Volcano project

This is my Dublo volcano, I chose to build this volcano because I felt like volcanoes have been very important in our geology unit. In the plate boundaries, we mentioned it, in our rocks area, we also mentioned the volcanoes. Not only that, volcanoes are one of my favorite subjects in our geology unit.

So volcanoes form when convergent boundaries crash into each other and they make big mountains of rocks. But there is also the subduction zone, one plate goes underneath, into the mantle convection making magma. The magma seeps through the now open hole. This could happen in the ocean or on land.

I chose the red to make this volcano because this is an active volcano, so the magma completely covers the volcano, making the volcano red instead of the normal brown of the rocks that makes the volcano. The green is the lush land around the volcano because this volcano has erupted before which means that the soil around the volcano is very fertile. Then, there is blue Dublos over the green because that is the water lapping the waves of the island. Also because there is climate change so that water in slowly growing.

The effect of volcanoes is that it can cause heavy climate change,  which can lead to deaths of hundred of thousands of people. But like in the paragraph before, it can make excellent farming soil. When a volcano erupts, it might also damage the sea or any water supplies nearby, causing more people to die in the end.

So in conclusion, volcanoes do have some positive effects but also has so very devastating consequences.


This is my PE game, we worked on this for one unit, the creative game unit.

I worked with other people in this game and my genre was the target games unit genre.

So how our game works is that we have balls and we have to throw it in a basket and get people out.




These are my Alek topics


The Aleks is what I am always working on
This is where most of the work goes too.



-This is my presentation.

-I had to research and do this project with my teammates.

-I chose the moon Rhea

Health Hauora Project linking to Self Concept

Hauora is a Maori concept that contains four “Walls”.  The four walls need equality for your life to be happy. That’s why I believe that Hauora is connected to self-concept. If we follow Hauora, we have a happy life, just like with self-concept if we have the correct way. The way that you think of yourself is in self-concept is the mental wall. The other people thinking about you is the social side, taking care of yourself is like the physical side and the spiritual life is a mix of all.

  • Taha tinana: Is the physical side Example: Movement and Caring for yourself
  • Taha hinengaro: Mental and emotional. Feelings and ways of understanding people/yourself
  • Taha whanau: Social side examples: family members and friends.
  • Taha wairua: Spiritual side, possibly the hardest to understand. It is like the meaning of life and searching for the correct paths in your destiny

Health Heroes