1. Become successful
  2. Buy a huge modern house in Beverly Hills
  3. Go to at least 100 countries
  4. Be rich
  5. Own 4 puppies
  6. Build a house that is as big as Mr. Crowell's class room for the puppies to live in.
  7. Meet Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Taylor Swift
  8. Write at least 5 songs
  9. Learn how to play the drums
  10. Learn how to play the banjo
  11. Eat super fancy and expensive food
  12. Try all the cheese in the world
  13. Go to Switzerland and have fondue

Coffin Cafe, which is located in South Korea has had a lot of attentions world wide lately because of their services.

High school students, which are mostly from Seoul International School will come in around 4 to 5pm, but the cafe is open from 11am to 7pm.

Unlike the other cafes, which are normal cafes that people will enter for coffee, coffin cafe let customers get to experience death. When customers go into the cafe, they will give the customers clothes that dead people wear in their funeral to make them feel more “death-like”. After getting dressed, they will write a testament next to their coffin.

At last, they will enter the coffins, and the staff will turn off the light and nail their coffin down for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the staffs will open the coffin, which are the ones that they’re in, and let them out.

Some people don’t think this is a good idea, Mr. Park, one of the customers said “I don’t get this, they locked me up in a coffin and I have to pay for that? I’m not even dead yet. What are these people doing to our children. I will never let my children go here, and I will never come back. What kind of a joke is this?”.

But there are some people that really like this cafe, Ms. Kim, a high school student from Seoul International School said “I love this place, I even started to cry the first few times that I went here, I come here with either my friends or my family weekly, plus, the coffee and tea tastes really good, and the price is not that high too.”

Our local news reporters had to try it to see if it’s true, Ms. Larson said “It was a nice experience, it made me realize that life is the best gift that you could ever get, I would recommend to go to this cafe, especially young or stress people”.

Written by Vivian Tran



  1. Schools should be responsible for punishing cyber bullies because it might affect students to the point of depression or even worse like suicide. Lucas Chen states that “The school should guarantee its students a safe and secure place to get an education.” When students get bullied, they won’t tell their parents because the parents might go to school and tell the counselor. The counselor will call the bully and the bully might tell other bullies that this student is too weak, and needs parents’ support. Given the evidence, it is logical that if the school guarantees that it’s a safe and secure place, then any kind of bullying including cyber bullying should be considered a threat to being safe. Therefore, schools should be responsible for cyber bullies. If it’s not a safe environment, parents won’t attend their children to this school because it is unsafe.
  2.  Schools should be accountable for discipling cyberbullies if the bully and their victim are from the same school. One reason is that because both students are from are from the same school, and it might impact on the victim’s school performance. To illustrate, some student’s grade might be affected if the bully went too far. For example, the bully might tell other students to join the bullying the victim. The bully might even threaten them of something if they report to the school, so the student have no choice but to tell their parents privately. This shows that the school may have the authority to check the messages if the victim’s family confirms that their kid(s) got bullied.


  1. What new insights do you have into cyberbullying? What aspects of this problem do you know about now that you weren’t aware of before?

Most people think that cyberbully is not that harsh because it’s just words, but it actually have a very large impact to the victim. It’s also very dangerous because some people had hurt him/herself and even worse like suicide. We shouldn’t bully people physically or mentally because it really hurt their feeling.


  1. What did try throughout the writing process? How did it help you be successful?

I tried making questions and answering them, then put them together in a paragraph and at last, proofread and try putting academic and the vocab words in my paragraph. I found it actually easier to make questions and answer them rather than just write a paragraph because it just stress me out because I have to write a lot of sentences and words.


  1. What is your biggest take-away from our class discussions about this topic? Why?

It’s about when we watched about this Youtuber suffering from this disease and people bully her because of the effect of her disease. I felt really bad for her, and because of the effect, she can’t live long enough, and she don’t deserve to not live that long.

Last week, the whole middle school went to WWW ( Week Without Walls), and the 6th graders went to Muoi Ne. The 2 things that I liked the most were playing cards with Mr. Butz and other friends. The other one was me falling off of the boat while sailing. We played Texas Holden with Mr. Butz betting that if we win, then no homework for our block, but if Mr. Butz wins, then there will be more homework. I was in second place after Mr. Butz but then I had to go to take a shower. So I gave all of my toothpicks ( points were represented by toothpicks) to a really bad player but because he's the only A blocker, I had to give it to him. We ended up being the first block to loose so we got double homework. While sailing, I leaned towards the water and tried to touch it like Moana, but then I fell off the boat. When I fell off of the boat, Eliza panicked. Luckily, I grabbed on to the rope and got a little ride, we ended up laughing at last.

My goals for CWS is I will have less than 5 mistakes in my writings.

What was 3 things that was new that I learned about geography and early human settlement?

  1. I learned that most Ancient Egyptian are farmers.
  2. I learned that most people that live in Egypt rely on the Nile river as their water sources.
  3. Features influenced human settlement.

What are 2 things that I am proud of in my project?

  1. I am proud of my Nile River Delta about how it is linked to the Mediterranean sea, which is those lines that link the Nile River to the sea.
  2. The Nile River is the longest river in the world so I made mine really long and i'm proud of it.

