Wearable Art

I loved the astronaut and the moon because they fit and looks cool together.

I would like to change the hat color if I did it again.

I learned that if you put too much hot glue on the thing you want to stick and stick it to your hat then the hat won’t stretch. 


Caravelle Hotel Field Trip

So today we went to the Caravelle hotel. It took us around 30 minutes.


It was really interesting because we got to go to the place where they have all the junk and it was flowing. It was called the waste treatment area. Ugh!!! It doesn’t smell good at ALL.


Then we went to the rooftop where whe can see the city. This is the 4DR serious photo.


We also got to go to the place where it generates warm air and blows out really cold air. It was called the heater system that creates cold air.

We were looking at the city and how beautifull it is. But we were wondering what the big machines were. But then we found out that it is called the cooling system. It collected waste water and then cool down the air. This is 4DR looking out at the city.



So this was Mr.Khoa showing us how our mocement created energy. So we just biked then the sign of Caravelle Hotel lit. This is the bicycle generating energy.



And then this was the silly 4DR photo.


Then Mr.Khoa was giving us a GREAT   presentation. I learned that Caravelle hotel was the first hotel that recycles everything.


And there was a huge machine it was called the cooling system on the rooftop. It is called the coolng system on the roof that uses reclaimed water.


We were curious about what this machine is.  But then we found out that it was called the cooling system. 


Mr. Khoa is the best presenter. I learned that we use 4 cubic meter of water a day. And the hotel uses 7000 cubic meter a month.

Cultural Fair

The cultural fair is when we meet all together in groups of 4 or 5 and we go in stations. We had the cultural fair because we could learn all about the Vietnamese Culture.

The first station is about Ao Dai and how it was made.The second one was about the Musical Instruments and how it was made before it was a instrument. The third one was the traditional Vietnamese game O An Quan and how to play it.The fourth one is about the Rice and how it was made. The fifth station is the Conical Hat Non la and how to make it. The last station is about the fish sauce and we got to taste it.

I learned that Ao Dai was made by silk worms. I also learned that it is really hard to play the flute. Also I learned that during snack time in the rice fields people play O an Quan. I learned that conical hats can be used in different situations like covering you from sunshine and let people use it for shopping. Lastly I learned that fish sauce is the dish that all Vietnamese family can forget it.

I liked the station about the Non La because we got to choose a headband for the Non La.

Service Learning Expo

The Station I liked the most is Art because my dad, myself and Gavin we made a bull and 2 louis vetton bags.the thing I showed and tought is clay and I didn’t teach him anything and he already knows how to make a bull. I’m so proud of my artwork and my dad’s artwork because we’ve worked so hard to make the artwork, so that’s why I’m so proud of my artwork.


Ross Draws

Ross Draws was the person who changed my mind about Digital Art because before I found him I thought that Digital Art was just drawing with a pen.

The thing that interest me is that he tells someone to model for him then he turns them into characters in movies or video games by his drawing.

His artwork makes me feel really surprise because he makes me feel like I can do that to.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6TBcCQCG_ZYhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6TBcCQCG_Zj


The brave girl on coral cove


Today we made a book cover and a new name for the book called the Island of the Blue Dolphins. I came up with the name”The Brave girl on Coral Cove.

The reason I drew all of the otters and the dolphin is because in the story it has an nature scene that includes animals and the sloppy white thing in the middle of the page is the cave. I also named the book ” The brave girl on Coral Cove is because Karana was really brave by living by her own and get food by her own and she faces a lot of stuff and the most important thing that she survived without being hurt or injured.Coral Cove is the name of the island so that is why I chose