I wrote this opinion peace because is something that impacted me when I arrived to Vietnam. I thought a lot of the people were going to have a different mindset than the one we have in México. I got surprised when a lot of kids had an American Mindset and wore clothes as in the US. Some kids talked, walked, looked like them but were born here in Vietnam. I wanted to write because my strengths as a writer are not great, my organisation of ideas is not always the best. What I’m looking out of this is to improve my writing and redaction. I think this is a good peace reflecting what I’ve seen and thought about but I hope I can improve in my communication skills and my intensity in writing

Entry:Do you know the background of your Playlist?


I have seen friends listen to songs and follow the careers of the singers because they think it’s an appealing lifestyle, I mean it looks fun and all but I don’t think that’s what they want for themselves. This songs talk a lot about drinking, drugs, guns, patronising women, and crime. But some of them have never shot a gun in their life, they have never seen the life of someone destroyed by drugs or alcohol.

And I think of how to explain why looking and hearing these videos is bad. I remembered a phrase that my dad always tells me. the phrase is  “Watch out what you hear, because it will become what you think. Watch out for what you think, because it will become what you do. And watch out what you do because it will create your character, and your character defines you completely.”

So It does makes sense to watch out for the things that you see on the internet because you are going to start thinking that that is the way that the people act in normal days.

It is far from reality, I’ve heard guys from a lower grade say the “N word” a couple of times with their friends, dropping F bombs. After that something that confused me terribly. I hear them saying that they have never left Vietnam, some never left Asia. I’ve herd guys my age talk like this before, Wellington, Florida. And most people that I see talk like that.

But If some of this Sophomores have never gone to the US why are they talking like african americans? and where have they heard that before? From their friends, or maybe some movies, but maybe is the music that they listen all the time they are studying, hearing on parties.  

I think they have a perception, an idea, that is wrong about the country they want to go for colleague. They should be careful, realize that not everybody talks and acts like that that, erratic and loud. A lot of people act normally, it is not everything about the music that you hear. Not because you listen to Trap you are suddenly become a bad person or have a wrong mindset. But you are going to get more used to it, you are going to think it’s normal to talk, act like that. So take care of what you hear and see, do not let it define you.


Paulo Albert Lemus

SSIS HS Year 11

Jan 19 2018