I am looking forward to having Tet treats, which is also my sister’s favorite. This is special to me because some of the Tet treats I could eat only them during Tet. My favorite is the banana candy, but sadly it is only available to me during Tet. Otherwise, the rest of the year some of the Tet treats are not available to me at all. One more reason that it is special to me is that sharing treats with my family makes me feel great.

News Article

Strange Coffee Shop that Lets you Experience Death

After school, Korean students in a local Korean school who were very interested in death went to a coffee burial shop. The burial coffee shop, which sells good coffee, lets you experience death.


The owner shared his tragedy which made him want to open the cafe.  “ I used to be a student who had the worst grade in 6th grade. My parents kept spanking me until I had enough and decided to commit suicide. Right, when I was about to jump, I thought to myself; is what I am going to do going to make me regret it? After some critical thinking, I decided not to do it. From then on I tried my best to earn good grades and I realized that life is worth living. That is why I want to create this coffee shop to make people who think that life is not worth living any more respect life more by making them experience death themselves and let them decide if life worth living or not.”


They would do this by making customers write their last words and lock them up in a coffin for 10 minutes. They even made a burial ceremony for clients! Clients will also get to where ceremonial ceremony death clothes, which is just to make it feel more realistic.


They want to simulate what it feels to die. This was meant to make you respect life more. It may sound funny, but it has a serious reason behind it.

Here is one Korean student from SSIS, who was lucky enough to experience it, quote about the experience: “It was amazing. I felt good about myself and my life. I felt very thankful for my life.”This is a very meaningful experience and for those who do not respect life now, it is definitely recommended.

CWS Blog Post

My highlight about Week Without Walls was sailing with Billy. It was really fun because Billy and I made a really good crew. There were lots of animals like jellyfish, fish, and others. We had to wear a life jacket to make sure that we had the safest ride possible. My life jacket was bright green and it was very comfortable as well. Neither of us knew how to sail so we depended a lot on our boat instructor. We did get a chance to sail too on our own.

Is to get motivated by writing and Write over 60 words each CWS prompt.

EAL Reflection

Schools (should) be accountable for disciplining cyberbullies when the violation happens on school grounds.One reason is that it would affect the school’s reputation and could put the school out of business. To illustrate, some SSIS students have been bullied on school grounds by a student in another class by sending the victim disturbing and disrespectful messages through google hangout. The school took immediate action by catching the bully sending harmful messages in class. This shows that SSIS is not a school for bullying so more students were enrolled. This shows that the school should take action immediately. As a result, all schools should take action if the violation happens on school grounds so that their economy would rise due to more students enrolling and fewer victims will be bullied.

What new insights do you have on cyberbullying? What aspects of this problem do you know about now that you weren’t aware of before?

I did not know that cyberbullying could have such a long and deadly effect on its victim. It was surprising that it could have been anyone not only geeky people. When I saw all of the data it shocked me how many teens were cyberbullied.

2. What did try throughout the writing process? How did it help you be successful?

I tried using a lot of phrases and it made my writing more advanced. It made me sound smarter and make my writing smarter.

3. What is your biggest takeaway from our class discussions about this topic? Why?

I will remember that sometimes you need to make people share their opinions to keep the conversation going.

Schools should be responsible for punishing cyberbullies if it is affecting student’s performance at school.Lucas Chen states, “The school should guarantee its students a safe and secure place to get an education.”Given the evidence, it is logical that it is necessary for schools to punish cyberbullies to help students get a safe and secure place to get an education. Cyberbullying may cause distraction from learning and prevent students from giving in their best effort. One of the school’s responsibilities is to provide a healthy education for students, but they can’t do that if a cyber bully is continuously disrupting the students.Therefore, schools should be responsible for disciplining cyberbullies to guarantee that students have a healthy environment to get an education.

Ancient Egypt Minecraft World Project

One thing I learned from Geography and Early Human Settlement is that when the Nile Floods it was a disaster but now I know that it was a gift for the people living near the Nile.

Next, I learned that the Mediterranean sea actually had salt water but not fresh water.

Lastly, I learned that the deserts actually was good for the people living near the Nile. Before I thought it was bad.

I am really proud that the houses look really good and it fits with the overall build. The second thing I like about my Minecraft world is that the Nile’s delta turned out great. Next time I will have to remove some villagers since they were so noisy.


After the volume unit, we realized that we can easily do the math on paper but we have a hard time creating a volume model. We did have a lot of problems trying to create a volume model but after some few practices, we got better at it.

Our teacher gave us a 1 tip on math, we tried those tips out and it really helps and this is her tip:

Organize yourself like what do need etc.

We find it hard to show a volume model than it is on paper using math. I hope you have a great day and let me know if this tip helped you. Bye !!!

My Proposal

Our group topic is about creating standing desk that produce electricity. I am interested in this project because I want to learn how to produce kinetic energy and turn them into electricity for the school to use.

Our next step for this project is to do interviews with students teachers and other people so that we know how they think of our project. We are using MISO as a step by step research guide for this project. I hope you enjoy this little heads up thing and I will see you in the next blog post. BYE !!!

Types of Text

Hi today I will tell you about types of text. So first is a expository it is a informational kind of text it has lots of information and it has really good structure to it. The second one is persuasive it is when it persuade them to do something. It usually contains opinions and emotions. The last one is procedural, it is when it is teaching you how to do something.

Here are some examples:




That’s it I hope you enjoyed and I will see you next time BYE!

Moon Bears Center

Hello my name is Yoyo, today I will tell you about what I do  at the Moon Bear center at Cat Tien. First I make food for the moon bears using bamboo, inside the bamboo there is bananas and moon bear chips. Then we hide the food. After that we went up to the observing deck to observe the moon bears getting the there food.

I saw the moon bears using their paws to climb, use, open, and grab things and food. It was a amazing experience. The moon bears are pretty big compare to sun bears. It was covered with fur. It was 100 to 150Kg. Thank you for reading my blog and I will see you next time.

What is Close Reading

Hi my name is Yoyo and today I will tell you about what is close reading reading is ? It is when you read something many times and each time you have a purpose for it. This was really helpful because it gives me more in depth answers not just yes or no.

Did you actually read the text 3 times? 

Yes I always read the text 3 time. I read it again every time when I finish a question. In total I read the text 3 times and each time I have a different purpose. It was pretty hard to me to pay attention to the reading because I am used to reading 1 time.

Did you read the text again before filling out the 3 sections, or did you look at #2 and #3 and just try to answer them without rereading the entire text?

Yes I did, but it is a really hard habit to break because this is a new type of reading for me. I need to do this typing of reading more to get used to it.

What is a Main Idea?  Can you give an example in your explanation? 

A main idea is the purpose of reading something. A main idea is like your mom and dad and the details are the children. So each time I read I have a different main idea. From then I can fill in the details more detailedly.

How can Close Reading help you…think about heading to middle school and high school…

I think close reading can help you in middle school and high school because it really helps you to think in depth to a question instead of a simple answer like yes or no. So your research will be more detailed and accurate instead of a sloppy one. I think this is a great way for students to get more in depth answers. I hope you enjoy and I will see you in the next blog.