Reflection on Renaissance Raphael

This project on the Renaissance Faire and Raphael, we focused on improving our reading, presenting and our annotating skills that were at show at the fair. Those important skills for us in the near future because annotating is something that helps us improve our research and presenting and reading helps us build our confidence. One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to research and annotate. I had trouble dealing with the research because the databanks don’t have enough sources that was relevant to our topic and that impediment made me a better researcher.  

Here is my work  Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 3.10.01 PM

Water Purifier Challenge 2

Today, my group and I started working on our final design. To create our final design we went through a lot of protyping. We used small bottles that resembles our final desgin, our group tested the charcoal, sand and other items so that we can use our experiments to our advantage. We used a natural method containing gravel, pebbles, cotton and plastic bottles we created a filter like system.We came up with the solar method using the sun to heat up the water.  The contaminated water will go through the mineral and cotton wool which ill filter out debris and heavy metals, it works well but there is still smaller sediment that came throught the system so now we are planning to find a way to filter it out. I wouldn’t because the water that came out of the system is still mucky and unsafe to drink and so we are coming up with a way to make it safer to drink.

Water Purifier Blog Post Science

I co-operated well with my group. We had good debates about the constraints and criteria of this challenge. For example, the constraints were that we had to use material that was available to everyone (bottles, sands, gravel) and some of us had an idea of having a mechanical system to clean the water but it was beyond the constraint so we had to argue it out. After a few debate on how the water cleaning system could work out, we decided on a funnel that includes natural materials and a plastic bottle. Our next step is to continue to debate and make our system better and start to build prototypes with smaller bottles. I’m  thinking of bringing more plastic bottles and tools and material to help us make the funnel.


My group is using a natural system having to only use gravel, pebbles, and cotton. We need to prototype and make sure our system work before we actually head in and make our final design. We also need to think of a renewable way to heat up the water that has been filtered. I thinking my group’s system would work and the only significant impediment is the process of heating our filtered water.


ELA promo and poster reflection


For my food drive poster I made the rwas suppose to be for the elementary kids but we added a bit too much text and it was decided to be for the middle schoolers. My promo video was starring trey and I throwing food into a basket to donate to the Anh Linh love school. I found the brainstorming for both of the advertisements really fun because we got to trial and error and we made ideas that got off topic and that was really fun and once we came up with an idea that was appropriate and relevant we got the project going. Once we started our promo we ran into problems like we don’t have enough material or we don’t know what music is appropriate for the video but we got over that by the process of trial and error. While doing this project I realize that persuasive writing had more than just writing, it contains videos, images and interactive activities.

Scienceee common problems

What is a “tragedy of the commons” problem?

The problem from a “tragedy of the commons” is when people try to reap their own benefit from a given resource, it would cause them more troubles like not having enough sources that they need. This also means that they are decreasing the resources.

What situations right now are we facing that shows how water is a commons problem?

The situations that we are facing right now that show how water is a commons problem is that people are using them in different ways and they might be wasting the water without realizing it. Adding to that, some people are getting more water than the others which shows that they are having their own benefits from a shared resource.

Which one is the most important for us to solve in the next ten years?

In the next ten years, the most important problem that should be solve is people around the world having clean drinking water.

How can a student in middle school help their community learn about the problem or create a solution?

To help communities learn about the problem and create a solid solution, we as student in middle school should talk to our friends about the issues so that it would be resolved in the future.

Byzantine Counterclaim

It had been argued that we have to study the Byzantines because of the influence they had on religions. The Eastern Orthodox churches rules had influenced the rules of the religion today. For example, the priest weren’t allowed to get married.  This is the only reason why we should study the Byzantine. It’s because the had such a big impact on the religion.

However, this argument stated that the only reason we should study the Byzantine is the impact it had towards Christianity failing to consider the other crucial reasons to study the empire.  The Byzantine is a very wide topic to study, but there is more than one reason why we should study it. The impact on Christianity is noted, but that isn’t the only reason why we should studied the empire. There’s is the Justinian Code, and the Constantinople walls which was the defences of the western civilization from collapsing. As you can see, the Byzantine empire is very broad and a very important part of the human history, so it isn’t fair to say that there is only one reason to study the Byzantines because there are so many things about it that had changed the modern world today.



  1. Talk about three things that were impactful about the video. (3 points)
  2. Talk about how the information was helped or hurt by the way it was presented. In other words, would you have been impacted in the same way if there were not the visual impact of information. (2 points)
  3. Explore the gapminder tool. Play with the variables on the upper left. Click on a country to watch it’s path. Choose a statistic, and use Quicktime to record your screen to make a 2-minute video. Post this to your blog (3 points)
  4. Write a short paragraph explaining the importance of the video you made in part 3 (2 points).

SS DBQ metacognitive

In this project on the Byzantine , we focused on improving on analysis. This is an important skill because in the future we might be dealing with documents.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to find relevant facts and to create a decent thesis.Something that helps me stay organized through the DBQ was the planning documents. My friends helped me stay focus and on task.

this is the link to my DBQ


Bright spot:  A strength I showed was my ability write a clear and relevant thesis.

To work on:  something  I should work on my evidence and analysis.