No More Traffic Jams!


What did you do and why was it important to you? What were your main findings from the project?

For my project, I researched and made a video discussing the issue of traffic jams and how to put an end to it once and for all. The reason that I chose to research about traffic jam is because this issue heavily affects me and everyone around me. Moving around in District 1 during traffic congestions is definitely a pain for everyone. Also, developing countries are usually very fast-paced which means that traffic jams are a burden to everyone. With a burning desire to put an end to this chronic issue, I dove into researching for ways to end it. My main findings for this project were broken down into 3 main areas: The first area is about the main causes of traffic jams and its effects on everyone. I narrowed it down to 2 causes which were nonfunctional traffic lights and accidental causes (accidents, dead engine…) The second area is the idea of virtual traffic lights which is a projection of traffic lights instead of a normal pole. I studied how this is better for traffic and can help put an end to traffic jams. The third area is how hydraulics work, I researched and looked through various explanation videos to learn about this idea. The reason I needed to learn about hydraulics was because it was a big part in my hypothetical car design to end traffic jam.

This is the blueprint of my car design.

What were the main challenges for you doing this project? What were your strengths and what were your weaknesses?

The main challenge for this project was managing to comprehend the amount of information presented while I was doing my research. I had to read a lot of documents regarding hydraulics in order to develop a decent understanding of it and to be able to explain the concept in the best way possible. However I dealt with this challenge by looking over a lot of sources and relating them all back to my previous knowledge on mechanics. My strength in this project was my planning, I did a very good job with my planning which helped me stay on track get my work done before the submission date. Following a well planned timeline really helped me focus and gave me just enough time to edit and revise my project. Also, I feel like I did a decent job in explaining the concepts I was researching in a way that my audience can develop enough knowledge to understand my product. A weakness of mine was once again in the technological area, especially the editing part. My overheating laptop acted up once again this time which dragged out my editing time. My lack of experience with Imovie also hindered my ability to express my video in the way that would look extremely professional. However, I learned some new editing skills and did the best I could with all the knowledge I have regarding editing. This was indeed a very educative project to end the year with, I’m glad I got the chance to do these research because it really opened my eyes about the changes I can potentially make with enough funds and further research/actions.



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Mis 10 Canciones Favoritas en Español


  1. Despacito- Luis Fonsi

Crédito Fotográfico: Mari Zalazar: Flickr

Luis Fonsi es un cantante puertorriqueño famoso por sus diversas canciones. Su canción “Despacito” ganó 4 Grammys.
A pesar de la polémica, esta canción es muy buena. Sin Justin Bieber, esta canción es mi canción favorita en Español. La melodía es muy feliz y es muy pegadizo también. Las letras son fáciles de cantar y todos conocen esta canción.
Hussein Mourad: “Probablemente la mejor canción de 2017.”

         2. Mi Gente

Crédito Fotográfico: Desing Oscar: Flickr

 J Balvin es una cantante colombiana, se mudó a los USA para aprender inglés. Su canción “Mi Gente” fue la primera en un montón de tablas.
Mi Gente es una canción muy moderna, por lo tanto tiene un montón de ritmos y un estilo más “rap”. Es muy pegadizo debido a su melodía increíble a lo largo de la canción. Esta canción me hace querer bailar cada vez.
Alexandra Los: “Sentir el ritmo de esta!! Me encanta esta canción!!”

         3. Duele el Corazon

Crédito Fotográfico: Claudio Plobete: Flickr

Enrique Iglesias es una cantante española, famosa por sus increíbles canciones pop latinas que es famosa en todo el mundo.

Duele El Corazon es una canción poderosa que habla de su amor por una chica. Canta con una voz asombrosa y el estribillo pegadizo realmente deja una fuerte impresión en el oyente.
Milan Cosic: “Bonita canción la descubrí la semana pasada y no puedo dejar de escucharla”

         4. Quizas

Crédito Fotográfico: Toby Jagmohan: Flickr

Enrique Iglesias dos veces seguidas? Es demasiado bueno para ser verdad.
Quizas es otra cancion sobre el amor, pero esta vez el esta cantando sobre un desamor. Esta canción es muy suave pero también muy triste, si tienes el corazón roto no escuches esto.
Kiarra Marie: “Esta canción es tan triste pero me encanta”

         5. Livin’ La Vida Loca

Créditos Fotográficos: Eva Rinaldi: Flickr

Ricky Martin es un cantante Puertorriqueño famoso por sus canciones pop y reggaeton.

