A Portable String Instrument

In the pursuit of answering the big question: “How can we use science and engineering to enact change in the world?“, we started an engineering project in Physics, planning to design an innovative product that may help to answer the big question. We went through the process of finding something within our interest range and building a research question. Then, we created a plan to our project. My main interest has always been music, explaining the choice. Then, when building my research question, I thought about the trouble of carrying instruments around and came up with my question: “How can we make music practice more efficient by making string instruments portable and self-building?” With my research question done, I started making a plan for my project with the process that needs to be taken. From the 7th to the 15th of May, I decided to do my research because I thought that was most important as I did not understand a lot about the physics of string instruments. Then because of the extension, I decided that from the 16th to 20th of May, I would design my project on a 3D printer app, taking less time than research because it should be less vigorous and time-consuming. Finally, on the last day, the 20th, I decided to put everything together into a presentation.


Overall, I have been able to follow my schedule fairly well, except missing a few dates due to other projects and work. However, I was able to catch up and complete my work. Before doing research, I did not know much about the physics of sound and a guitar, excluding the fact that Simple Harmonic Motion occurs through string vibrations. Through research, I have learnt a lot about pitch and how strings effect it. I’ve learnt about things like standing waves, string harmonics and the importance of fret spacing. After my research, it was time to design my product. I intended to design it in a 3D printing app and was searching for one. Back in middle school, I recalled doing 3D printing for a computer class and I was searching for that same one, which I found. Using tinkercad, I designed my ideal theoretical portable guitar. I decided to go with a guitar because of all the string instruments, it is less complex and easier to play. I decided to make it a sliding guitar where the cover acts like a body when you slide it out to play it. The cover has a hole on top so that it can illuminate the sound made by the strings like an acoustic guitar. However, the strings do not cover the hole, they go below the hole. I thought that since the vibration from the strings still hit the back of the body and bounce out through the hole, that it is theoretically possible to have strings behind the hole of the body. Although the major problem with having a hole in the body that also acts as a cover is that the strings will have a higher chance to get damaged if not taken care of well, it should not be too big of a problem because if guitars left out can work fine, it would not change much unless one places it a place where things can enter the hole and so on. Through designing, I felt that my only problem was that the workspace provided was too small and I had a little bit of trouble with the fact that they did not allow one to take parts of a whole away. After that, I placed everything into a presentation, explaining the physics of each part of my guitar.


I think that the hardest parts of my project were the research and the designing. When it came to research, I struggled because there were some concepts that weren’t as easily understood read as demonstrated. For example, when I read fret spacing, I assumed it had to be 1.0595 away from the bridge, but I thought it was too small in number. When looking at diagrams, I finally understood it and then used a mean number of 1 before going onto 1.0595 and so on(The constant: 1.0595 is explained in the presentation). Therefore, there were many parts of the research that was not as easily understood because there weren’t any real-life examples. When it came to designing, I struggled too because there are many varieties that could be designed and they could all be theoretically possible. Because it was not a necessity to have it work, it had to theoretically work. It was hard to decide on which design would be most efficient and most realistic because those two would answer my question well. Then, I remembered a while ago when I saw an advertisement of a rectangular guitar with no body that worked electronically. it was small in size and portable(It’s called the Jamstik) and although I could not find the product, I decided I could base my design off something that is already real so that it is more realistic. I did not copy the Jamstik, but instead came up with my own ideas through the fact that the jamstik was rectangular. However, the process of getting to a final design was not easy. I had to do a lot of thinking and planning to get there.


All in all, the Physics project had great takeaways with a lot of new information learnt and new experiences. With these experiences, I have been able to answer my research question and dive deeper into a topic of interest. However, there was one part that I was not able to answer. The part about self-building. I thought that since I was considering string instruments, it may be possible to make my product self-building so that it can cater to those who play more than one string instrument, helping them save time and money. But, that was not the case. Through my research, I have learnt different lessons about string instrument and how they work. Although it is theoretically possible if the process of building the instrument is easy, it would be just as time-consuming as bringing a real guitar or even more and more tiring. So, I decided that it was not suitable to make my product self-building because it would not fit research done on string instruments and it would not make practice more efficient. Also, musicians would have to learn more things about building instruments that they may not be interested in.


