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This would be my last blog on this project. Throughout this project, I have learned many things about the topic which I chose which was: "To what extent can we provide streaming services to rural areas?" I decided that I wanted to create a podcast. I had made a few designs of my satellite, the one below is the one that I believe would be my product

Final Product:




‘Abstract’. What did you do and why was it important to you? What were your main findings from the project?

My project was about Streaming services and how to be able to spread it around the world. This idea was important because I feel like technology had become advanced enough to be able to support people. Streaming Services provides great entertainment as well as great education. Service such as Youtube and Netflix are ways I use to have fun and be knowledgeable at the same time. I wanted to understand if people from all around the world have the same privileges as us and if not, how could we provide it to rural places.

Throughout my research on streaming services, I realized that to be able to have access to decent quality services you need to 2 important factors. Number one is the access to technology and number two is the access to the internet. I have discovered that technology has been decreasing in price over the years. This is because of the market filling up with similar technological advances making companies reduce the price of their product. Not only that, technology has also been more compact as well. Using the graph below, we can see that audio and computer equipment has been steadily decreasing in price. This means that even people with not a lot of money could be able to use streaming services.

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But you can see that the cost for satellites and radio services have been increasing steadily. This lead to our second problem, the internet. This is a harder problem to solve. The main reason for this is to have access to a stable internet connection in rural areas, you need to have a lot of money. This is because cable and fiber would need more money to be able to extend the connection. Not only that, with the cable extension, you would have to introduce more lag as you are further away from the sources. So is there a way to be able to have a cheap connection and to be able to connect to rural areas. Yes, using satellite internet. That is the bases for my entire project. Satellite internet works by having a satellite in space about 30000 km away from the earth surface. They transmit signals using radio wave. Because of the distance, you would have a terrible internet connection. My product is able to have a satellite that is able to be closer to the earth. This means that the time that it takes to transfer radio waves from around the world would be shorter.

What were the main challenges for you doing this project? What were your strengths and what were your weaknesses?

One of the most difficult things for me to accomplish during this project was the that my question was too easily answered. Throughout my research, I released the technology problem is easily solved, but the internet connection problem isn't. My project had to be able to provide the internet needed to rural areas. Creating a solution to the internet problem was really hard for me. I had to understand what internet was and how it worked before tackling the problem. But overall, I believe that my product was really well made and interesting.

My strength was that I followed my schedule and changed it as necessary. This allowed me to finish my script way ahead of time (even though I did make a lot of edits) and filmed my podcast really quickly as well. This left me with one whole week of just refining and editing my podcast. I thought that my podcast turned out great with a lot of usage of humor and comedy. Because of this, I feel that the lack of visual representation doesn't really matter.

My weaknesses during this project were my scripts writing skills. Before I started writing my script, I had compiled all the information I needed. After finishing my first version of the script and when I reread it, I wasn't feeling satisfied with the script. This leads to about 5 scripts until I was satisfied with the results. Not only that but when I recorded my voice. It would take me forever to read the script into fluent words. It was extremely difficult for me to record my podcast without the usage of "um" and 'Uhh".  Overall, I still felt that my podcast was decently made.

Throughout this project, I have learned many different things about technology and especially the internet. I learned that it takes hard work to main a sustainable internet connection and not that but the connection rate is dependant on the distance as well. I guess now I have to move closer to the internet station for better a better internet connection. Overall, This project allowed me to improve my researching and script writing abilities. It also allowed me to practice my video editing and audio skills.


What have you learned towards your research questions so far?

I have learned many things about streaming services. For one, the reason why streaming is unique is that unlike other internet functions, streaming brings content into one’s household that is ordinarily delivered through cable or satellite. This makes it really simple as streaming only really needs two things to be able to work. Number one is a sustainable connection the internet and the second is for a person to have the access to that internet with a computer or devices of some sort. This means that if are able to solve these two problems, then we could be able to provide streaming services to rural areas. There is a third slight problem of which I can not solve. This would be if the streaming service provider actually wants to provide for that specific country. But for my question, I believe that I should ignore this as if a country has proficient internet and technology, streaming services would gladly provide videos and entertainment to those countries. 