Livin’ La Vida Loca es es una canción muy emocionante, tiene un montón de beats increíbles y el instrumento detrás de él. La legendaria voz de Ricky Martin hace de esta canción una muy pegadiza y una gran canción para que todos lo disfruten.

Alejandro Larja: “Él tiene una voz encantadora, Ricky Martin es impresionante”

         6. La Bamba

Créditos Fotográficos: Mark Azali: Flickr

Ritchie Valens es un cantante Mexicano-Americano famoso por su increíble trabajo en el estilo rock and roll.
La Bamba es un clásico, el feliz rock and roll melodía junto con el pegadizo estribillo hace que esta canción increíble. Todo el mundo puede cantar y bailar a esta canción que lo hace tan bueno y agradable.
Illynneisabell Ruizperez: “La Bamba es la mejor canción que te va a encantar.”

         7. Hasta el Amanecer

Créditos Fotográficos: Siednjj Leon: Flickr

Nicky Jam es un cantante Puertorriqueño/Americano famoso por sus canciones de reggaeton y su composición.
Esta canción es fantástica, con un tambor optimista en el fondo y la asombrosa voz de Nicky Jam. Esta canción habla de cómo le gusta esta chica y la letra expresa sus sentimientos muy bien.
Anna Hallberg: “Esta canción es tan buena que escuché esta canción varias veces ya”

        8. El Amante

Créditos Fotográficos: Carlos Chamorro: Flickr

¿Nicky Jam otra vez? Bueno, no te sorprendas porque Nicky Jam tiene un montón de buenas canciones.

El Amante es una canción con una muy buena melodía, esta canción tiene un montón de emociones. Recuerdo a uno de mis amigos llorando cuando escuchó esta canción.

Layla Marra: “Nicky Jam es mi cantante favorita y esta es mi canción favorita”

         9. Macarena

Créditos Fotográficos: Tandem Trivino: Flickr

Los del Río es un dúo de canto y baile español famoso por sus diversas canciones y sobre todo por la Macarena.

Macarena es un clásico, es muy pegadizo y feliz. La danza Macarena también es fantástica y es muy divertido de hacer con sus amigos y familiares.

Jackie Anderson: “Esta canción es tan pegadiza y me encanta el coro”

         10. Loca

Créditos Fotográficos: Haya Benitez: Flickr

Shakira es una cantante Colombiana famosa por muchas canciones. A menudo se la conoce como la “Reina de la música Española”

Esta canción me hace “loca” porque es tan buena. Shakira salió con una pista pegadiza y divertida. Cada vez que oigo esta canción quiero bailar y divertirme con todos mis amigos.

Giselle Chavez: “Esta canción es fascinante, me encanta tanto”

Keeping Up With Traffic Issues

  • What have you learned towards your research questions so far?
  • I have learned the 2 main causes for traffic jams which are out of sync traffic lights and a blockage of cars due to an unexpected cause (accidents, a dead car blocking the way…) I have also learned about how traffic lights work and developed upon an idea about a new form of traffic light that will assist with traffic jams. Additionally, I also learned about hydraulics and how “lowrider” cars work.

This is a form of traffic light called the “virtual traffic lights” which is a quicker and more efficient way of telling the driver about the conditions of the traffic.

  • What has been challenging for you? How have you managed to work around your problems?
  • A challenge for me has been the process of understanding and simplifying the knowledge that I learned about. There has been some articles that explains the physics of hydraulics at a very high level which caused me some difficulties in understanding. I worked around this problem by developing a better basic knowledge through the use of simpler sources and slowly progress towards understanding the harder sources.

This is an example of a lowrider which utilises hydraulics to lift themself above the ground.

  • How is your timeline going? What have you managed to achieve and how  is your timeline evolving to meet the deadlines.
  • My timeline is going very well, I am on track with everything that I planned out and I am very confident I’ll complete my work and still have time to double check it. I have achieved everything except for filming and editing my video. My timeline hasn’t changed at all because it was a process that I thought really hard about previously therefore I had planned it around all my other schedules in order to work efficiently and on time.