Overall, there was a lot learnt and taken away from this project. It was an interesting project that indeed expanded my knowledge in a field of interest and brought in a new interest in engineering. I hope that one day I might be able to attempt building this instrument in real life and maybe even diving deeper in engineering. I really enjoyed the project and thought it was a great learning experience.

Mis Diez Canciones Favoritas en Español

¡Hola, Soy Carla! Estoy de vuelta con otro blog sobre España. Este blog será la música Española. Hablaré sobre mis diez canciones favoritas en Español. Creo que la música Española es muy interesante porque tiene mucha variedad de tipos y cultura. Hay muchos cantantes y musicos diferente con diferente géneros y estilos. Tambien hay mucha cultura en la música Española. A veces hay la danza, la guitarra español y la moda español. Creo es una gran manera para estudio español. A veces me gusta escuchar canciones Españolas para mejorar mis habilidades españolas. El blog comenzará con mi decima favorita cancion de español.


10. Mi Gente – J Balvin y Willy William

J Balvin es un cantante de Colombia y tiene treinta y tres años. Normalmente, canta los tipos de musica, reggaeton y trampa Latina. Sus canciones mas famosas son “X”, “Mi Gente” y “Ambiente”. Es un artista lider en medios sociales. J Balvin es famoso para su musica latina y se dice que el ha traido de vuelta la cultura de la musica latin despues de un largo tiempo. Ha ganado muchos premios para su trabajo, especialmente para su musica urbana.


“Mi Gente” es una cancion escrita por Willy William y J Balvin. Las letras de el cancion hablan sobre fiesta. Por ejemplo la letras, “Toda mi gente se mueve”, preguntan el gente que danzar. Es el cancion Reggaeton, latina pop y electronico. Primero, la melodia escrita por Willy William. Entonces, cuando J Balvin escuche la melodia, le gustó tanto que cantó para él. “Mi Gente” tiene mas de mil millones vistas en Youtube, y llegó a la parte superior tres en cartelera. Puse esta cancion en décimo porque creo que es muy similar a la musica moderna de dia y no es muy único. Sin embargo, me gusta su toque español y trabajo.

“‘Mi Gente’ es solo el comienzo de la adquisicon Latina.” – J Balvin en Billboard


9. El Anillo – Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez es una cantante americana, muy famosa. Comenzó ella carrera con baile, apareciendo en escenarios y videos musicales. Debuto a comienzos del dos mil y desde entonces ha sido una sensacion. Ella las canciones mas famosas son “If You Had My Love”, “On the Floor”, y “Ain’t Your Mama”. Ella es conocido para la musica R&B, pop, latina, hip hop y baile. Ha ganó muchos premios para su trabajo.


“El Anillo” es una cancion latina pop. Es moderno con mucho temas similares vistos estos dias. Algunos dicen el cancion es sobre Jennifer Lopez y ella novio, Alex Rodriguez. El cancion se llama “El Anillo” sobre un anillo y personas creen Jennifer queire casarse. En las letras de cancion, Jennifer Lopez habla sobre una relacion bueno, pero pregunta para un anillo. El cancion tiene dos millones vistas en Youtube despues de dos semanas, y fue estrenada en los premios Billboard de la musica Latina.

“Sabía que iba a ser un éxito la primera vez que lo oí.” – Alex Rodriguez en El show esta noche protagonizada por Jimmy Fallon.


8. Gasolina – Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee es un cantante de Puerto Rico, tiene cuarenta y uno años. Ha estado en la musica desde un mil, novecientos, noventa y uno año. Normalmente, hace musica reggaeton, pop latina y hip hop. Sus canciones mas famosas incluyen: “Dura”, “Shaky Shaky” y “Gasolina”. El es el primero artista latino en llegar al numero uno en Spotify. Es famoso para su estilo reggaeton y es conocido como uno de los pioneros del Reggaeton.