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What has been challenging for you? How have you managed to work around your problems?

The biggest problem for me is there isn't too much information about the topic. I feel like just explaining the topic and answering it would be too fast. Since my question is " To what extent can we start streaming services and websites be delivered to remote areas? " I only need to explain why it is hard to be delivered streaming services to remote and distance rural places. The answer was too easy to find, So I thought that giving my own solution to the problem would be really helpful for the podcast.

I figured out through some of my research that satellite internet might be the best way to solve the streaming services problems across the world. This might be because of Satellites range. They are able to reach all sorts of corners around the world. This would be great to spread internet around.

For the problem of technology, I believe that technology over the years has been getting cheaper and cheaper. Because of this, countries with lower income could have access to these technologies easier, technology has been getting cheaper because of the overabundance of it.

How is your timeline going? What have you managed to achieve and how is your timeline evolving to meet the deadlines.

My timeline is going quite well, this is because I have planned it out quite thoroughly. I have done most of my research and with it came the knowledge that I wouldn't have enough information for a full podcast. So I believe that I would add a solution to the question. This would take another couple of days but I believe that it is doable. I can start writing my script by the end of this week. Then I should be able to record and edit the podcast at the start of next week. I believe that I am really on point to the due date.

At first, I thought that researching was going to be really tough, that is why my timeline had 11 days to prepare for the script and the podcast. Now I realized that with the way I am answering my question, researching might be really easy. This means that I could be able to write my script and start working on the podcast that much faster.

After researching and editing the script, making the podcast would definitely be really difficult as I have a Mandarin summative due on Wednesday as well. So I should get started on making the podcast as soon as possible. This would leave time for me to edit and refine the podcast.

What are you planning on doing and why is it so important to you? Research question and key questions.

My research question is "To what extent can we start streaming services and websites be delivered to remote areas?". I want to explain what it would take to be able to extend streamings services to remote areas. This is an important topic for me because I want people to understand things that I use every day. Netflix and youtube are apps that I use to watch videos. these apps have become a part of my life, I get my entertainment from Netflix and I usually get my education from Youtube. Entertainment and Education are the factors that allow you to live a fulfilling life. I feel like this privilege should be shared with many people around the world. There are a few key questions that I need to understand. What are the factors that deter from streaming services being imported to countries? I need to understand the cost? With these questions, I should be able to understand if it is actually possible to be able to share streaming services to countries without them.

What are you going to make (the product)?

At first, I was going to create a product on paper such as a poster but I thought that it wouldn't have enough information. Then I thought about making a website but that also failed. So finally, I decided to make a video talking about the subject. through the format of a video. Making a video seems the most appropriate for the occasion as it allows me to analyze and explain the situations better. I would like the video to be at least be 4-5 minutes.

Your timeline for completion - what you are doing when, what do you need to learn and when are you going to learn it.

After I have made my questions, I should definitely start my research as fast as possible. This would be researching on my topic. Research should take at most 1 week and shouldn't be too long since my video is only about 4 minutes. After my research, I would want to find media to use with my video. This would take about another week. Finally assembling the video would take 4 hours, 1 hour for each minute of the video.



‘Abstract’. What did you do and why was it important to you? What were your main findings from the project?

My project was about Disney. Not just the animation but the merchandise and the amusement park as well. Disney is important because of many reasons; First, it has had such a big impact on my life and definitely on others as well. Adding on to that, Disney also owns one of my favorites movie franchise... STAR WARS. My main findings from the project were that Disney merchandise has a lot of plastic. The plastic was then thrown away into the trash.

Most of the trash is either burned recycled or put into a landfill. By burning trash, it releases carbon dioxide into the sky damaging the earth and creating small particles that could inhale. Putting trash inland fills is also harmful as methane is released by bacteria because of the lack of oxygen in trash landfills. Also, some of their toys use batteries and that could cause many different problems to the environment as it takes energy and with energy carbon is released. 