An End To Traffic Jam!

The Engineering Project is a project set out to help students explore how physics and engineering can help change the world. The issue that I chose to explore and solve is the problem of traffic jam especially here in Vietnam. The reason I chose to do this is because I suffer a lot from traffic jams and I am sure everyone else that lives here can relate to my problem; therefore I believe that it is an important topic to discuss and attempt to solve. My 1st potential solution for this problem is a smarter form of traffic lights in which the lights itself shows information regarding which streets are blocked and provides a alternative path for drivers. My 2nd potential solution for this problem is a new form of transportation mainly improved upon the idea of using hydraulics to raise a car over others. For my 2nd solution if we manage to have half the people in traffic using the hydraulics and half the other driving normally the issue will be solved to a better extent.

As for my project, I want to make a video showing my discoveries and my inventions along with educating people about the issue of traffic jam and the main causes and roots. The reason I chose a video to show my process is because I feel like it is the best way for me to communicate and educate my audience about what I’m researching.


Above is the timeline of my whole engineering project detailing all the things I need to do and when I will try to get it finished by.


Here is an example of a design I will improve on in my project.

Is this the end of Melbourne?

What did you do and why was it important to you? What were your main findings from the project?

For my project, I researched and made a video talking about climate change/sea level rising and the effects that it has on the city of Melbourne. The reason that I chose to research about the city of Melbourne is because that city is my favourite out of all the cities I’ve been to. The last time I went there I was just amazed by all the excitement and enthusiasm that this city showed me; I was immediately attracted to the skyscrapers and the populous city centre. Also, one of my dream university has always been the university of Melbourne due to their exceptional business classes. With that much love for this city, I could not have passed on the perfect opportunity to do further research and recognise the problems that may harm my beloved city of Melbourne. My main findings for this project were broken down into 2 main areas: the first area is that I found out about how bad the issue of climate change is in Australia in general and Melbourne more specifically, the second area is that I learned further information regarding the greenhouse effect and greenhouse gases along with the basic Physics behind climate change.

What were the main challenges for you doing this project? What were your strengths and what were your weaknesses?

The main challenge for this project was finding the evidence that would fit perfectly with my research question and my objectives. There were a lot of research online regarding climate change and Melbourne separately but there were not a lot of detailed and legitimate sources that could’ve supported my research question. However I dealt with this challenge by using those sources but relating them all back in a further analysis that I did in my video. My strength in this project was my script writing and my planning, I feel like I did a very good job with my planning which allowed me to stay on track and allowed me to get my work done before the submission date. Following the idea of the timeline really helped me focus and split all my work out equally which gave me a lot of time to edit and revise my project. Also, I feel like I did a decent job in summing all my evidence up into a short script that was educational and can be used to teach an audience about my research question. A weakness of mine was definitely in the technological area, filming and editing were such a hassle for me in this project. I couldn’t find a proper filming device therefore I had to use my laptop which did not provide the best quality. Editing took a long time due to my laptop constantly freezing and crashing, also I can use a lot of improvement on my editing skills to create better content for future projects. All in all this was a very interesting and definitely fun project to end the semester with, I’m glad I got the chance to do these research and I’m hoping for more projects like this in the future.



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Last Chance to Visit Melbourne!

What has been challenging for you? How have you managed to work around your problems?

Something that has been challenging for me is finding an article that discusses specifically about my question, I was unable to do that therefore I had to take various different sources and reach a final conclusion. The scripting process is definitely another challenge because it tends to  take me a very long time to choose the words I want to use and how I want to phrase it so that it will come out as educational and professional. There are a couple of characters in my project therefore it is necessary for me to adapt my script to many different roles in my project. I overcame my challenges by asking for help from my family and friends because they can help me with my filming and other small actions such as helping me revise my script or giving me feedback and how I should phrase things in my project.

How is your timeline going? What have you managed to achieve and how  is your timeline evolving to meet the deadlines.

I have to say that making a detailed timeline for my project definitely helped with my time management and my ability to divide the work up equally so that I do not have to cram my project. I’ve been following my timeline very well and I’ve been meeting all my designated deadlines. I have all my research done and have already started on my project just as my timeline would say. My timeline changed in the matter that I am changing the form of my project from a Prezi to a video because a video is more self explanatory.