“Gasolina” es una de las canciones mas conocidas de Daddy Yankee. Es una cancion reggaeton y hip hop. La cancion publica Glory canta “dame mas gasolina”. Fue el primera cancion de reggaeton en ser nominada para un Grammy, numero nueve en las cincuenta mas grandes canciones latinas de todos los tiempos en dos mil diecicinco y numero ocho de los doce mejores coros de Dancehall y Reggaeton del siglo XX. Ahora, gente dicen que “Gasolina” es un meme.

“‘Gasolina’ de Daddy Yankee es, sin duda, cien por ciento la cancion del verano.” – Larry Fitzmaurice en Noisy.com


7. Despacito – Luis Fonsi y Daddy Yankee

Luis Fonsi es un cantante de Puerto Rico, tiene cuarenta años. Es mas conocido para su cancion de éxito, “Despacito”. Sus otras canciones famosas incluyen: “Echame la culpa” y “No Me Doy por Vencido”. Se especializa en interpretacion vocal en la Universidad Estatal de Florida.


“Despacito” es una de canciones españolas mas populares ahora. Alcanzo fama en el verano de dos mil diecisiete y ha sido popular desde entonces. Es una mezcla de reggaeton, guitarra española, rap y una melodia pegadiza que contribuye a globalizar. Creo la cancion ha sido sobreinterpretado desde su lanzamiento. Sin embargo, debo estar de acuerdo con sus ritmos pegadizos y frase que lo lleva al numero siete.

“La tristeza no durará mucho cuando escuches a despacito” – una persona en la internet.


6. Dame Tu Cosita – El Chombo

El Chombo es un artista de Panama. Es conocido para su musica de reggaeton, con “Dame Tu Cosita”, “Chacarron” y “El Gato Volador” como sus mejores éxitos. El Chombo es conocido como un productor de musica y tiene muchos elementos españoles en su musica.


“Dame Tu Cosita” es una cancion aparecido en dos mil uno. Me gusta la cancion porque en el video, tiene un alien bailando. A veces, cuando veo el video, danzar con el alien. “Dame Tu Cosita” fue no famoso en el dos mils, pero ahora, es muy famoso. Porque tiene el alien bailando, se ha convertido en una tendencia a bailar como el extranjero y publicarlo en Internet. Mucho gente ha estado haciendo. Puse la cancion en el numero seis porque es unico con un toque diferente a las canciones españoles.

“Es una cancion muy divertido!” – una persona


5. Que Bailes Conmigo Hoy – Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony es un grupo de cantantes A capella. Ellas comenzó en el Factor X con Simon Cowell. Aunque no ganaron el Factor X, todavía siguen haciendo musica. Normalment, producen pop y R&B contemporaneo. Sin embargo, el equipo se separó en dos mil dieciseis debido a la tension y ha sido desde entonces.


“Que Bailes Conmigo Hoy” es una cancion sobre a capella con alguno instrumentos. Me gusta esta cancion porque me gusta la melodia y el genero diferente comparado con otras canciones españoles, usualmente reggaeton. Esta cancion es pop moderna con una melodia bonita.

“Aunque no alcanzó los records, todavia era una buena cancion.” – una persona


4. La Bicicleta – Carlos Vives y Shakira

Carlos Vives es un cantante Colombia como Shakira. Cuando Carlos produce musica Cumbia, Porro, Champeta y algunes rock, Shakira produce musica pop, latina pop, rock en español y danza. Sin embargo, Shakira es conocido muy para su baile y voces.


“La Bicicleta” es una cancion de reggaeton y salsa y tropical. Creo es una buena cancion porque tiene pop latina en la cancion con latidos menos fuertes comparado con otros canciones modernas. La cancion alcanzó el numero uno en la carta Latin Airplay en dos mil dieciseis, pero no famoso porque debido a las otras canciones alrededor.

“Una cancion buena con una melodia pegadiza.” – Una persona


3. Bailando – Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias es una cantante de Español. Es muy famoso para su musica pop latina y algunos dicen es el rey del pop latino. Aparte del pop latino, Enrique canta pop, danza-pop, R&B contemporaneo y pop rock. Sus canciones famoso incluyen: “Bailando”, “El Baño” y “Subeme la Radio”.


