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I am finally back with a another blog and today I am going to show you what I didn't art these weeks. I would set a goal and trying to do it. My gaol was to draw a shading emoji face with color. I learned that I have really hard to bled my colors so it make a good shading as the colors missed together. I could still see the colors not really missed together. If I did this again, I draw something realistic.

Hi everyone

I am back with another blog, and today I am going to tell you what I did on my math pre test and on my final math test. On my pre test I didn't know how to do any Oder of operation problems and I mostly put a question mark on every problem. But on the final test I could do it how ever I had to more explanation and I have to correct my errors. I shows me that I have to practice more as I needed more practice. As I class we practice doing problems to help us doing the final test properly. For an example, I didn't know how to use Exponents but  from leaning from Mr. Johnson I learned to be good at it

Hi everyone,

I am back with a new blog and I am going to tell everything happened this week. The victories that happened this week was almost doing a cartwheel for my 20 hour project. Also, for math my whole class did a very fun math game which was practicing writing  Expressions quickly. The challenges that happened this week was trying to be better at writing our realistic fiction stories. I pursued excellence by practicing my 20 hour project very hard every day. A small goal I can finish next week is being very quick for writing expressions faster. Finally, being respective with friends, work hard in class and be yourself.


Over the weekend, I played sport with my nice dad.  I want to join the school badminton team so I planed to practice every Saturday night to get ready for the tryout. We went out to the garden and practice serving and hitting the shuttlecock. My dad and I played for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes I was exhausted and sweaty. However, I had a very amazing time with  my dad and  my badminton skills improved.

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I'm back with a new video. In the past few week we are learned about Explorers. The explorer that we learned about was Sacagawea, she came America. I made my skit about by searching information and writing the script then practiced it. I worked with a team and my team members were Yu-jin, Jennifer and I (however, Jennifer wasn't there so Selena replaced her). I was very proud of my skit because we spent a lot of times on searching for information and we practicing the scrip at home and at school. I would feel more proud if I memorize my whole script. From a scale from 1-4, I think my group get 3 because we we didn't remember the whole skit yet. I liked the Jeanne Baret group because they spoke loudly and they didn't forget any lines.

Hi guys,

Today I am going to show you my Teepee and some information about My explorer. My explorer's full name is Sacajawea,Sacagawea, Sakakawea but normally people call her Sacagawea. She was the daughter of a Shoshone chief and she was captured buy the French-Canadian. Also she explored with Lewis and Clark around Mandan-Hidatsa village in the Dakotas. So this was her flag / my drawing:( And some doodles)

Sacagawea didn't sail on boat But she live in a teepee with Lewis and Clark so this was our Teepee:

And this is inside the Teepee was:

Finally, some information about her:

So I think this is it .I will talk to you guys next time .


I rate this book 2 stars because it is not interesting. But for people who are not good at doing their homework, this book can show them how to improve. For me this book is not good because there is this guy named Brian who is not a smart guy , he always gets a F- even on his draft.this was because he was lazy so he didn't do his work. However there is this girl named Ana who always gets an A+. she works very hard.

I recommend this book to people who get F- all the time on their test because they can improve.

Hi guys

My name is Tina. I am going to tell you all about the film festival that happened on March 28 night.  I love the films, the music,  and the part of being a MC. While I was talking on the stage, my heart was beating so fast because I was afraid of making errors.  I am proud of myself because my group and I worked hardly to make a documentary films about my home country- Vietnam . One of the things I can do differently for my movie next time is  I will speak louder when I am recording a movie. In conclusion, I enjoyed all my friends' documentary films and I had a wonderful film festival night. 

I was sitting on a cyclo

HI GUYS!!!!!

Today i am going to tell you about the Art field trip. Today is Feb 23 2017 and this Art project is about showing people what does each river look like.  There is this artist called Lee Tracy which she called nature art. So we went down to the Auditorium heard her speech for a little while then we went up stairs to back up. The forth graders quickly ran down stairs and went to the rainbow bridge to put the fabric down the river with Lee Tracy (It was so fun).  Everyone also drew a lot of nature stuff, for me this is a very fun and good idea for everyone on the world can do this. Also for me the word sustainability is good for the environment and nature.