En veinte de septiembre, salí de mi casa a las dos de la tarde para ir al aeropuerto. Yo iba en un viaje de cuatro días a la Habana en Cuba. Mi avión dejó Vietnam a las cinco de la tarde, llegué a las siete de la tarde al día siguiente. El aeropuerto se llama Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí. Llamé a un taxi y fui a mi hotel, Saratoga Habana. El hotel era muy limpio y moderno, las camas eran cómodas. Dormí muy bien.


             El segundo dia, fui a Fusterlandia. Fusterlandia es una gran área que muestra muchos piezas de arte. Fusterlandia es principalmente una distribución de obras de arte de Jose Fuster. Fusterlandia es muy colorido y bonito. Almorcé en La Guarida y comí Arroz con pollo, un plato tradicional en Habana. Estaba muy delicioso y estoy lleno. Por la tarde, fui a del Gran Teatro de la Habana. De Gran Teatro de la Habana fue construido en 1838, es muy antiguo y bonito. Tiene muchas decoraciones y muchas estatuas grandes. Cene en hotel y me comí un buffet con muchos alimentos diferentes.


              El tercer dia, fui a Catedrales de la Habana, esto fue diseñado por Francesco Borromini en 1748. La Catedrales de la Habana es muy fascinante y clásico. Hay muchos historicos cosas sobre este lugar. Almorcé en San Cristobal Paladar y comí Vaca Frita. Estaba muy interesante y sabroso, me muchos gusta comida Cubana. Por la tarde, fui a Plaza Viaje. El Plaza Viaje es un zona residencial, está rodeado de elegantes edificios y estatuas. Hay muchos mercados y eventos, es muy entretenido y divertido. Cene en Restaurante La Casa y comí Picadillo Cua Cua.


              El último día, fui a Plaza de la Catedral. La Plaza de la Catedral es muy antiguo y fantástico. Hubo muchos eventos religiosos y cultural. Caminé mucho alrededor de la Plaza y estaba muy cansado. Fui a aeropuerto a las tres de la tarde, comí el almuerzo en el aeropuerto también. Mi vuelo estaba a las seis de la noche, mi avión aterrizó en Vietnam a las ocho de la noche en el día siguiente. Voy a echar mucho de menos la Habana.




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In this project on Human Rights in general and Human Trafficking if we're being specific. We focused on learning about the effects of Human Trafficking in Vietnam and our project was to create a tri-fold explaining Human Trafficking to people who might not know about this issue. A skill we developed throughout the way is the skill to introduce our project and asking for assistance. We created flyers to hand out to local coffee shops and we had to use these skills to tell them about our project and have them accept our flyers. This is an important skill because in the future, even if you are not doing business the public speaking and persuasive speaking skill is still very important. One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to speak in the public and also the ability to get up after a rejection and learn from criticism. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

  • What will you do to continue your involvement with this group or social issue, or with other service work?

Recently, Blue Dragon launched a project called the Rescue Appeal which is a fundraising project to help them with their future plans. After this, I will keep on helping BD by raising awareness around the Ho Chi Minh City area and also creating a small fundraise around my neighbourhood to help BD with their Rescue Appeal project.

  • How did my consideration of my “user” influence my work?

The idea of considering my user influence my work by helping me create a more detailed and precise product. Our group decided to focus on the usual coffee drinker because they can afford to donate to our project. Also by considering our user, we chose to create flyer digitally instead of drawing it out or just announcing it around with our own voice.

  • How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?

My collaboration with classmates didn't quite help me focus my ideas but surely helped provide new ideas and also help the project flow more smoothly. By having many members, we could easily divide the work and get more things accomplished in a shorter period of time, also having a lot of member gives us an advantage because we would have more ideas and different ways to engage our target audience to our project. The one thing about working with classmates that slowed the project down is when a certain member gets lazy and doesn't do the assigned work, but thankfully we solved the problems as a team and had a great ending product.

Our work:

Our group is working on finishing our tri-fold display and creating a frame for our Ipad.
3 members of our group discusses while a visitor is checking out a video on the Blue Dragon website.
Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 2.10.04 PM
This is the front of our flyer, created by: Kayla and Minh
Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 2.10.23 PM
This is the back of our flyer, created by: Kayla and Minh with a purpose of showing how Blue Dragon is trustworthy.