“Bailando” es una cancion de español muy famosa publica cantantes como Sean Paul. Tiene doscientos mil vistas en Youtube y rompió el record para el numero uno de las canciones latinas Hot Billboard en dos mil diecicuatro. Me gusta “Bailando” porque tiene una melodia buena.

“Este solo es sintió especial” – Enrique Iglesias en Billboard


2. Vivr Mi Vida – Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony es un cantante Americano. Conocido como el artista de salsa tropical mas vendido de todos los tiempos. Empezó como cantante de respaldo con actos como “Menudo” y “El Pillos Latinos”. Sus albumes han sido los mas vendidos, con el excetion de sus dos albumes ingleses.


“Vivir Mi Vida” es una cancion pop. Me gusta la melodias de pop en la cancion, es muy pegadiza. Tambien creo que su voz es muy agradable con la musica. El video de “Vivir Mi Vida” tiene sietecientos mil vistas en Youtube y fue nominado para varios premios como el Premio Mundial de musica para la mejor cancion del mundo.

“Letras de ‘Vivir Mi Vida’ son mis favoritas!” – una persona en el internet


1. Lo Que Siento – Cuco

*Lo Siento, no poder encontrar una foto de Cuco.*

Cuco es un artista de musica que produce en su mayoría rock. Me encanta Cuco porque su estillo es muy interesante con muchas melodias diferentes. Sus canciones mas famoso son “Lover is A Day”, “Amor de Siempre” y “Melting”. ¡Sus letras son muy vinculable y recomendo muy!

¡”Lo Que Siento” es una cancion excelente! Es una mezcla de ingles y español con una melodia electronico. Me gusta los efectos en la cancion. Tambien me gusta la velocidad lento en la cancion. ¡Me encanta la cancion! Es una cancion especial porque es diferente comparado con otras canciones de español. Tiene algunes melodias de rock y muy calma. ¡Me encanta!

“Sus dulces y azucaradas baladas pop pueden derretir el corazón de una adolescente.” – Lee en Kinda Neat


Ese es el final de mi blog para hoy. ¡Gracias para leer! ¡Espero que les haya gustado y realmente recomiendo escuchar rock español como Cuco!


  • Carla

The Physics of a Guitar

How can we make music practice more efficient by making string instruments portable and self-building? 

In the process of research for the question, there are many subquestions and things to cover.  Like the anatomy of the guitar, the physics of sound and each part of the guitar, the most important parts of the guitar, and how to actually build a guitar that works.

I’ve always questioned how the size of guitar strings affect the sound that comes out. Through research from bsharp.org and phys.unsw.edu.au, I’ve learnt that the speed of waves from the instrument depends on its tension and linear mass density. The speed of a wave varies to be fast or slow, the faster being a higher pitch while the slower being a lower pitch. Because density effects the wave, the thicker the strings, the slower the waves, causing a lower pitch, explaining the varied size of strings on a guitar. Another important factor learnt is the importance of the body for sound because the strings are not strong enough to produce a sound that is loud enough for the ear. This causes a problem because I have planned to design a portable, foldable guitar, meaning that it should be of smaller size. With that it is a possibility that the body is taken away, leaving the neck and strings to make a small size which has already been built before, but that would cause a problem because then you would not be able to hear sound clearly out of the guitar if unless plugged into electricity which causes a whole other situation. However, the project is still clearly in progression. So, I still have enough time to take care of the problem. 

There have been a few problems that have surfaced throughout the research. Despite the body of the guitar, I have also struggled with thinking about the workability of the product and how efficient it will actually be. There are also a lot of paths that can be taken to reach the desired product as there are many shapes and sizes that could be tried. Because I plan to build something efficient, I want to make it the most efficient I can. It would be hard to plan what to design to get to the desired efficiency. With the time still around, I hope that I can find the information needed to solve my problems and lead me to the right path.

So far, I have been following my plan rather well for the project that’s due on the 21st of May. I have planned to do research until tomorrow, the 15th and from then on, start putting together my project. Since I have planned to do it on a 3D printing app so that it is interactive, I need to contact our middle school to get to the app. As I do so, I will write out the presentation and the important points that connects to Physics. On Saturday, I should finish my design and place together with the presentation.


