This is how my art work looks like...

Well, I still like it and it took a lot of process, I think that you think it's a bit easy but I needed a friend to help get an idea to make this thing. Also, i'm gonna give my friend that helped me some credit so I let him name it, and it's called: The race track. I didn't know why he give it that name but I didn't really care because I didn't have any other name for it so, I used it. Did you know that it actually suppose to be...

ya that.


I drew this today.

I think it's kind of good, well, it took me a lot of time because when I was having lunch time, I bring it with me, I also got the idea from my table mate, she said "i'm gonna draw a kraken, no, maybe a pineapple!" So I started thinking "wait, a kraken can be a good  thing to draw!" I started drawing my sketch, and here is what I got2.

Well, I know it's not finished but, I think it's okay.


Our First math test was a pretest and i did terrible because i didn't learn about order of operation and stuff like parentheses and P.E.M.D.A.S.😢




But now, i learn and i know

P.E.M.D.A.S stand for parentheses, Exponents, multiply, divide, add, subtract.

My pretest was terrible and i got most of it wrong but i'm still proud of it because i did my best.

My test i also proud of it and it was good, i like both of it.😀

Thats our skit up there, you may watch the video before you read . We worked on it for a long time and we only had one night to remember the whole skit because the other day we just practiced for fun and we wrote a long skit. Because of that we took two weeks to finish the whole script because we made a lot of changes to it and some of us didn't memorize everything . I was the one who wore red shoes. Also, I held the paper because I didn't really remember everything. The other two people you see are my teammate that helped me with the skit. We spent lots of time on the skit. Our skit was about Christopher columbus exploring America. I hope you like the video!

® © ® © ® © ® © ® © ® © ® ©

This My Group ship, we spend days working on it. We use our recess time to do it Too. We are making Christopher Columbus ship, he was born in October 31, 1451 Genoa Italy. Christopher Columbus dead in may 20, 1506.                                                  

This is our flag, it Christopher Spain flag, our Boat is not that realistic and it ok for us because it not a big dill but it kind of ok.

last 1 or 2 weeks, we did book club, the book me and me group read was "the novel Jonah the whale". I rate that book 3 out of 5 because i don't really understand whats the book is about but it also have some word that i never seen before like Gymnast, but i really like it and here is the  book cover. it about at the book cover it said "young kid comes out of nowhere to became REALLY, REALLY FAMOUS!

you should read this book! Just read it, its amazing!


Do you want to save the Earth? It your mother, it keep you warm, give you a house and Food to eat. Don't trash the world no one can live with trash, when you finish eating something with a raber, threw the raber  in the trash bin after you finish eating it, and don't forgot to protect the earth or it will change to a bad future, save the EARTH!


February 23, 2017

Today we went to the rainbow bride near Crescent mall. we must walk for at least 30 min, we got so hot when we arrive, almost everyone sat down because it's to hot, i didn't take me water bottle. We need to right a poem and sketch something. Next, we have a munch on our lunch, then we need to dip the fabrics paper in the river. it was fun doing that. We also need to pull it up, that the funnest part.

this some photo that we took.

we sketch a little bit too

At my showcase experience, it was awesome when i got to go around 'the auditorium to see other people prototype,  there are huge fan, a.c, talking deco ball...

they are cool too, the grades 4 has work really hard on it, it took us a lot of day to finish it. you could also make one next year at grade 4. I hope you guys can have good luck on your prototype next year.  You can learn about a lot different motor like a servo that spin really fast and a lot cool motor. You can also learn about sensors, they are more interesting than the motor but i'm not gonna spoil it for you guys.


in grade 4, we learn a unit called think outside the box

and like the most is we got to code a lot of cool things in scratch, a coding program. yesterday was jan, 25, 2017 and i publish my game, and everyone els did to. Some of us didn't finish but it still very good when you play it. if you are there at the auditorium, you could now about the prototype that our class and the other did ti so cool right! next year at grade 4 you could make something like that. Also the fantasy story that the grade 4 did it AMAZING! i read some of it and they are so cool you can also get to read it at grade 4. i like the story that my friend wrote "The lost hero" his fantasy game and story are the best, his name is ALexs, he is a good coder and writer, he code a lot in his fantasy game.

I feel like i wrote to much so Bye!