What have you learned about poetry since we first started the unit (what did you know at the start, and what do you now know)?

Before this unit, I knew a few things about Poetry such as how it is organised or how it is usually written. Also I did know about a few different types of Poetry such as Haiku, Limerick etc.. The new type of Poetry that I learned is Free Verse Poetry. In the past I have always written my poem in rhymes but from the moment I learned about Free Verse, I got a chance to experience new ways to write my poems.

How did your visuals enhance (add to) your poems?

During this project, I got to experience with Lifecards, Wordfoto and finding Creative Commons images. These visuals enhances my poems in a lot of ways. If my writing is unclear and doesn't show my theme well enough, my visual can help my reader see what the theme of my poem is. Also the visuals help me enhance my poem by giving me ideas to make my poem more descriptive so that the reader can have a clear picture of the scenery.

  • How did you find the overall experience of writing poetry?

Poetry Unit was a fun and interesting unit because we got to experience with a lot of ways to write poems. Also learning to use the Applications that I never got to use before was a very fun experience. Finally, Poetry Unit was very exciting and interesting for me because I got to learn new stuff and experience new things.

My book is Life of a Roman Slave by Don Nardo

Published in: 1998

This book is about a life of a roman slave and what they had to do.

The 2 things I found interesting are:

1: " If the slave had defects not made known in this warrant, the vendor was bound to take him back within six months or make good the loss to the buyer."

I found this fact interesting because I thought when a slave is bought, the "Current Owner" should have 100% responsibility and protection over the slave. But then it's not the case, if the slave has some imperfection, they are sent back to their original owner.

2: "It may ring strange in modern ears that people could show such love and devotion to those who had enslaved them."

I found this fact very abnormal because when you are enslaved, you are usually facing really bad treatments and you usually have a large hatred towards your "Owner". It is very unusual when you develop love for someone that treats you very badly.

What are your best professional qualities?

As a student at Saigon South International School I have developed a lot of professional qualities that will assist me in the future. For example, one of the quality that I have is my listening skills and my ability to receive and store information effectively. Also, I know how to change myself after I fail in something that I had done and redo it more powerfully. These qualities are my strongest professional qualities and is helping me a lot in my school life and also social life.

What are your worst professional qualities? 

On the other hand, I still have to be able to improve on some of my qualities. For example, communication in group work is very important and a quality that will help keep it steady is to be able to maintain the conversation and get everyone to participate. It is difficult sometimes to get everyone's ideas and opinion and keeping the conversation going when no one has anymore contributions. Therefore I believe that this quality is my worst and I definitely have to build on to it by getting myself into more group projects and trying my best every time to engage everybody and maintain an informing discussion.

Resume Introduction:

Below is the download link to my resume. This project helps me acknowledge my best qualities and help me organise all of my qualities into a resume to be part of a company and start a career.


In this DBQ assignment, we have to choose one primary driving force and prove why it's the most powerful. This is an important skill because it helps improve my evidence and analysis, I will surely have to use this skill a lot in the future. One thing I improved on is my ability to find an exact and trustworthy evidence to support my point.

In this assignment I found a new way of organizing my work and revising it efficiently. I split my revising into 3 different part. My 1st revising part is to check spelling and grammar for any simple and easy to spot mistakes. My 2nd revising part is to check that my evidence and analysis are clear and logical. My 3rd and last revising part is to peer revise and get feedback from my classmates.

For this assignment one of my classmate helped me a lot in revising my work. In some parts my evidence was unclear and she helped me clear it by asking questions about my evidence. Also instead of only putting comments about my analysis, she helped start my analysis for some parts and kept my train of thoughts going.

A strength I showed was my ability to introduce a clear and precise background of the issue that my paper's on. My background was short but contains all the necessarily information to give the readers the knowledge that they will need to be able to understand my claims in my paper.

Something I should work on for my next essay is to introduce pieces of evidence that are clearer and supports my claim more powerfully. Also I should acknowledge the time period and use the appropriate verb tenses and maintain the same verb tenses throughout the whole writing piece.

Here is my DBQ Essay: Link: