Introducing Yuli


Hello and welcome back to Yuli's best blog post EVER!!  By the way my name is Yuli, and I'm going to talk about myself.  I think mostly everyone knows that I hate learning, and also the subject that I hate the most is math.  OH yea, also I'm horrible at Math, so PLEASE don't ask anything about math.  And my favorite subject is P.E because When I'm little, I lived in France for 2 years.  And I started to play sports in France when I was two or three years old.  That time, I started to run and when I'm 6 years old I started to play a little bit of sport.  After that, when I moved to SSIS I started to play a lot of sports.  Thank you for reading my blog post about me.  By the way, can you tell me that what's your favorite subject and what subject do you hate the most.  Bye Bye!!