Film Festival :) >_<

For tonight I am kind of nervous because I want to see what people think of our projects we did. But at the same time, I am really excited to get all dressed up and have a good time sharing our table groups documentary. 😛 😎

Lee Tracy Field Trip visit.

February 23, 2017, The whole grade four had a visit from an eco-artist called Lee Tracy. Lee Tracy is a natural artist. But she does not paint of draw, she expresses her feelings about how people are treating the environment there days. For example, she used long cloth and went to a lot of countries and put it in the water to see how clean the water is. Also, because people were cutting down trees she put the red paper bag on the stump left behind so it looks like the trees are bleeding.

We did the cloth experiment in the crescent mall pond and saw it was pretty dirty. This takes quite a bit of team so we went with the whole grade 4. It was really fun to do and it was also really hot. Lee Tracy tries to spread the message of taking care of the environment. here is a poem I wrote: Life is nature, nature is life save the environment, roll the dice. littering is bad, wasting sucks, but you never know you might have luck. Look at the palm trees, looks at rivers, and how people treat it, man it gives me the shivers. Go on the ken noo, enjoy the ride, but the relaxation will never die.



Fraction problem!

We are learning how to add and subtract fractions with common denominators. I knew how to solve this problem because I just  looked at the denominator and they both had 10 and then looked at the upper numbers and the problem said to me that I had to subtract so I did subtract the upper number witch are 9-6=3 and then I added 10 at the bottom so the answer  is 3/10.


Our group has been working on a beeping refrigerator. I am most proud of our group being able to work as a team and sometimes have a little bit of fun and disagreements. Thank you parents for coming to see our prototypes and stories , hope to see you next time.