Spring Break- CWS

During my spring break I had a ton of fun. I went to Shikoku, Japan. The weather was really enjoyable and so were the people there. It felt kind of bizzare going to Japan because it didn’t feel like traveling. I think the reason might be because I’ve been there multiple times and that my cousin is from Japan. However, during this time in Japan, there’s a bunch of Sakura, and it was like a fairytale land. We went to many art museums and it was intense; one challenging thing was that I was wearing a pair of very uncomfortable shoes and my feet were very sore. Since we went to many museums, there were stamps in most of them. During the last day, my mom wanted my sister and I to guess how many stamps she collected.

Master piece for Victoria Secret Models

Yesterday 20 designers arrived from Germany to cooperate with kids in Syria. They are going to design a masterpiece, which is for the Victoria Secret Model show that’s happening next week.They’ve been brainstorming all night with Gucci company’s creator, who actually wears Forever 21’s clothes the most.Today they are going to start getting their head’s in the game with the design they are going for, which no one knows what it looks like yet.

They are deciding on whether or not to go the short way and just bribe the judges with 1,000 USD. However, they don’t think the judges would accept the money.  Kids in Syria that are cooperating with them looks pretty into what they are going for, anyhow, no one knows which decisions and designs they’ve made.

“There are butterflies in my stomach, and it’s like a zoo in there. I am super excited about what’s going to happen, so I hope you guys are too,” said one of the designers that walked out the meeting room.

The kids were all chosen randomly, which is kind of unfair, but that was the only idea they came up with. Most of the designers are from Germany, although some might immigrated from Ethiopia. According to the head of Victoria’s Secret Model show, they have about 10 groups of designers fighting for the prize, which is 1,000,000 USD.

Last year the show was in Brazil, despite the fact that the negative criticism around politics was happening, they would love to run the show in Brazil again. This year the show was chosen in Syria because they wanted to make some money for the government for what they are going through. They know that it’s easier to make money during the 21st century, so that’s why they are trying their hardest to make as many shows as possible.

“We are going to tackle the barriers of what it takes to make the best clothing pieces ever,” said proudly with another designer, which was wearing a red hat and wearing a bomber jacket.

The Victoria Secret’s models were always standing by ready to try on different masterpieces. They were allowed to try on different outfits of their choice. Most of the models are from northern Mongolia, yet none of them really look like Mongolians.

All the designers and kids believed that the fashion sense of the models’ and judges are pretty similar, and that’s why they allowed models to choose what they want to wear. One of their goals is to design something that the judges would like, so they can win, have the money, and also have bragging rights.

Favourite Holiday Tradition

My favorite holiday tradition would be when we go to my dad’s hometown and we put on fireworks. It’s my favorite because most of my cousins gather together and we sort of talk. My dad is the youngest in his side, which means that I would then be formed in the younger generation. Sometimes I just hate going back to my dad’s hometown because it’s in the countryside so none of the devices work. Talking about cousins, I honestly barely even talk to them or have contact with them. My oldest cousin on my dad’s side is probably already married with children around him/her. (I don’t even know their gender)

My goals are to include 5 academic vocabulary words and 2 sentences with complex sentence structures in my writing by May 2018.

Cyberbullying- EAL

  1. What new insights do you have on cyberbullying?

Before this unit, I thought only a little percent of kids in this world gets cyberbullied. It was shocking to know that a lot of kids in school get threatened and they get victimized by the bully.

2.  what did you try throughout the writing process? How did it help be successful?

I tried to put in a lot of vocabulary and academic words into my paragraph. It helped me to understand the word more and it made my writing sounds more professional.

3. What is your biggest takeaway from our class discussions about this topic? why?

My biggest takeaway would be about how much I actually learned about cyberbullying and there are kids that want to commit suicide. Going through cyberbullying is not easy, so we should make them feel like they are important and not hated.

Schools should be accountable for disciplining cyberbullies when their action is affecting the victim’s studying rights.One reason is that some cyberbullying situations won’t affect victim’s learning rights. To illustrate, student A hacked into student B’s social media and sent private horrible messages to teachers. Student B then doesn’t want to go to school because she’s scared that teachers will track her down to talk about the situation. This shows that the situation is already affecting student’s ability to learn, so at this point, schools should be aware. As a result, bullies need to know what the boundary is and understand how their action would affect each other. 

Schools should be responsible for punishing cyberbullies when sending harassing messages threatened their safety. It’s not reasonable to disturb others outside of school and to get punished. For example, “The courts have also ruled that schools can step in to prohibit cyberbullying when it causes significant disruption in school or interferes with a student’s right to be secure.”(Crime and punishment) The evidence indicates that cyberbullying can get to a point where it can affect student’s safety. Targets might start avoiding going to school and feel very insecure emotionally or physically. It’s making the victim not trust the place they are in, and that might cause self- destruction. Schools have a responsibility to give students’ rights to study and if that right is violated, schools must protect it. Therefore, follow the Golden Rule: treat others the way you want to be, and punish those who don’t.

