Amelia Earhart

      Amelia Earhart explored flight, and the world from the air. Her hate of females being a bit like slaves, and her love of flying motivated her to do what she did. She showed bravery, courage, and motivation when she flew across the ocean. She explored by flying, above land, and the ocean.

Here is a biography and article about Amelia.

Article on Amelia.

Unit 1: Math

          In our first math unit, we learned how to round numbers, how to compare numbers, how to add and subtract large numbers, how to write numbers in different forms, and that, in a whole number, a digit in one place is 10 times the place to the right. At the start of the unit, we made a math card game with adding and subtracting (We(Me, Landyn, and Nam) called our’s Joker Poker). I am proud of how I learned how to do the algorithm properly. We also used an math app called Khan Academy. Khan Academy has assignments ( given to you by your teacher) a mission (math practice with a percentage. If you get 100%, you get a half day at the end of the school year, doing whatever you want!).

On my pre-assessment (we did these before we learned any 4th grade math) I got 5%. But on my post-assessment (we did these when we learned the 4th grade math for the unit), I got 97%! I only got 97% because Mr. James, and Mrs. Sylvester taught us all this math. Thanks, Mr. James, and Mrs. Sylvester!

My Khan Academy dashboard.

Rules for Joker Poker. Needed: Set of cards, Players.

Our G4 learning targets.

G4 Making History

   Thursday October fifth, G4 made history with an in-school sleepover. My favourite thing I did was, probably lying in bed, drawing with Landyn. Some of the things I did are, playing different types of tag in the atrium, Making things in the maker space, drawing with Landyn, having dinner, and quite a lot more! To eat dinner, I went to a Vietnamese restaurant called: Co Ba Vung Tau, I had seafood fried rice, and a freshly made smoothie with many different fruit. I think we had this sleepover to increase our independence, since we had a unit called Independent Me.

My G4 Talk

            The day before we did our G4 talks, we rehearsed onstage. When we did that, I felt a little nervous, but I felt like I was ready.Before I went onstage to perform, I felt nervous, exited, but I also felt natural. During the performance, I felt like I was ready for my G4 talk. After my performance, I felt proud of myself, and happy that this was over. Overall I think my G4 talk was great, and that me and Jasmeh (my partner) did very well. Two things I think I did very well was that I did lots of gestures, and that I used expression. One thing I could do differently is, that I could smile more. 

           I want to say thank you to my Family, and all of my teachers for helping, and supporting me the whole way.



This week, with Ms. Sylvester we learned about sleep. I learned, that sleep is good for many reasons. Here are some: It relieves stress, fights sickness, your Glymphatic system cleans your brain, and lots more! But I still want to know, why your Glymphatic system only cleans your brain when you are asleep. I enjoyed, learning about sleep because, I didn’t know much of this before.

Medical School

An important fact I learned was that the lungs give oxygen to the blood cells, and the oxygen goes to the body, not the cells.

The most interesting activity was the Respiratory system because, I learned what lung felt like and looked like.


I had a hard time with the Circulatory system because, the heart looked weird and felt weird but I ended up liking it.

I would still like to learn what everything is actually made of.


I think it’s important for me to learn about body systems because It’s important to know exactly where things are in the body so we know which parts to try your best to protect.   

Unit1: Understanding Ourselves ‘s Post on Monday, January 23, 2017

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On Friday and Monday in school we did this 2 step problem for têt: Minh recieved 23$ for têt. His friend Thu recieved twice that. How much money did they receive altogether?

I did’nt know how to do 2 step problems, or even how to multiply!

Now I know how to multiply do 2 step problems and, I learned what an equation is.

My goal
Now that I know how to do 2 step problems I want to try 3 and 4 step problems.