The brave girl on coral cove


Today we made a book cover and a new name for the book called the Island of the Blue Dolphins. I came up with the name”The Brave girl on Coral Cove.

The reason I drew all of the otters and the dolphin is because in the story it has an nature scene that includes animals and the sloppy white thing in the middle of the page is the cave. I also named the book ” The brave girl on Coral Cove is because Karana was really brave by living by her own and get food by her own and she faces a lot of stuff and the most important thing that she survived without being hurt or injured.Coral Cove is the name of the island so that is why I chose

The Sleepover

Today was the sleepover and I was sleeping near Gavin.We woke up at 2:00am because Gavin was snoring too much so we couldn’t sleep at all but after all the snoring it was still an very exciting day the day before the sleeping time we went eating at Co Ba Vung Tau the restaurant was very delicious I felt very happy and relieved because the G4 Talks . I smelled the smell of socks when I went to my room. I saw the mosquitos flying around the restaurant we ate at. The food we tasted it was really sweet the sweetest one was the watermelon juice and the ice yogurt.

It’s finally G4 Talks

Today we went to the Auditorium and we saw our friends and I was very nervous and exciting before.When I went up to the stage it was very fun and it was not as nervous as the beginning to talk and it was really fun.During the performance I enjoyed it because I can finally be very confident. After the performance I felt very relieved and I was really proud of myself.I think I did pretty well with my performance.I was proud if myself because I talked to many audiences without being nervous and I am also proud of me because I memorised my script.I think next time I could do more hand gestures I want to thank all the teachers that helped me with my talk and they are Mr.Ross, Mr.Hoa, Mr Papaseit Ms Ronzetti Ms Fox and Mr Stevens.

It s exploring time!!!

Today was the last station for the science project that we did about the human’s body.Our last station was Ms.Sylvester’s room, her subject was about the digestion system and we did experiments with the bread.

First we put some bread then our teacher will give us some water then we split some saliva into that thing then we smash the thin.

It was pretty sad that it ended but it was fun