4th Grade Reflection

This year in Fourth grade was probably the best! Though it was a little hard for me because I came late, not late, but I joined this school later then other people.

The first event I was there for was one of my favourite ones. It was international week, best of all International day. We got to dress in our cultural clothes. And then we walked around the school with our country’s flag. Sports day was also a good day.

This year I learned a bunch of new things. I used to be really bad at math. (Multiplication and Division) But my new teacher, Ms. Chris, thought me some methods to help with Multiplication and Division. I learned how to write a novel. In science we learned  about flowers, energy, electricity and technology.  They where all interesting but, Tech stuff was my favourite, because we learned how to program robots and games and stuff.

I will really miss all my new friends, I hope they will be in my class next year. I will mostly miss my teacher, because she is leaving to Barcelona, Spain. I am very nervous about Fifth grade.


Ship Poetry

Hey Guys! We’ve been working on Poetry. But the poetry had to be about ships. Here are some:

IMG_1979 (1)
Name: Land! If your not able to read that here: Land! Land! We’ve hit land! We went ashore And our Captain went nuts! Our Marshall went nuts! Our Cook went nuts! Everyone went nuts! So I went nuts! By: Toby
Name: Walking the plank!!! If it’s too blurry, here: I was a sailor until I walked the plank! Just because I sank a ship in our fleet! Just because I sank our food storage! Just because I sank our fresh water! Just because I let a shark on board! Just because I pushed the captain off the ship! Just because I hit the marshall! And I was forced to walk the plank!

And now, Me favourite one:

IMG_1981 (1)
Here I have a audio recording so… Yeah.
Click play to listen:


Thanks and bye guys!

Oh wait, in the comments tell me which is your favourite one.

Captain In The Class

Hey guys! And welcome to another blog post. So today our teachers husband came into our class! He came because he is the captain of the Pacific Orca!

The Pacific Orca
The Pacific Orca

When Captain Brain (A.K.A. The captain,) was 16 he was deckhand of the this ship:

Sorry I forgot the name.
Sorry I forgot the name.

His company is: Sandbank, I think.

This video is of his ship in action. I didn’t tell you before but, his ship makes wind miles in the ocean. This ship can stand on feet so that the ship doesn’t rock. This ship only does half the work, another ship comes to finish it and they can leave. He is on the ship for a month, then a month vacation and then a month on the ship. So he works every other month.


I think thats it, BYE.

Learning Journey!!!

Hello world!

Last Friday we  had Learning Journeys. A Learning Journey is like a conference  (Teacher to Parent) but this one was not Teacher to Parent  it was child to parent. It was a Student Led Conference. Instead of a Teacher Led Conference pretty cool really. My appointment was at  10:00. It was fun. There were 5 stations + the other stuff that were at random places = which makes about a nice 2 hours.

Thats me showing my parents our reading strategy wall. (I'm the small guy).
That’s me showing my parents our reading strategy wall. (I’m the small guy).
Thats my beautiful MacBook Air. Nah just messing with you, but it is mine.

My parents are proud of all the things I have achieved and they want me to work on all my goals. At least thats what the letter said.

Umm… Ah… Well bye!


Um… Hmm… Uhh… Oh, hi and sorry. I was just r

This is what the book looks like!

eading a book called Percy Jackson, The Battle of The Labyrinth” Talking about books we’ve been having book clubs. A book club is a club  where you discussion about books. Usually there is one book everyone is talking about, but sometimes more. In my book club we read the book “Double Fudge, Judy Blume” I really recommend it. The book was awesome. (Not that awesome :D) but it was good. In my group there was Anna, Yung Eun and Toby (Me). I enjoyed it, a lot. We learned new strategies for reading. For example: walking in characters shoes (Feeling the characters feelings) and storing details in your mind for later, there are many more.  Here this is a video of our book club:

That was our video!


Fractions and Decimals

Hello world! A couple of weeks ago I had no idea what decimals are. Now I can change a fraction into a decimal. Like this:

This is some of my math work.
This is the multiplication strategy I was talking about.

I can do more than just then the multiplication strategy. I can also do the number line strategy, the hundreds chart strategy and the place value chart strategy. The hundreds chart strategy is the easiest for me, but it takes a long time to draw the hundreds chart. If you want to have it over fast I would recommend the others. We also did multiplying fractions 3×¼=¾ and 3×½=1½ its easy! (P.S. I thought it was hard at the beginning of the unit.)


We also did our Pre-Assessment and Post-Assessment on Fractions and Decimals. My score on the Pre-Assessment was 31\55 not very good, and my Post-Assessment score is 55\55 Perfect score! Pink sheet is the Pre-Assessment and the yellow one is the Post-Assessment.`IMG_1698

(P.S. Pre-Assessment means Pre-test. Pre-test does not count in the final score. Post-Assessment is the final score).


Introducing a New Series

Introducing a New Series

The brand new book series, ‘Leonard  & Nirdolf’  are a series set in medieval times . 

“This new series is the best selling series. Even though there has only been one book released,  ‘The War of The Star of Life’ is a best seller,”

-New York times.

“The new book, ‘The War of The Star of Life’ is an amazing novel. Fans of the author Tobias will not be disappointed,”

-Publishers weekly.

The book, “The War of The Star of Life” is about a boy at boarding school that finds a suspicious door and teleports into a medieval world.

The author with the book:


Step in the world were you are lost and will never return.


Innovative Energy Prototype

Hello world. We have been  Inventors, Designers and Scientists because we have created a prototype to save energy. Our prototype is the T.D.M.D. Lightsaver’. What the ‘T.D.M.D. Lightsaver does is that when the light are on and curtains are closed and the T.D.M.D. notices there is sunlight outside,  it then turns off the lights and opens the curtains. Here is a video of how it works. Enjoy!

This our Energy Reflection. Enjoy!Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 8.09.20 AM Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 8.21.35 AMScreen Shot 2016-02-17 at 8.10.06 AM

 This was my favorite project here in this school, because we got to be an Inventors, Designers and Scientists. Which was fun for me because I have always dreamed of being an Inventor. In my group there was Dylan, Minho, David andToby (Me). The ‘T.D.M.D.’ part of the ‘T.D.M.D. Light saver’ stands for your names.

IMG_2802 (1)
       Our group finished our prototype

Bye. (P.S. Don’t even think about copying us!)