After- SS Showcase Reflection

IMG_7429In this project on Human rights, we focused on improving/learning the world’s healthcare . This is an important skill because we help people learn how to wash their hands and how to eat healthy to get lower risk of sickness.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to cooperate more and teamwork with my classmate. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

How can you continue your involvement with this group or social issue?

We can put more poster of how to take care of your body to help everyone know how to be healthy and clean. These would help everyone of us get lower risk of sickness, especially, for the people in poverty.

How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?

Our group collaeboraborate by teaching and helping each other to do what we need to do, we plan with each others what we should do and I think it is because we all follow the rules. This is called teamwork.

How did my consideration of my “user” influence my work?

we made posters about how to take care of your body, how to clean your hands, our users will know how, and do it.Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.45.45 PM

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Writing- Poem blog post

  • What have you learned about poetry since we first started the unit (what did you know at the start, and what do you now know)?

I have never done poetry before, I have known nothing but I only knows that it is a short writing. After we have done all of this I have learnt that poetry contains repetition, white space, line breaks, rhymes, rhythms and many more, I found out that it is a very interesting way to write a story.

  • What challenged you in this unit?

The biggest challenge I have with poetry unit is when we are making the poem, it is hard because we need to think about what topic should we write and what should we write to make it interesting for the reader, and I have trouble making it into figurative language. That are the things I think it is the hardest thing for me.

  • Which of your poems did you like the most and why?

The poem that I like the most is the poem that says about poverty and rich families, how they are different, how rich people have everything but they still think they have nothing.. they are not greedy, it’s because they don’t even know how much people on this world are in poverty.

  • How did you find the overall experience of writing poetry?

For my experience of writing poetry is to brainstorm all the ideas you have first and than first to write your poem down, because if you do that, when you are writing a poem you won’t have to think too much, you will have all the ideas if you brainstorm and you will write the poem faster.

  • What did you enjoy/not enjoy about writing poetry?

I enjoy it when I finish it and when I got a good grade xD but what I don’t enjoy is when I have to think about the topic that I should write and what I should write in my poem.

  • Final thoughts?

I have enough of poetry, please don’t give me more 🙂

SS- Human Rights Blog Post

What are the most difficult or satisfying parts of your work? Why? Congenital heart disease is a disease that you can only cure it with surgery so we could not help much, I think that is the hard part, so we spent a lot of time asking and making decisions about how to help them to get less disease risk. But the good thing now is that we got the idea of making a poster to teach them how to wash their hands and eating healthy.

Did anything surprise you? If so, what? Before this project, I don’t think diseases and sickness are that significant and affects the world so much, and how hard is that cure the sickness, but we could help them by prevent sickness to lower the health risk. In this project we are helping “Heartbeat Vietnam” which is a group of people that helps the poor families and children that has heart disease that needs to be treated with surgery, we are helping them with their surgery but we are helping them form getting any sickness.

Has the experience affected your worldview? How?

I have never care about this before, until now, I just notice that how much people on the world needs help but has no opportunity, the number I heard that the number of cases born in Vietnam every year are about 16,000, and it’s increasing year by year. That is a huge number of people, and I was really surprise, and that affects me to help the them.  

Highs and Lows in Yearbook Class

During these two semester in yearbook there are lots of highs and lows, the lows in class are sitting in front of the computer too long it makes my eyes and back hurt, and even sometimes when we have to do cutouts I am always so bad about that… xD and there are highs in yearbook because it is a pretty chill class that you can listen to music and do your spread. Secondly, freedom, another thing that I like about yearbook class because we could go take pictures and sometimes we need photos for the spread so we could go out and take it, and because taking photos are one of my hobby I like it.

we are almost at the end of the school year and all the spread are kinda all done at this point, we probably are going to print all the spread down next week and we are very excited to see the spreads that we made and share it to everyone to see and we are also excited about the filed trip next week to the printing factory too .

Resume, Best & Worst professional qualitues

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 2.19.42 PM

These few weeks we did the resume,  this is my first time doing the resume and it was cool but I think I should work more on write it more professional writing to make it more.. you know.. professional.

My best professional qualities for school is I do my work on time especially I had improved a lot in social studies on writing, and my worst professional qualities is not practicing a lot. For example, my algebra work I think I haven’t practice a lot so now I have to catch up to the class and it is really painful right now, I will have to do more practice in the future.

Persuasive Writing, White space & Line breaks

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 9.07.42 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 12.08.20 PM

My summary about my persuasive writing———————————–

This is my first time put one of my writing on the web, it is a very cool experience and I am really happy that they choose mine and even voted #1.   This is the link to my persuasive writing.

The Cause of Wasting Food 





This video above is the video about “What is line breaks and what is white space”



Exploratory writing SLC


  • Describe a challenge you faced in this class.  What did you do to overcome that challenge

This semester I have exploratory writing for the first time, every time when we came in to this class we have to write about something in the picture Mr. Jardin showed us or we could even write about anything we are thinking of. A challenge I had face in this class is about the writing, I had choose the topic ” wasting food” because I had a lot of idea to write on it, but the problem is I have too much ideas that I don’t even know where should I start, next time when we are going to do another essay I will write all my ideas out on a pice of paper, than I can easily organize all the orders.

  • How have you used feedback (self-assessments, peer-assessments, teacher-assessments) to improve your writing

My partner gave me useful comments to help improve my writing, I found out that comments from your peers can help a lot. I know, before I never let my peer comments or look at my essay because I am scared if they are going to jugged you or something, but no, it is useful, you can get lots of help from them.

Yearbook SLC

Elin and I had finish our first spread, the quotes, pictures it all went good, but before we have the pictures for our spread we have to create the spread without the photos, we have a lot of ideas but it does not fit so we keep on changing it so I think that is the challenging part for me. Next time I am going to think more before choosing the exact theme for my spread.

This time I have to do my own spread alone, it is a cool experience and kind of hard work too.

Science SLC

For science this semester we did a lot of things but I am not good at science so I think I have to improve a lot more, these answer are the things I think of this semester science class.

  • what I have to improve

I have improve by listen more to the teacher when they are showing us how to do.

  • what do I still have to work on it

As I said many times before.. I am not good at using academic vocabulary words and so I sometimes can’t understand the questions, so that is my goal.