What have you learned towards your research questions so far?

Up to this point of the project, I have learned a lot of things regarding my research question. As a reminder, my main research question was, “Is there a relationship between sea level rising and the tourism/economy of Melbourne?” I came to a conclusion that there is definitely a strong relationship between climate change in general and sea level rising more specifically, and the tourism/economy of Melbourne.

With the projected increase from up to 45-89 cm in sea level by 2090, the cities are definitely going to be flooded. With the cities being flooded, no one would bother going to Melbourne anymore because they won’t be able to see the beautiful nature and they won’t be able to experience the life of the urban areas. Since Australia in general and Melbourne more specifically depends a lot on tourism, not having tourists will definitely impact the economy to a certain extent.

Melbourne City, the new Atlantis!

For this unit on Sustainability and the physics behind climate change, I chose to explore the city of Melbourne. So you’re probably wondering why Melbourne out of all the cities? Well to me, the city of Melbourne is my favourite city filled with bright lights and beautiful architecture along with great education and living conditions. Adding to that, the University of Melbourne has always been a school that I aspire to go to when I leave high school. I highly encourage everyone to visit this amazing city at least once in their life and experience everything that Melbourne has to offer. However, in the next 30-40 years, Melbourne won’t be the same as it is right now and it’s all due to 1 factor. Climate change! 

More specifically the issue of global warming is slowly washing away Melbourne. The rising sea level and the continuous melting of the large ice pieces around the Earth is adding to floods around Melbourne. My beloved city will soon be submerged underwater and I won’t ever get a chance to visit that city and enjoy my time there.

However, I believe that there has to be a way to solve this issue and save the city of Melbourne from this ongoing crisis. With this in mind, I chose to explore the main research question of “Is there a relationship between sea level rising and the tourism/economy of Melbourne?” So you’re probably wondering why Melbourne? Along with the main question, I also want to learn more about the physics behind the climate change and how physics can encourage and/or reduce climate change. In order to be able to answer my main research question, I have to research the rise in sea level around the city of Melbourne along with backing up my research with scientific evidence and analysis. 

I have chosen to sum up my learning by producing a Prezi presentation filled with various forms of evidence ranging from (graphs, quotes, pictures, news articles) and it will include ways to prevent climate change along with the answers to all my questions.

I have also created a timeline to keep myself discipline and on task throughout the course of this unit.

From Nov 30th to December 4th: I will be researching and gathering all my evidence and information regarding this topic.

From December 5th to December 8th: I will be putting my evidence and analysis into the Prezi and forming an interesting presentation.

December 9th : I will work on my second blog post and submit it while continuing to develop my Prezi.

December 10th: I will finalise my Prezi and add small changes in order to make it appeal more and more educational.

December 11th: Proudly bring my Prezi into Mr. Bunting’s room and be ready for questions from the audience that are watching my Prezi.

December 12th to December 13th: Work on my reflective blog post and make sure I am correctly reflecting on what I did correctly and what I can improve for next time.

Habana, La Ciudad de la Fantasía

            En veinte de septiembre, salí de mi casa a las dos de la tarde para ir al aeropuerto. Yo iba en un viaje de cuatro días a la Habana en Cuba. Mi avión dejó Vietnam a las cinco de la tarde, llegué a las siete de la tarde al día siguiente. El aeropuerto se llama Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí. Llamé a un taxi y fui a mi hotel, Saratoga Habana. El hotel era muy limpio y moderno, las camas eran cómodas. Dormí muy bien.


             El segundo dia, fui a Fusterlandia. Fusterlandia es una gran área que muestra muchos piezas de arte. Fusterlandia es principalmente una distribución de obras de arte de Jose Fuster. Fusterlandia es muy colorido y bonito. Almorcé en La Guarida y comí Arroz con pollo, un plato tradicional en Habana. Estaba muy delicioso y estoy lleno. Por la tarde, fui a del Gran Teatro de la Habana. De Gran Teatro de la Habana fue construido en 1838, es muy antiguo y bonito. Tiene muchas decoraciones y muchas estatuas grandes. Cene en hotel y me comí un buffet con muchos alimentos diferentes.


