Social Studies Minecraft Project

      My Social Studies Minecraft Project

What are THREE new things I learned about GEOGRAPHY & EARLY HUMAN SETTLEMENT?

The three things I learned were:

  1. That the Nile River Flooded regularly.
  2. That there were nomads in Ancient Egypt because I thought there were only farmers in Ancient Egypt.
  3. That the deserts had an advantage.

What are TWO things that I am proud of in my project?

I am proud of my Nile River in my Minecraft world and My script.

What is ONE thing I would do differently if I were to do this project again?

Speak a little slowly in some parts of my Video.


We have been working on our memoir for 6 weeks. Last week we did all the formatting and turning it into a ibook stuff.

What did we do the other 5 weeks? (answer: will be on the bottom of this post.)

Back to the topic I have spend a lot of time on this so I  hope you like it.



  1. Click on the link
  2. Choose the memoir you want to read
  3. Click on it and press download
  4. Click on the download file. It should take you to ibooks and you can read the book there

Winner of the pop quiz

Image result for 1st place ribbon IF YOU ANSWERED WRITING.

Image result for 2nd place ribbonIF YOU ANSWERED ANYTHING ELSE

Hardest Super Unit Ever ??


     Have you ever stood in front of judges and an audience and presented a proposal? Well I have. The fifth grade has currently been working on some sustainable proposals. We had 2 Shark Tanks. Not all groups made it through the first one, only 7 did. Unfortunately our group was one of the ones that did not make it.

We were the second last people to present our pitch. While we were waiting I was so nervous that I got hungry.()

When we presented I think it went very well because we had an answer most of our questions and our presentation was done very well. Even we were scared we tried our best.

The Judges for our Shark Tank

??Eco Trip ? ?

Hi readers. Last Tuesday we went to Cát Tiên for a 3 day 2 night stay away trip.

My favourite things?                                                                                                      Some of my favourite things to do there was the bonfire because we got to sing, play

The bonfire

games and roast marshmallows. The night safari was also one of my favourite thing because in the night safari we saw some constellation and different types of deers. The air was also very cold and I loved it.

Well my favourite trip in cat tien was the Moon bear ? center because we got make food and put peanut butter on the trees. Before we put the peanut butter me and my friends put our finger in to the container and took some. We put peanut butter every where, high

The moon bears at rescue center finding and eating the food we hide

and low on trees next to the pond on some logs on the ground and lots of other places. Looking at them eat made me feel hungry also.?? During a time two of the moon bears started to fight started to grunt (I think) and chase each other around which was kind of funny. We also learned that the moon bears in the rescue center can’t go back to the wild because people will hunt the again for their bile and also because the ones in the rescue center have been there for a long time and will not get used to the wildlife.


Happy Moments ?                                                                                                    While we were at Cát Tiên some things that made me happy was having a roommate because it would have been very scary to sleep in those rooms by my self because because those rooms are very big specially the bathrooms.They were almost the half the room. Another thing that made happy was not sharing a bed because most of the people had to share beds and also roasting marshmallows.The nature hike was also one of the happy

A seed in the nature hike

moments because walking through nature and breathing fresh air makes me feel very calm. Learning about the animals that are endangered made me happy because we can change what we buy and also help them.


Problems and Solutions ✔︎ ✕               A problem we had was that on the second night we tried to put the mosquito net up. At first we did not know how to do it so we went to Ms. Fox and she told us how, but when we tried to unwrap it, it was too short. We thought it was just folded to look very small, so we tried different ways but it did not work it was always short. So after trying for 10 minutes we gave up.

Proud things ?                                                                                                        Some of the things that I was proud of was I was not really homesick because you friends start to be like family, I did not read a lot, I did not use any technology for 3 days and 2 nights (?) and I was not really scared.

Thanks to ?                                                                                                                           I would also want to thank the government for making and helping the rescue centers and national park. I would also like to encourage them to make some more because they can help, protect and save endangered species so they are not endangered anymore and also make this world more eco friendly and also the natural resources can be more sustainable. I would also like to thank my teachers and friends for making this trip amazingly awesome. 

? Well some of you might wonder what eco friendly and sustainable means. Well eco friendly means not being bad to the environment and sustainable means to keep going on considering ecology, economics politics and culture on the way.

Boat to Primate Center

Spider web

Well that is it for today see you next time.

Thanks to Saki and some other people for the photos.?

Information report reflection ?

CARP rubric reflection

I think my report went quite well because I think I did not have a lot information, but I think my strength was that I made the little information look like a lot of information with decorating and making various 3D or layers and I received and E for Exceeding from Mr.Edwards and I think it is a lot of progress for me since I don’t like writing and am very bad at it. I think next time I will choose a topic that I know more about so it easier for me to find more information.

My link to the Ibook

Geometry shapes

We did geometry video. I did it with Grace.

? 2 Week Reading Goal ?

My goal ✍

My goal is to read more non-fiction books.

Action Plan ?

To achieve my goal I have planned of reading at least 2 non-fiction in theses 2 weeks and make a checklist for it.

Progress ?

Wednesday, I created a small checklist for my reading of 2 non-fiction books. 

Thursday, i started to read The dairy of a young girl (term 1).

Week end, I read more of The dairy of a young girl (term 1).

Monday, I read more of the The dairy of a young girl (term 1).

Tuesday, I read more of the The dairy of a young girl (term 1).

Wednesday, I read more of the The dairy of a young girl (term 1).

Thursday, I read 12 more pages of the The dairy of a young girl (term 1).

Weekend, I read 10 more pages of the The dairy of a young girl (term 1).

Monday, I read 2 more entries in the The dairy of a young girl (term 1) and a small non-fiction book about asteroids and finished it.

Tuesday, I read 1 more entry in the The dairy of a young girl (term 1).

Wednesday, I am almost about to end the book.

Summary ?✍

I think my goal was okay but I think I should have tried a smaller book first or stop reading the Harry Potter for a while. My goal was a little hard for me because I was reading the Harry Potter series at the same time and harry potter series is a very interesting and good book which made me always read it so it was hard for me to pull away from that book for a while.  Maybe next time I can try to read only the non-fiction book and then after I am done with my goal I can read my other book again.

First one of its kind OOBLECK experiment report !!! ?

Hello people who are reading my blog. Today I am going to tell you about my science experiment/report with my partner Grace.

I learned in this experiment that you can make Oobleck with cornstarch and salt water solution and that the salt does not play a role and if you take the salt out it will still be the same.

The most interesting part of this experiment was when it started making Oobleck and it was so hard to mix the Oobleck for us.

If we did the experiment again, I think we could make the Oobleck a few times in different bowls but add different substances to the water and compare in the end.


(If you don’t know what oobleck means please clicked on the blue oobleck)

Fall Concert


Yesterday was the 4th and 5th grade fall concert. I had a lot of fun. We played our recorders and sang songs with ostinatos. I was also one of the MC’s. I think I did very well with my lines after only 6 or 7 times of practice.

The 5th grade performed theese songs:

  1. Something about a song
  2. O sapo
  3. Henry Martin
  4. Tailor and the mouse
  5. Stille
  6. Clave
  7. Keep on the sunny side

Week reflection

This week we continued to organize our planners for our inquiry. I found all my information for my inquiry. We learned about paraphrasing and have to paraphrase our answer.

In science we did 2 experiments with tang and after we finished we could drink it. I think that was best experiment we have done till yet. I think we are going to have a lot of fun in science.