and mixing in more salt in the tomb/a zip lock bag filled with salt, we hid them and left them for ten days as we left. We came back finally to see the results - dead vegetables, and some gross smell. We unwrapped the small vegetables and looked at them - while taking pictures.

My three favorite things that I had done in social studies were the vegetable mummies, the cross and uncross game, and the Minecraft I-movie, because the mummy vegetable activity lets me learn how ancient Egypt really made mummies and how hard it was. It also taught me to appreciate the things we have today so we don't have to do these things today in the present. I also like the cross and uncross game, because at first, you don't actually know what it means. it helps people know to look around you and think outside the box. It lets you know if you are paying attention or looking around for clues. It was also fun to see how people had to think hard to finally realize what they were missing. Finally, I like the Minecraft I-movie, because Minecraft was a very popular game in 2015, and when it was announced that we were going to build something in Minecraft, it was exciting since we can't play games in class. This also gave better visuals to when ancient Egypt really looked like and we got to be imaginative with what we did.

Here are the mummified vegetables back from the dead and not really alive :


The book: “The Wizard of Oz,” is a very well known book throughout the world. Today, I will be telling you my review of The Wizard of Oz written by L. Frank Baum; written in 1939.

“The Wizard of Oz” is about a small girl named Dorothy and her dog Toto, who one day was living at her Aunt’s house - when something happened and she fell in The World of Oz, meeting friends along the way, she tries to find her way back.

The conflict for this book was Self v.s Person, because, in this book, the characters all wanted something. Dorothy wanted to get home, and also one friend wanted a brain, one wanted a heart, and one wanted courage. These three were all examples of self-doubt and they didn’t believe that they had these things in them. This made when reading you want to know if they ever turn around eventually - when they will believe. That was all they had to do. For example; ““It was easy to make the Scarecrow and the Lion and the Woodman happy, because they imagined I could do anything. ” And because of this, they could believe in themselves to get what they wanted.

Dorothy at first was very curious, because she had arrived in a new land, and was asking questions. She was also very shy since she knew no one. For example;  She was asking questions about the odd people surrounding her, such as “But who was she?” or “Who are the Munchkins?” and etc.

She was also very scared since she cried wanted to get home. ““Dorothy looked, and gave a little cry of fright.” In the end of the book, Dorothy became brave, and she also was optimistic, thankful and confident, because she was always encouraging her friends, in the end, she always looked on the bright side and said thanks to everything the land had done for her.

The theme for this book was to always believe and never give up on yourself. This is because when the characters had doubt in themselves, they couldn’t do anything. They felt like things were  not possible. But when the believed in themselves, they could do things they never thought they could do, and they were able to get all the things they wanted. At first, the characters had a fixed mindset and thought that they couldn’t do what seemed impossible to them. But once they believed and didn’t give up, they could do things they never thought they could. For example, one of Dorothy's friends thought because he was a scarecrow, he couldn't do anything and he was dumb. But he helped them get past rivers and monsters. He also eventually became the king of the emerald city - all because he believed and didn’t give up on his dreams and himself.

I would recommend this book who likes adventure, classics, and a small mix of fantasy. This is because this is a book written in 1939. This makes the language different than now, but it can be enjoyable for some people. This book also has adventure aspects, since the group has to travel through forests, they escape witches and monsters, and have to travel to find a way home. Otherwise - this book is a really enjoyable book to read : “The Wizard of Oz.”