              El tercer dia, fui a Catedrales de la Habana, esto fue diseñado por Francesco Borromini en 1748. La Catedrales de la Habana es muy fascinante y clásico. Hay muchos historicos cosas sobre este lugar. Almorcé en San Cristobal Paladar y comí Vaca Frita. Estaba muy interesante y sabroso, me muchos gusta comida Cubana. Por la tarde, fui a Plaza Viaje. El Plaza Viaje es un zona residencial, está rodeado de elegantes edificios y estatuas. Hay muchos mercados y eventos, es muy entretenido y divertido. Cene en Restaurante La Casa y comí Picadillo Cua Cua.


              El último día, fui a Plaza de la Catedral. La Plaza de la Catedral es muy antiguo y fantástico. Hubo muchos eventos religiosos y cultural. Caminé mucho alrededor de la Plaza y estaba muy cansado. Fui a aeropuerto a las tres de la tarde, comí el almuerzo en el aeropuerto también. Mi vuelo estaba a las seis de la noche, mi avión aterrizó en Vietnam a las ocho de la noche en el día siguiente. Voy a echar mucho de menos la Habana.




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Human Rights Metacognitive Reflection

In this project on Human Rights in general and Human Trafficking if we’re being specific. We focused on learning about the effects of Human Trafficking in Vietnam and our project was to create a tri-fold explaining Human Trafficking to people who might not know about this issue. A skill we developed throughout the way is the skill to introduce our project and asking for assistance. We created flyers to hand out to local coffee shops and we had to use these skills to tell them about our project and have them accept our flyers. This is an important skill because in the future, even if you are not doing business the public speaking and persuasive speaking skill is still very important. One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to speak in the public and also the ability to get up after a rejection and learn from criticism. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

  • What will you do to continue your involvement with this group or social issue, or with other service work?

Recently, Blue Dragon launched a project called the Rescue Appeal which is a fundraising project to help them with their future plans. After this, I will keep on helping BD by raising awareness around the Ho Chi Minh City area and also creating a small fundraise around my neighbourhood to help BD with their Rescue Appeal project.

  • How did my consideration of my “user” influence my work?

The idea of considering my user influence my work by helping me create a more detailed and precise product. Our group decided to focus on the usual coffee drinker because they can afford to donate to our project. Also by considering our user, we chose to create flyer digitally instead of drawing it out or just announcing it around with our own voice.

  • How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?

My collaboration with classmates didn’t quite help me focus my ideas but surely helped provide new ideas and also help the project flow more smoothly. By having many members, we could easily divide the work and get more things accomplished in a shorter period of time, also having a lot of member gives us an advantage because we would have more ideas and different ways to engage our target audience to our project. The one thing about working with classmates that slowed the project down is when a certain member gets lazy and doesn’t do the assigned work, but thankfully we solved the problems as a team and had a great ending product.

Our work:


Our group is working on finishing our tri-fold display and creating a frame for our Ipad.


3 members of our group discusses while a visitor is checking out a video on the Blue Dragon website.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 2.10.04 PM

This is the front of our flyer, created by: Kayla and Minh

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 2.10.23 PM

This is the back of our flyer, created by: Kayla and Minh with a purpose of showing how Blue Dragon is trustworthy.


Poetry Reflection

What have you learned about poetry since we first started the unit (what did you know at the start, and what do you now know)?

Before this unit, I knew a few things about Poetry such as how it is organised or how it is usually written. Also I did know about a few different types of Poetry such as Haiku, Limerick etc.. The new type of Poetry that I learned is Free Verse Poetry. In the past I have always written my poem in rhymes but from the moment I learned about Free Verse, I got a chance to experience new ways to write my poems.

How did your visuals enhance (add to) your poems?

During this project, I got to experience with Lifecards, Wordfoto and finding Creative Commons images. These visuals enhances my poems in a lot of ways. If my writing is unclear and doesn’t show my theme well enough, my visual can help my reader see what the theme of my poem is. Also the visuals help me enhance my poem by giving me ideas to make my poem more descriptive so that the reader can have a clear picture of the scenery.

  • How did you find the overall experience of writing poetry?

Poetry Unit was a fun and interesting unit because we got to experience with a lot of ways to write poems. Also learning to use the Applications that I never got to use before was a very fun experience. Finally, Poetry Unit was very exciting and interesting for me because I got to learn new stuff and experience new things.