Viable Vietnam

        During the super unit Viable Vietnam, we did many things. First we went on on a week of field trips! We went to a water puppet show, an Ao Dai (traditional dress) museum, a traditional medicine museum, a farm where we fished in a small man-made lake, made clay piggy banks, and played Vietnamese games, and we also had Vietnamese food stalls at school! Those field trips helped us think about what to make our documentary about. My documentary is about a medicinal mushroom called Lingzhi in Chinese, or Ling Chi in Vietnamese. Here it is:

We worked for about a month on it, first research, then we got footage, then we made a story line, then we made a storyboard, then we produced, and narrated it, then we edited, then we showed them to people at a film festival, where we played Vietnamese music, and I was an MC! That was only some things we did during Viable Vietnam.

My team.


Me and the other MCs from my class.

My class playing music.


Fraction Cookies

On February 27th, we doubled a no-bake cookie recipe, and then made the cookies and ate them. The recipe is below. We did this during our multiplying, adding, and subtracting unit, so most of the ingredients are 1/4, or 1/8 of a cup of something. We brought cups, 1/4 cups, 1/8 cups, and more! Everybody loved the cookies!

The finished product.

Me eating my cookies.


Things we brought.

The cookie recipe.


My Surprise Filled Winter Break

     I had a wonderful winter break this year. On Christmas, I went to my teachers house, and enjoyed a party there with many other friends. In the middle of the holiday, my aunt Siobhan (we call her Shivy), and Valerio came to our house as a surprise. We had so much fun! We went to the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam on the 7th of January. It was so cool learning about the Vietnam war, and how the Vietnamese people defended themselves. I finished 4 books. I also went to my friend Graeme’s Harry Potter themed birthday party, and watched Harry Potter #2.

Thinking About Literacy

                 This super unit, in the Heart Of Exploring, we had book partnerships. During our book partnerships, we read a book at our level (Z being the highest level)(my level is U-V), and split that book into 3 sections. When we finish 1 section, we write a book report, then have a meeting with our partner (my partner was Elena). The book we read was “Extra Credit” by Andrew Clements. When we read, we use sticky notes to write about things we envision, think is important, like, Etc. That is called active reading. We learned how to talk about the book we are reading.

                 Since we started thinking about punctuation, and compound sentences my writing has less “lone commas”, and more periods.

My edited speech for my living wax museum.

The Heart Of Exploring Unit Celebration

This morning (Dec/8/2017) we had our Heart of Exploring unit celebration with our parents. First we introduced our parents to our service expo. We made a plan to show Dedicated Service, one of our core values. We made an infographic, which I put a photo of underneath. Then we performed our joke plays in Drama, which were story jokes that we turned into a play. Me, Landyn, and Matilda (my friends) were in this play. We called it “The Penguin”. I put photos, and the script underneath. After that, we did music, where we played our wacky instruments (which I put a photo of underneath) that we made. Lastly we went to Art, where we showed our parents our favourite art media. My favourite was Drama, because everyone loved my joke play. 🙂

Our parents watching us show them our service Expo.

Us posing for a photo in Drama.

 The Penguin Script

(police officer sees a person walking around with a penguin. She walks up to him)Police officer: Hey, who do you think  you are, walking around the city with a penguin? Take him to the zoo immediately!

Person: Alright, alright, I’ll take him to the zoo.(He walks offstage with the penguin.)

(Later on)

(Police officer sees the person still walking around in town with a penguin. This time he is wearing sunglasses)(She walks up to him and says:)

Police officer: Hey, I told you to take that penguin to the zoo a while ago!

Pick-up truck driver: I did… Today I’m taking him to the beach!

Police officer: You are under arrest for walking around with a penguin! The number 1 rule in this city is not to walk around with a penguin in this city!

Pick-up truck driver: Aww… You got me.(He walks offstage)

(Later on)

Police officer: finds another penguin on the street) Hey go to the zoo right NOW!!!!!

Penguin: Then I waddled away. (He waddles and Police officer walks offstage)

Person= Noah

Police officer= Matilda

All penguins= Landyn

Us playing our instruments in music.

Math Unit 2 Reflection

                       During math unit 2, we learned our times tables, (which helped with all the other multiplication problems we did) and division. I got 47% on my pre-assessment, (which was before we learned anything in the unit) and 98% on my post assessment (which was after we learned everything). We had a multiplication ice cream challenge, which was when we did our times tables in our own time, and we earned a part of the ice cream for each times table. I loved the ice cream! I also loved this math unit! (And I mean Loved it!)

My ice cream challenge sheet.


My IB Art Buddy

On November 14th, 2017 , our class went to the high school art class, and met up with an 11th grade student. Nhu (that was her name) taught us how to shade properly, and make our drawings look realistic. She had an oil painting of really really realistic blueberries, with drops of water on them. They made me feel sad, and lonely.

Nhu with her oil painting.

Nhu’s oil painting.