Disney's amusement parks also have an impact on the earth as well, because of their overuse of energy and their rides and most surprisingly their fireworks. With their usage energy, carbon is made because of it. Their rides use fuel so it automatically releases carbon dioxide. Their fireworks have many things in it and it could definitely affect the environment.

Finally, we talk about their animations, an example I used was toy story. This animation took about 1.3 million man hours to make. So imagine the amount energy a computer can use with 1.3 million hours. The usage of energy requires carbon dioxide to make so it was affecting the environment.

What were the main challenges for you doing this project? What were your strengths and what were your weaknesses?

There were many challenges to my project. First, it was the research. Researching this topic was surprisingly hard as there was basically no information at all. After all of my information gathering, I was then stuck on the script. It was difficult to get a working script that was short and concise and was also informative. I did get the informative part. I also despised the citing part, It took me about 3 hours straight just citing, quite annoying. I thought that my strengths were my voice and the entertainment factor. My weaknesses were that I could not at all edit my video in an efficient amount of time. I started editing my 8-minute video in 3 days because I was so picky about my images and video. I also thought that I took way too long writing my script as well.

  • Your final product.

My final Product was a kind of documentary with jokes and a random song at the end. But I thought that I did pretty well overall, I felt that the editing was on par and it was actually pretty entertaining. The song was weird but I wanted to have a comparison with Disney as their animation movies would just have random songs out of nowhere.

American animator and director Walt Disney, 1952.

What have you learned towards your research questions so far?

My research question is: To what Extent does Disney affect the climate change and specifically Global warming.  I have learned a lot throughout this unit, when I first started researching about Disney and how much impact it had the environment I thought that Disney did have an impact of the environment but it does not play a huge role in it. However, I have to retract my claims as my research shows Disney having quite an impact on the environment.

First are the merchandises, most of them were made from plastic so it was obvious that it does have an impact on to the environment as being buried under the ground makes plastic release toxins that could harm things around it. Not only that, burning plastic and trash in general also affects the environment.

Secondly, their themes parks. Throughout the years, Disney had always shot fireworks into the sky and after my research, I noticed that fireworks also have an effect on the environment by releasing gases into the sky. Not only that, running a theme park also needs an incredible amount of energy.

Finally, their animations, Through my research, I saw that their animations take an incredible amount of time to make for toy story 2 it was said that it took them about 150 years to make it. Obviously, it took thousands of people. But just by them animating, it much cost a lot of energy.

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What has been challenging for you? How have you managed to work around your problems?

Well, at first I thought that I would just be focusing on the merchandise as it was probably the easiest to do. But after literal hours of research, I found that there wasn't a lot of information on the topic. I even tried to send Disney an email but to no surprise, they did not answer. So I started branching out to different topics such as animation time and amusement parks. This topic even though had less information allowed me to make a more cohesive script and a better video in general.

How is your timeline going? What have you managed to achieve and how is your timeline evolving to meet the deadlines.

I believe that I am following my timeline perfectly. I have obviously finished my research. I am almost done with my script and starting to cite all of my researched websites. Since I about 4 days left to finish this video project I believe that I should start making up song lyrics and finding music that would fit. I believe that there are many different free instrumentals But my focus would still be to make the video as informative and interesting as I can. I have tried spacing out things that I still have to do into manageable chunks. With this, I can be able to make the video with better a time management and precision.


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We start off creating our topic. My topic first was Star Wars and specifically the production. I chose StarWars because it has such a big impact on my life and it certainly has for others and because it is such a phenomenon, through its production and toy creation, it must have somewhat of an impact on the environment. But after trying to research, I saw that there wasn't a lot of information on the topic so I changed to Disney instead, with this, I was able to search for much more information and how it had affected the environment.

The question that I made is:  To what extent does the production of Disney franchise affects global warming?

With this question, I could go in depth with many different reasons, from toy manufacturers to the production of each film or animation and the amusement parks, I could also go for how much energy does it take to create these and how they all relate to the Environment.


