Art Sculpture

In art we made a sculpture. Mine was two autumn leaves facing each other the opposite way, and the color is white and orange so it’s like the color of fall. Cutting the foam piece was very hard because it break easily. Nut at the same time I really enjoy making this piece.


At art, we are learning how to draw 1 point perspective, 2 point perspective and shading (black and white). We do a lot of practice. For one day we went outside to find a view for our  1 point perspective, for the other day we stayed inside. At last, we had to choose one category 1 point perspective, 2 point perspective and shading so I choose to shade. Making things 3D is sometimes really hard (it depends on what your 3D shape is) for me it isn’t the best thing but I like it fine. Then I choose to drew a dream catcher. I really liked how it turned out but I think it looked just fine!!!!!😜

Do you like it?

The Design cycle!🎨

It was Sunday and my art teacher was over. we got nothing to do so we decided to paint my mask. First I imagined what color should the mask be and I imagined the mask black. Then I planned what it would look like, so maybe it could be black and later on, I’ll paint flowers and prints on it. then I tried it on paper to see what color I want to go with the black mask. Then I tried creating it, I paint the mask black then make the stuff that goes on the black mask pink, gold, pale purple, light blue. After when I’m done I evaluated it and see if it was good enough.😀

Book review!

In book club time we’re reading a book called “The spray paint mystery” It’s about a boy called Cameron and his dad was a detective. At school, a wall was sprayed painted so his job was to find out who did it. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery.

Our new unit! Explorers

We are learning about explorers.

We are making the ship of captain James Cook the HMB Endeavour. I really enjoy making it because you got to use your imagination and to create a lot of things like the sail and to stairs and also the inside of the ship.

Check this out! We took a picture of us and the ship.

My story!?

The Turtle By The Beach

My Journal


“Boring! What should I do now, I finish my book!” Rachel my sister would whine. We were sitting in the car waiting for 2 hours. We were going to Florida and meet our granny for the summer, while our parent went on a trip to Paris to work. I’m really excited because the beach was in front of the house. My homework was to find sea animal and take a picture of it for my science experiment. “Ahhhhh!” me and my sister screamed. I wonder how a dangerous rattlesnake could go inside my car, but don’t worry my driver manage to pick it up and threw it away.


A 2-hour ride in the car turn into a 2 hour and 30-minute ride, and I’m feeling really sick but I’m still really happy. I arrived at my granny’s house and all around it was fluffy stones they looked really amazing! I picked it up and was frightened that it was moving on my hand I dropped it and felt sorry for it. I came in the house and the first thing I knew was, I got a hug “I miss you too!” I whispered. “I miss you more!” My granny cried. But she wasn’t that nice after all. We had been on a long tiring trip on the car and the first thing she told us to do was sweep the floor and clean the dishes. Look like it’s gonna be a long time until I found out what those mystery creatures are.


Finally, I have time to asked my granny about the creature and what they are.  I was excited to find out. “Hey, granny can I talk to you?” I asked politely

“Sure but after you talk you have to go and clean the windows okay! They’re real dirty!” my granny grumbled

I jumped on the couch, next to her and asked friendly.

“What are those rocks out there that were fluffy and cute granny!”

“Those are mysterious sea creatures! But there are more to see darling!”

“Can you show me?”

“Of course!”

Here I am out at the sea shores picking up the seashells, and something caught my eye it was a giant rainbow rock! ”Cool!” I ran to it and granny stopped me. “It’s sleeping don’t wake it up, NEVER!” my granny told me. I was scared and wanted to know more about it. Sometimes people called me the curious kid because I always trying to find out more information about the thing I was on to and learning and I knew all the information ahead because I read them all in one day already! “If you wake this giant rainbow rock up then there will be a hurricane and it will blow our house away!” granny said.
I took so many pictures that my camera ran out of space for pictures and all I need was to print them and my homework is finished in the 3rd day of summer! GOOD FOR ME! Great now I had to do all kind of jobs that my granny told me to do again.