Geology Blog Post

My picture represents the fault and the different rock strata. A rock strata is when there is only one type of rock in the same layer. The green one is a sedimentary rock, the blue one is a metamorphic rock, and the red one is an igneous rock.

The gap in the middle is the evidence of the fault. A fault is when there is a crack or a fracture in the middle of the rock layers. They can form from earthquakes or when the tectonic plates move when there’s too much stress. Fault cracks are never straight. The different coloured blocks are the different rock strata. Sedimentary rocks form from sands, small pieces of rocks, or depositions. Those are called sediments. Sedimentary rocks were usually formed from weathering or erosion from the source area, it usually moves to a place of depositions, where water, wind, or glaciers can make them form. Metamorphic rocks came from limestone or any other type of rocks, they sometimes contain fossils if they were formed like a sedimentary rock. Metamorphic rocks are formed under extreme pressure combined with heat. Igneous rocks are formed from the cooling and the solidification of lava or magma, they can do this above or below Earth’s surface.  The melting is caused by the increase in temperature, a decrease in pressure, or a change in composition.

To summarize, different rock types are formed differently. Faults can have different shapes, sometimes they are really thin but they can be thick, sometimes they are long, but sometimes they are really short.

Persuasive Essay

“Can you go like my new post on Facebook?”Vivien asked a random stranger.

“What’s your Facebook name? I’ll like after you add me as your friend,” the stranger answered.

“Oh, my name is Vivien Smith. If you can’t find it search for my phone number, it’s 0917732875, thanks,” Vivien said proudly.

94% of teens use social media, and most of the parents are concerned about their child’s privacy being exposed and meeting strangers. Parents should trust their child about how they use social media, but it is a complete invasion of privacy if parents go on teens’ facebook page and look on their phones. For all that, parents shouldn’t be overly trusting the teen, because teens can fall into stranger’s traps online. Parents shouldn’t be invading their children’s privacy, but parents also shouldn’t be naive.

Parents invade their children’s privacy when they monitor their social media. It is equivalent to spying on their children, and most of the teens think that it’s not okay. In this quote, Devan, a student in high school states that it’s a complete of invasion of privacy if parents go on their children’s facebook pages and look on their phones. In other words, parents should trust their child about the use of social media. As a result, trusting is an important part of a relationship because it shows teens that their parents have confidence in them. For these reasons, privacy is the most important freedom in a person’s life, so parents should make clear how dangerous it is to fall into online traps.

However, parents shouldn’t be overly trusting in their teens because teens may get into danger. In addition, parents often trust teens because they consider that their child can behave appropriately online. According to a father of three teens, if parents trust and respect teens, but at some point, the teen starts lying to their parents, then, of course, the teen would lose that trust. As a result, truth is the most essential part of the relationship between parents and teens. If teens are honest, then their parents can rely on them while using Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. In conclusion, parents should be aware and show care about how teens use social media.

To summarize, parents should be conscience but at the same time, they should belief in their teens. Trust everyone like how you want to be trusted, it enhances the relationship between the teen and parents. For the future, you should listen to what you parents tell you to do, and show them that you can be obedient.

Social Media

What concerns would parents have about their children using social media?

Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to social media will get you addicted.People you follow kept updating, so you keep on getting onto social media. For example, teens sometimes spend their homework time, instead of writing homework they go on social media As a result, you might get too addicted and teachers might get mad at them when they don’t finish their homework. In conclusion, teens should control how long that they go on social media and parents should make rules and enforce their kids to follow the rules.

Dragon’s apprentice slogan

-Keep your identity safe

Since our group is making ID card holders, I thought that this slogan will be a good one. If I am a customer, I would think that the holders are strong enough and I won’t lose my ID card at all. When customers see this slogan it feels like they have to trust us, and that’s kind of a big challenge for us because we need to keep their trust. That means we have to make our product a trustable one and after they bought it they don’t regret it. When I hear this slogan I would also want to look at what this product is, because I would want to know what it is that can keep my identity safe. I think this slogan achieved what our thought was of making this product, we thought that ID card holders out there selling were too boring and too original. Our product can be one that you want, and it can also keep your identity safe.

Gummy Bear Government

In Social studies, we were doing a project in the class called Gummy Bear Government. What we do is, we bring gummy bears and we have to put them into a  form of government in Ancient Greece.


In this picture, there is the king with the crown and there are citizens listening to the king talking.


In this picture, there are 3 people that are ruling the others.


For this scene, I had one of the gummy bears having a knife because tyrants usually just kill the leader to be the next illegal leader, and some of the tyrants wasn’t so nice too.


Democracy is when all the citizens share the power of ruling so I have gummy bears holding up signs of the word vote.

Before learning about this unit I know nothing about these forms of government. After this unit I learned a lot of words and forms of government and how it work. I think it’s important to learn about forms of government because then you will understand what is a best choice for you country if one day you decided to work in the government. I think democracy works the best because all the citizens can vote for what they want, and that also means that they share the power of ruling.