From 3/12 ~ 3/15 entire 5th grade went to Cat Tien National Park.

My favorite part of trip was that I get to eat vietnamese local good food. also I liked the night hike because I saw lots of fireflies and stars

Most interesting part that I learned is that our eyes have combs and rodes, and also that gibbon changes its fur color when growing up. I never knew that loris was nocturnal but I learned it!

Hardest part of trip was that I had to sleep through tokays and AC noises. so I'm now very tired that I had lack of sleepin'

I think If the 4th graders have to go to Cat Tien (I wish) they should split up into two groups. and they get best cabins they could get.

  1. Describe what you did at each station
  • Getting water from river (buckets)
  • Head carry station
  • Shoulder pole station
  • Filtering station
  1. What was most difficult or challenging about the activity. Why was it difficult?
  2. How did you deal with the challenge?
  3. What ideas do you have for making this trip more interesting or realistic next year? (No–stopping for bubble tea is NOT an option!)


Oh! how hard was it to day I went to field trip, long walk to water

We Get water from river at Mr. Johnson's station(I got dirty!),

We carried water on our head at Ms.Rayle's station(very hard!),

We carried water using shoulder pole on Mr.Binh's station(took a lot of time!),

We filtered water and cleared the water in Ms.Roxane's station(easiest and fastest!)!


We did them all in 2 hour almost non-stopping, so it was tiring and Difficult!

I dealed with it since there is no way I'm going back, and I also worked hard too!

I wish there could be bubble tea party at last when we came back



My reflection.

This is my final shading pot, first, I got an outline and started shading. my goal was to shade anything that I got in Idea but It was hard time finding Idea, but finally I find this pot.

At first I had no Idea what to draw, which was challenging, but I got the pot from inspiration box.

I made the light coming from little right to give a tone, and I also fixed the outline a lot, so a lot of craftsmanship is in this drawing,but I want to more work on

When I just started to shade, I didn't had a lot of Ideas, and it was not very good drawing, but this time, I worked hard and shade it, so my shading skill change a lot because I worked more hard and not give up.


On 5th grade for the first Field TRIP, we went to Buu Long.

What we did at Buu Long was hard and challenging adventure stuffs.

At Buu Long, I did 3 main activities and they were Zipline, Abseiling and, Rock-climbing.

They are all nice activities except for Rock-climbing because it's all about body shape.

Zipline was the most relaxing activity.It was also an interesting part because It worked well at Buu Long, but it didn't work when we did Pong ziplining in class.

Abseiling was pretty hard because you had to be balanced and got down and mostly your fingers got hurt.

My favorite activity was abseiling because it's was the most exciting! Although it would  hurt your fingers and/or get rope burn, getting down was very challenging.

The most difficult part was rock-climbing because the guides told us to pull ourselves up, and that did never make any sense because I had to carry 46kg. I'm never doing again until my arm gets stronger.

I learned that I'm so brave that I were the first person doing abseiling in our group (and survived), and I learned that there's almost no way I can do Rock-climbing right now because I can't get smaller and stronger (my height and my weight).

Because we did a lot of challenging activities which we have never done before, this trip is related to pursuing excellence.

<--- Me doing Rock-climbing on very hard course.


20 hour project, is know going on on this reflection I'll talk about what I did for the first week.! mine is about use sniping class in my favorite game and get 250 kills in 14 hours.


At first, I made a new account for the project(roblox) and find the best mouse sensitivity. for 2 hours I try to find the sensitivity, but then  the best sensitivity were my original one ;; (time wasted)

total: 2 hours


Second time I practiced sniping class in my real account. it was so hard!(I didn't record that since it's not real one)

total: 2 hours

Overall: 4 hours

It was hard that I needed to track to enemy and shoot. also it didn't kill the enemy in one shot if you didn't shoot it to head. soooooooo hard!

next week I'll do 6 hour of real gameplay.



Weekends! yay playing games!

Imagine: At the weekend I played shooting game and I thought that How can I use LMGs(miniguns a.k.a. machine gun) to sniping?

Plan:I might need some Good optics and attachments.For example, vertical grip, vcog x6 scope, and ballistics trackers, laser

Design: Setted all the attachments and it's all done!

Create Trying to make headshots...(real playing)

Evaluate: I think it might be better to use canted Iron sight than Ballistics trackers because I has small sight on the scope.


Backward-Looking What problems did you encounter while you were working on this challenge? How did you solve them?

I had problem at last. it did worked 'til the real thing ("Big zipline")  and we failed.

Inward-Looking What was satisfying to you or frustrating to you during the challenge?

I was frustrated that it didn't work at last.

Outward-Looking In what ways did your product meet or not meet the goals of the challenge?

I didn't meet the goal. Our team failed... But partially we made it! So It's SOSO

Forward-Looking What would you change if you have a chance to do this challenge over again?

I'll copy what the winning team did. Which used washer for the ring.

Feelings: What were some of the different feelings you experienced during the challenge? I was Happy that the thing worked but, then It didn't work. SO I'm MAD!!!!

ME Right now↑↑↑


There is the boy in the girl's bathroom by Louis Sachar

It's an end of the book club. So, I'm doing this post!

I recommend this book because you can learn a lot more friendship. This book is about Bradley and Jeff is being a friend. Bradley is the oldest kid in the 4th grade and he has bad behavior also the new kid Jeff is not a troublemaker, but he accidentally went in to the girl's bathroom. Will they gonna be a good friend?

I rate this book 4/5 because this book has hard words. this book is so awesome!


Fhew.. It was a hard time making the script. We changed and it was too long, changed and still long and... What Hard WORK! That important hard work made our play much better! Me and my friend Nam and Caleb made the script! It's all about CC (Christopher Columbus' special code), Cook, and one grumpy sailor! I'm very proud of the sailor, because I made that character and Nam did very great job making the audience laugh! Actually I made the good character but I could have done better if I were a better actor. I should have been a serious cook but, I was a silly cook. I think overall our team did this well. If not our team I think the best team was Hubery's team.