What is 1 thing I would do differently

  • I would probably talk slower because I think I talked kind of too fast.



For the past two months, us fifth graders ( including me) had a super unit named Green Dragon! My group's name is Paper Towels. I chose this idea because I think that SSIS middle school and elementary school students are using too much paper towels, so we must use air dryers and hand towels instead of paper towels. Having air dryers and hand towels can also make the school looks a little cooler too.

Talking about ecology, economics, politics, and culture, it's really sustainable because for air dryers, you can reuse it a lot of time, maybe a few years. With hand towels, you can reuse it for a long time so it's also sustainable. For economics, SSIS could afford it, it might be kind of expensive but it's worth it. Also, it'll actually save money in time. Politics, there's a really high chance of the leaders at SSIS will agree because in high school, we already have air dryers and we could cancel the hand towels. Last but not least, culture, I think it's perfectly find because it doesn't make anyone think that they're doing something wrong, and some people like air dryers more than paper towels.

We made the script on the last minute of Shark Tank and it went really well except that I messed up a little during the presentation. I also learned how to use Prezi and Canva. I don't really like how Canva works but I can work with it. I think Prezi is a really good site, I might like Prezi more than Google Slides from now. The most challenging part was us doing the budget & timeline because we forgot to count the bathrooms so we had to count it. For timeline, it's pretty hard to figure out the time to ship and install all the tools but we fixed it at last.

We forgot a lot of stuff so we had to went back and did it again, it took a few days but at least we were done with it in the day of Shark Tank. Our proposal went really well and I think there was no mistake at all. I'm really happy about our project even if we didn't get green lighted because we worked together and finished it on time.

Here's our proposal!

Last week, we did a hackathon! A hackathon is an event that typically last several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. Our hackathon didn't goes for several days but it does went for three hours. I chose to put cows in the campus and we learned about the STAR poster. The Star poster stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. The situation is when we use the lawn mowers, it used too much fuel and there's too much air pollution going all over the place. The task is to prevent air pollution and fuel, we should use cows instead of lawn mowers. The action is we have to write a proposal and if we success, we can buy cows. Result would be less air pollution and saving fuel, and we could have an eco- friendly lawn mower.

We started a reading & writing unit called Reading Article , and we started it since November      ( I think) and most of us just finished it now because it was a long unit. First, we had to make an outline about 3 random topics that we chose, then we researched about those 3 random topics that we chose. After that, we had to choose 1 of our 3 topics to make an article, then a draft, then a final one with pictures and colours which we can make on Pages, Ibooks, or Google Sites, and last but not least, this post.

The topics that I chose are dogs, chess, and multiple birth. The 1 out of 3 topic that I chose is multiple birth. Multiple birth is about different kinds of twins, triplets, quadruplets... And facts about them. And the reason that I chose this topic is because multiple birth is the thing that I were interested in the most and I would like to learn about it. Researching is pretty hard because there were nothing that I wanted in InfoBits ( a school website) and I have to research it in wikipedia.

I also had learned some skills and tips when I did this project, and the first one is delete the en    ( stand for english) and put simple in that place and you'll have a much shorter article. Another is that I learned how to organize CARP:     

Contrast: How well did you use colours to make your article attractive and easy to read?

Alignment: Do things look neat? Is it clear which order a reader should follow through the article or I-Book, or how they should navigate your sites

Repetition: Did you repeat things like colours and fonts to keep the article, I-Book or site neat and attractive?

Proximity: Are related things (such as text and pictures) placed near each other?

I chose Pages instead of Ibook and Google Sites because Pages is the only familiar site with me and Ms. Rayle know about Pages more than Google sites and Ibooks too. Also, I chose it because if I have a problem, Ms. Rayle usually would know how to solve it.

Multiple birth






Last week, we went to Cat Tien national park for 3 days. The teachers splited us up into 2 teams which were team 1 and 2 ( I'm in team 2). We went to Cat Tien by busses and it also took us 4 hours to get to Cat Tien.

My most favourite activities are the bon fire and the moon bear. The reason that I liked the moon bear centre is because we fed the bears, well not directly. The guys that work there made them go to a small cage then we got to the big cage and hide food somewhere in there. Then, we came out of the big cage and then the guys  that work there released the bear to the big cage     ( more like a forest with fences around), they found food and they just ate it. We also named a few bears for fun too.

                         The Gambler                                               Alexis' favourite

The reason that I liked the bonfire is because there are fun activities. It's pretty cold at night in Cat Tien and there's fire so it's warmer so I really liked it. We also roasted marshmallows too. But Ms. Rayle had a cold so she couldn't tell all the scary stories, and that's pretty sad.

                                                                                          Teacher-led bon fire





For the past 3 weeks, I made a reading goal, which is to finish a book before Tet break, but I didn't finish it yet. I think I'll meet my goal before Tet. I highly recommend this book called Dear Dumb Diary: The Problem With Here Is That It's Where I'm From, by Jim Benton. This book is about Jamie Kelly's diary that talks about her life with her best friend named Isabella and a new student named Colette  (I didn't read about her that much).The Dear Dumb Diary series has a lot of books like Never Do Anything Ever,  My Pants Are Haunted, It's Not My Fault I Know Everything and Let's Pretend This Never Happened......