The 3 day Cat Tien trip … rEfLeCtIoN *-*

On Thursday last week, the whole grade 5 was divided into 2 groups and went on a 3 day trip to Cat Tien. Since I was already far away from home and my family once for 1 week, I had nothing to worry about. 😆 The trip was really fun! I really enjoyed it when we went to the primate center on Dao Tien, went to the moon bear center, ate dinner and sat by the bonfire. Dinner was enjoyable since sometimes it got really loud and was especially funny to watch everyone fighting for the food. So unless you wanted to starve, then you gotta fight for it, too. There were 2 bonfires, one led by the teachers, one led by the students. The student-led bonfire was still the most hilarious, in my opinion.

Right after we arrived there and ate lunch, we went to the primate center on Dao Tien. We also got to meet the gibbons but not the lorises, since they usually wake up at night and slept at dawn. We also learned that all the baby gibbons were born with golden fur that turns black but keeps the golden cheeks when they are around 1-2 years old. While the female gibbons’ fur change back to golden with a black stripe on top of their heads, the males keep their black fur color and golden cheeks. The reason why they are going endangered was that many people wants them to be various things, like food(??), tourist attractions, or just simply for pets.


The moon bear center was quite small, actually. At least too small for the bears. Also, I was in the group that got to prepare food for the bears in bamboos, while the other group hid the food. I kinda learned it the hard way to NEVER, and I mean literally ever, hug bamboos. they itch so bad!!! But that all payed off when we saw how cute the bears were!

Group 1 at da Moon bear center!!!

2 moon bears right after wrestling…

Finally, I still wondered why I never got mosquito bites on the trip, though 😯 😕 😐 …. Oh well 😎 😀 😛 !

A 2 week reading goal… >x<


Is to read more nonfiction books but still read some fiction books and read 1 hour a day.


Is to read nonfiction books from 7:00pm – 8:00pm. Every Weekday.


  • Wednesday: Still looking for suitable nonfiction books to read.
  • Thursday: Found 1 nonfiction book and have read 1 hour last night.
  • Friday: Finishing the first nonfiction book and haven’t found a suitable book yet. And have read 1 hour.
  • Monday: Still finding a NONfiction book.
  • Tuesday: Found 2 nonfiction books and have read the first one. Read 1 hour last night. Their names: “Myths busted” and “Animal Records”
  • Wednesday: Started reading the second book. Read only 30 mins. last night.
  • Thursday: Haven’t read a nonfiction book and have read only 20 mins.
  • Friday: Haven’t read anything at all last night.

Inquiry reflections o~O

Yoohoo!!! How are you? I’m doing great! 😉 😀  Let’s get on topic shall we? So some time around last week or the last 2 to 3 weeks, my class had started to do research on the topics that interests us. My topic was on global warming. I had put up my questions and started to plan my planner. I don’t know how to upload the planner I’m working on but with my inquiry, I up to the paraphrasing part. Just to clarify this, paraphrasing means that when we read or research something from an article or book, we then rewrite it our own words.

…Mixtures and Solutions…. ^x^

So for this past 2 or 3 weeks, our class had been learning about, as written in the title, a new small(?) science unit called Mixtures and Solutions. FYI, a mixture is made when two things or more (could be a solid, a gas, or a liquid) are mixed together. Eg. cocoa + milk = chocolate milk. A solution, however, is like a mixture, but the results are way more transparent. For example, salt + water = saltwater. The reason why it’s called a solution and not a mixture even though it’s also made of 2 thing is because while you couldn’t see through chocolate milk, which is a mixture, but you could see through the saltwater. So that makes it a solution.

Reflection of the REAL Amazing Race yesterday…¬~¬

So basically, yesterday, we went on an Amazing Race outside campus in District 1, from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm?. It was really fun! But tiring too…. ??. We walked about 6 km on foot, not counting when we walked the wrong route (I just knew that this morning). Anyways, my team consisted 5 people: me, Melissa, Tina, Minho and Dylan. Tina didn’t join though. Well in my team, I was pretty much the dominant one in direction. But sometimes, Minho and Dylan took over that role. It was REALLY fun when our team(black team), red team, and pink team raced to the finish line(statue of a tower). Then in the end, my team could’ve got 5tplace! But… Because our chaperone didn’t get there quick enough, we ended up getting 6th place. Yay for us! *sarcasm* 🙄 But anyways, the funny part was when we were confused about where to go and kept on walking in circles. All the other groups pretty much got that same problem too. And, last thing. The challenges were HARD. Fun. But HARD. 


Twine Story!!!! ^o^

Latest and hottest news (I don’t think so): I had just finished my, *sarcasm*, amazing, 🙄 *sarcasm* Twine story. 😆 .

Twine is an app that allows us to create a non-linear story. Now, a non-linear story is a story that is not in order. In a non-linear story, you get to decide what happens next by choosing a path.

Brief Summary: It’s about a detective and he just received a task to find out if a man who just disappeared into an old abandoned house with 3 three people and came out alone. Read to find out how this detective could solve this case.

I’m proud of my use of words and how I described the character’s thoughts and feelings.

Last thing! I could improve on paying attention more to the sentence starters and hooks.

If any of you guys are interested, click the link below ↓ to read my story

My Story

Da Trip to Buu Long! >~<

Hey there! So yesterday I went on a trip to Buu Long and it was super fun! :mrgreen:

All the fifth graders got divided into 2 groups and I was in group 2. While group 1 did the outdoors activities, group 2 did the team building games then in the afternoon, we switched. Group 1 did team building while group 2 did the outdoors activity. In the outdoors activities, the activity I liked the most was zip lining


Zip lining!!!!

Zip lining!!! 

It may look scary at first but when you try it… It’s undoubtedly fun! btw, it is the most easy out of all three. So at the end of the day we went home (obviously!). We were suppose to get on the bus at 4 pm sharp and arrive at 6 pm. But because of some delays, We had to get on the bus at 5:08 pm and also because of traffic, we arrived at SSIS around 7:10 pm (which BTW, was very, very tiring).

Summarizing topic: First aid >o< (Part 2)


I’m on a camping trip with my friends, roasting hot dogs over the fire.  Suddenly, a log shifts in the fire and throws up sparks, which land on my friend.  His arm is burned.  It’s not a large burn, but it’s starting to blister and turn red. What should I do to help my friend?

I would (if there was cold water nearby) tell someone to lead my friend to the water source and tell my friend to keep his hand in the water for at least 10 minutes.

Summarizing topic: First aid >o<

The last 5 days have been great! I rotated to mrs. Johnson’s classroom to learn about first aid. In this class, it was pretty fun! We also learned about broken bones, cuts, burns (etc.) and how to deal with each injuries. Like for cuts you would have to tell the person to put their pressure onto the wound to suppress the blood from pouring out too much. And for the burns, run the blister under cold water. Remember: NEVER rub the blister off with ice, it will hurt worse! If any of the injuries are serious, call an ambulance. The number to call change depending on the country.