Independent Me!

We have been inquiring into external influences in our lives.
First of all, we started with learning eating healthy. we measure how mach sugars is in drink, like Fanta, green tea. Also, we saw world food pyramid and think about what food is healthy and what is not.
This reminded me of if Im not eating salad Im be sick so now Im eating many healthy food.

Secondly, we learned about smoking tobacco and cigaret and what happened when some one smoke.  and we saw some video about smoking tobacco. plus we wrote information of tobacco that we saw. and lastly we made poster to persuasive people to stop smoking!

I have a personal connection to this topic. An example is I saw some body and he’s eye is white so I realize that he is smoking to much because, if you smoke to much, your eye will be small and white.

Thirdly, we learned about cyberbulling. we play game and learn about that. We also made video. lastly we wrote a question on note book.
This interested me because it is little fun because we can lean with game!

I wonder way that how started cyberbulling.

I really want to learn more about smoking tobacco more because it important to to teach people don’t smoke!

See this video to lean more about cyberblling!

New Grade

                  HELLO GUY’S !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now I am 4th grade!  this year I have computer lesson and there are new P.E teacher plus they are Vietnamese lesson. YEY!!!    I also have lots of fun!

plus! We also learn how to made pass word and New WI-FI password !!!

So keep your eye on hear!!!

from, taro