The Caravelle

Today we went to the Caravelle hotel HCMC. We went there to learn how the hotel saves energy and water. There were lots of interesting things there, the thing I liked the most is the snacks it is cool because they were good and the drinks were delicious.

This is were Mr. Khoa tells us about how the Hotel saves energy and water and how much money the hotel spends for the electric bill and the water bill.

This is were they have a bicycle generating electricity so it can light up the sign.

Here is the heating system that creates cool air.

This is the cooling system on the roof that uses reclaimed water.

Our class is looking out at the city from the roof.

4DR serious photo

4DR funny photo

This is water treatment area.

Our class is looking at the cooling system on the roof that uses reclaimed water.

Learning Journeys

Before spring break we had Learning Journeys, I showed my parents lots of things that I have learned. At first I didn’t want to do it but it was actually really fun. I showed my mom lots of things that I have learned. My favorite part was when I was finished with the learning journey I liked that part because I get to go to the gym and play soccer with my friends. I thought the learning journeys was great but I would like to make the learning journeys longer so I could show my parents more of the things I learned.

Viable Vietnam film festival Bun Bo Hue

Yesterday I went to the film festival to see my documentary. I felt really nervous at the beginning because we had to perform a traditional vietnamese song for the break after the 4 documentaries were played after that they showed our documentary. When our documentary was over I felt less nervous. My favorite part was when there was a food break the food were delicious, But I wished that there was Banh Cuon or Banh Trang Tron or more food so we can eat.

Our pottery field trip

Yesterday we went to a pottery place called spin and gogh. We made pottery and boxes with clay. I think the pottery is the coolest part because we get to use the pottery spinning machine. On the field trip I learned how to make a clay flower. I also learned to make a pottery bowl and a clay box.




G4 Talks

Today we did our G4 Talks, it was really nervous but also exciting. I felt very nervous before I went on stage because during the G4 Talk rehearsal we didn’t do it very well. When I was performing I my leg was shaking a lot because I was so nervous. After my performance me and my partner felt really good because we made no mistakes. I think we did really well about our gestures and we were loud and clear. I think I could do differently if I stop breathing in the microphone. I thank Ms Fox, Mr Papaseit, Ms Ronzetti, Mr ross and Mr Hoa.