The Product

There were many different products that I planned on trying to make. A poster seemed like an easy path to take as you could fit so much information on a piece of a paper. But I thought that so many people would choose to do a poster so I decided to make a video instead. There are many varieties of videos that could be made. It is also fitting that I make a video as I can always make a song or some type of animation that styles after Disney. I believe that hardest part of the product is to make it interesting. I must be able to capture the audience's attention for most of the time.



I am starting off with researching, trying to find how much toys does Disney create per year. With that, we could find how much energy does it take to create these toys. Finally how much waste is produced by it and how many toys are thrown away and how that affects the environment.

Next, I would try to find the how much the production of these movies affected the environment. There would be plane tickets and how much a C02 a plane releases per flight. I would then need to calculate how much does it take to create a set for a movie. Movies such as Star Wars will have an immense amount of sets.

Finally the research for the amusement park. I believe this would be the easiest to research about. I need to find how much waste is produced by the parks each year. How much energy do they use and finally to see how it affected the environment.

I also need to learn the art of editing a video. I want my video to be the best quality videos and through it a better grade.

I need to start researching this topic as fast as possible because if I cannot find any resources, I could change my topic and is not too far behind.

In this project on The Human Rights Issue, we focused on improving on my writing, teamwork and communication skills . This is an important skill because it shows people what I am able to do.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to talk and spreading my ideas. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

Based on this project experience, and other service experiences you’ve had, how can we engage in meaningful service learning that results in the true betterment of those in need?

The leaflets that we spread out was very informative and it has the information of Blue Dragon that people could Donate. This means that people who are in need of our help we will have enough to provide.

What will you do to continue your involvement with this group or social issue, or with other service work?

We have been working hard on this project, this project has been very important for the last few months. In the beginning, we thought that we could use our knowledge to spread some kind of poster. After we got the confirmation by Blue dragon; we mass produce the posters using our own money. We started off with Star Bucks and now, we are still spreading out the leaflets of a variety of coffee shops.

What did you learn from visiting other exhibits?

I found out that people from different groups have very different ideas. It was very interesting walking around the hall finding people with such different and exotic designs. I thought that it was very fun and very good.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 1.01.33 PM IMG_20160602_141319109 Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 9.30.48 PM IMG_20160531_101115815_HDR IMG_20160531_140018241_HDR

In this unit, we had a chance to coperate with the Blue Dragons organisation, we had a blast working with them. We decided that we would like to make posters.  We do this to spread information about Human trafficking. The product was for the people who would willingly donate for the good of the children. We started off trying to convince star bucks that we would like to spread the posters out using their store, but since the disagree we started working with highlands coffee to spread out the leaflets.


What were your initial expectations? Have these expectations changed? How? Why?

I expected that Star Bucks would work with us in the beginning, but when they disproved we were disappointed. But then Tommy introduced us to highlands coffee and now we are spreading the leaflets in Highlands.


Did anything happen that made you feel uncomfortable? If so what, and why do you think it made you feel this way?

My teamsmates were usually very good, But sueng Jae was very lazy doing little to no work at all. But everything else was amazng

Fact 1: Some children of slavery grew up to share their stories with others in various ways. Most, however, chose not to recall the horrors of their childhood.



Fact 2: During the slave, African families, like this one from Senegal, were in danger of being broken up by kidnappers and slave dealers, who took the children away and brought them to the New World.


Growing up in Slavery is the book name

Sylviane A. Diouf

What are my best professional qualities?

Some of my best professional qualities that I am a good listener. I take advice and use it to my advantage. Fantastic at Art with A's and A+ throughout my life. I also am really good at Math and calculating, being in many competitions and have competed with the best. I have always been good at computer Science and wishing one day I could be a designer of some sorts like my uncle. I have been known to be good with people and I have learned to communicate with them.

What are my worst professional qualities?

I am not a good writer at all, I haven't been great at writing since I was young, from Vietnamese to English I have always been behind and overpassed by other people in my classroom. I don't have the ability to be patient and control the situation that I am in, it is very tough to be the friendly nice guy that everyone wants you to be. I have been known to be a procrastinator this is when you don't focus on your work and start to do something else rather than working. I usually go and turn on some music to play when I work this cause me to be distracted.