My Ancient Egypt Minecraft Reflection

1. What are three things I learned about GEOGRAPHY & EARLY HUMAN SETTLEMENT?

Three things I learned about GEOGRAPHY & HUMAN SETTLEMENT is that Egyptians settle along the Nile a lot because the Nile had a lot of good advantages. Like for example every year the Nile floods and leaves back rich good soil for farming. Egyptians settle in the dessert near the Nile because in case of when it floods, their house would not be ruined and it can protect them from the invaders. And also Egyptians settle near the Nile because reeds and papyrus, papyrus and reeds are good for making tools, boats, sandals, bed, etc…

2. What are two things that I am proud of my project?

I am proud of my Minecraft map because I think I worked hard on it and also I am proud of my Imovie because I did a better job than I imagine.

3. What is one thing I would do differently if I were to do this project again?

I think that I could do a better job screencasting my Minecraft world,I keep on forgetting the words and keeping having to restart it again and again.

Here is my Imovie link:




Art monochrome painting

In art we learned about monochrome. Basically monochrome is a art develop by tones and tints of colours. Here’s a example: See you could see the colours getting darker.

Here’s the one I painted:


What was the task? What skills were you practicing? What do you think of your mini-painting? Why? How could you make it better next time?

The task was to make a monochrome picture and after it drys, we have to draw a silhouette. This one was about landscape( mountain). I practice mixing colours and I also practice tints and tones. Tint is a colour with a mixture of white, tone is the opposite, colour mixed with black. I think my painting came out better than I imagine so I’m happy with it, because I thought that the purple will be too dark to draw a silhouette. I think the purple is already a dark colour so I’ll pick a brighter colour next time, because with the purple I got into tone too quickly.

Here’s another one


How does your painting show aerial perspective? Why did you choose the colour that you did? What is in the foreground, middleground and background? What are your strengths with this painting? What would you change next time?

My painting shows aerial perspective because it’s about mountain and the further the mountain is then the foggier it is. I chose this colour because I think it’s a light colour and it also looks pretty. Foreground is the closet to use and middleground is the middle of the landscape and background is at the back.My strength with this painting is not going into tones too early. It has thick layers and so it’s easy for me to paint. I think if I could change this then I would add an silhouette because it’s will make the picture more lively.

Here’s the final result of two pictures:

Using the app wordfoto I added theses word:  monochrome, tint, tone, foreground, middleground, background, Brooklyn, perspective and aerial.

What did you learn or become better at by completing this task? What would you like to improve even more?

I think I got better at completing this task by mixing the colours slowly. I would like to improve painting layers even better, because I think I got into the dark colour too quickly on the first painting.

How to help myself refelection

Sometimes, I can get distracted very easily, and it’s not easy when doing my homework. So I’m going to show ways I can stay focus and on task.

Firstly, I lock myself in a room because my family tends to go in and out of rooms a lot, also we have a twins so my family is very loud. It just helps me concentrated and I could do more work compare to doing homework in the living room. Next tip is I found that downloading the app stay focused from the app store is another way to concentrate when I’m working on a project on my computer. So basically, it’s when you set a timer for how long you would work for, and in that time you’ll grow this tree, it also means you can’t search the web or go to youtube and stuff. The more you stay focus the more your you’ll grow your tree. It’s a fun app but also very useful so I recommended that you try out that app to. Third, I take a break in the middle because it helps my mind get rid of anything, in that time I just relax or get a snack to help my mind get ready fro working. Sometimes I would listen to music to calm my brain when I can’t focus on the task. And if I’m not working on my computer, then I usually work on a writing homework or reading. When I’m reading I tend focus more because I like books, so I think I have no problems with that. I preferably work better in pair or alone. Lastly, sit in a place that I feel comfortable to sit in a long time, because if I’m not comfortable then I can’t focus at all.

To wrap things up, I think I work better at home then school, because I can’t work when there’s a lot of people making sounds and walking around.

Volume and Area

This week, our class have been learning about area and volume of shapes. Area is the measurement for a 2D shape, how much is in the 2D shape( length x width ). Volume is the measurement of a 3D shape, how much is in the 3D shape( length x width x height ).

Volume= bh. bh= base x height. Base is length x width, because the base is like a 2D shape. Base x height is the same as length x width.

5th grade Cat Tien trip


Last week, 5th grade went to Cat Tien, which is a forest really near Dao Tien. This trip was for learning about sustainability and it was a case study. Case study is when we go there and learn directly, not from the internet.

1.What did you do at the Moon Bear Center?  

We went to the moon bear center,where they help the bears that was stuck in small cage and got their bile taken from them, and they help the bears to become bears and survive only in the wild. We went to the bear play are ,which the moon bear is still in their own cage so its safe, and what we had to do was to spread and hide the their foods around the place to encourage them to find their own food, like the way they do in the wild. Some of us got some peanut butter and spread around the area which was trees mainly. Some of us got fruits and hid them on trees and leaf and bush, some on the ground. It was great fun, then the teachers told us it was time to release the bears so we got out of that area and went to a high place to look at the bears, finding their food. While watching, we were journaling in our books. Then we got the professional to come and answer some of our question about moon bears and sustainability.

2.What did you like and what was an unexpected surprise at Cat Tien?  What was something you’d never seen before?  What was your favorite moment?

I like Cat Tien because the food was decent and the rooms are clean, also because the way we connect with nature, and how at night it’s not like the city,  it gives me a ‘wild life’ feel. There’s no motorbike and no cars going around. No city lights, and how its so silent and how bright and pretty the stars are.

For me the unexpected surprise thing was that this was the place where last year in my old school went as a trip, also the food there, I thought is not that good because it is in the forest but it turns out to be really good.

I have never seen a weasel before and now that I went to Cat Tien, I did. I didn’t really see the whole body of the weasel because it was so quick climbing on the trees that I couldn’t see it properly.

My favourite moment is when I went on the night safari because I have never ever gone through a forest at pitch dark night and seeing all those animal is super amazing. The wind was cool and sometimes we came to places that the trees curved in making me feel like I’m in a tree cave.

3.How does Cat Tien connect to our unit about sustainability?

Well, Cat Tien was a very sustainability place because how they think about having a good enjoyable places for us and how it is eco-friendly, how it is also design for wild life out there.

Sustainability is when we use something and it never run outs. For example, wood, we could use wood and once we use them, it turns into something and then it keeps going on.  And it will grow more of it so it makes it sustainable.

Cat Tien is saving endangered wild animals like moon bears and they are trying to keep the bears from being extinct. There are only a few moon bears left in the world and some countries doesn’t even have them and Viet Nam has moon bears and if Viet Nam don’t save them, the moon bears could really become extinct. And also they’re saving the gibbons and pygmy loris.

Innovation Activity in 5th Grade

This week in 5th grade, we had an activity which is call ‘hack your classroom’. Which is basically making something new to help our classroom and improve our school. We had 3 option to choose from, 3D printing, virtual reality and littleBits. I choose 3D printing because I think it is cool and easy to work with. Also it’s creative when you start doing it.

My project is about how we could keep our important post-it note, not to fly away, when it’s un-sticky anymore. I choose this decision because I always loose important note and it’s useless when a post-it note is not sticky anymore, and that’s how I came up with this idea. Also I think that this project is really easy to make because it’s basically a binder with tiny pockets, all of that stuff is really easy to print also.

The idea is to have unstick post-it note to not get lose and we lost our reminders, information or to-do list.