How can Music Practice be more efficient?

As someone who is interested in music, I often like to pick up my instruments and practice a little when I’m bored. I can play to many songs that I am interested in at that time. However, sometimes when I want to play music, I am not in the right place and I can’t lug my huge bass or guitar out just to play. Let’s say you are outside and you want to play a song. It would be tedious to be carrying around a large guitar or bass just to be played once. So, how could we make music practice more efficient?

For our last unit in Physics, we are having an engineering project. Personally, I am rather interested in engineering and see myself doing it in the future. It has so many aspects that could change the world in different ways, it is innovative and it makes you use your creativity. I am one for creativity. Our project is to design a product that would improve some aspect of life for someone or a group of people. We first started out by deciding what we are interested in so that the project wouldn’t get boring. I wrote a list of broad topics: art, lifestyle and technology. Then I listed sub-genres from the topics. Things like music, literature, cartoons, finance, AI and Psychology. Then I chose what drew me in the most. For me, it was music. We listen to music almost every day and there is so much music in the world that one will never seize to find music that connects with them. 

From then on, we decided on what change we wanted to make. I thought of human rights and efficiency. Then, I came to the idea that was first mentioned in this post. Making instruments easier to carry and handle for more efficient use.

For my project, I have decided to design and possibly make a portable, foldable, self-building string instrument. I plan for it to be able to fit in a backpack so that it will be easy to transport. It will be self-building for different situations like performances or styles of playing.

After that, we thought of ways we can present our product. I came up with two different ideas that I have not fiddled with in awhile. The first being a virtual “hands-on” look of my project that explains different parts of the product. The second, a 3D printer app style presentation. As I think about it, it will be a lot easier to display it through a 3D printer app because I wouldn’t have to take all the pictures and go through the trouble. I will be able to label parts and move it around for the audience. So, I have decided that it would be best to do that.

Lastly, we had to decide on our research question. We had to think about how our idea relates to Physics and what we are going to learn. I decided to learn about the parts of an instrument and how they work physically. Like how the strings of a guitar represent simple harmonic movement or how the hollow body allows the echoing of sound. My question is: How can we make music practice more efficient by making string instruments portable and self-building? 

I will learn about the pros and cons of making an instrument that is easier to transport and how much more efficient things will be. I hope to learn more about not just physics, but also music from this project. I personally have been researching the anatomy of music instruments due to the interest of it and I would like fully learn about it and connect physics to it. It would be great to bring my allow learning in school to be more enjoyable with things that I like.

How could we take caution from releasing greenhouse gases?

AbstractThis unit of Physics, we are learning project-based where we try to answer the main question: “How can we ensure future generations have a safe place to live?” To answer that question, we also have sub-questions, in which mine is: “In what way do music concerts influence the increase of greenhouse gases?” Personally, I’ve grown up listening to a lot of music. Although my taste has changed a lot and I am not the best performer out there, I do still really enjoy listening to music by various artists. Particularly I find that concerts are significant as they are more than just the recorded music you listen to, but the artists really playing the music in imperfect ways that express themselves. But as research states, some conclude that concerts may be a cause of greenhouse gases, meaning that there may be an end in music performances. So, how do concerts contribute to greenhouse gases and how much do they contribute? That is to be answered with this project.


This project was a great way for me to express myself in one podcast. I loved that I could incorporate one of my favourite aspects of everyday life into my physics project. However, I did have struggles throughout the project.

First of all, I was unsure about my product because I was unsure which would fit better. At first, I thought that it would be better to make a video which was fun and educational, but I noticed that footage was very hard to find and it took more time than expected to achieve what I wanted. So then I had to decide on a podcast. Although I did think that it would be less effective due to the fact that I could not show data and graphs for the listeners, I thought it would fit the topic the most. I thought about how people listen to the radio and can still relate. It would be alright.

Next, it was challenging to actually find the information that I aspire to have. It was easy to learn about climate change, but it was not easy to find how concerts affect greenhouse gases. Many articles that seem to talk about it through their titles, talk about how musicians could help through concerts. Many others were irrelevant. I think when I found a journal on SpringerLink that really helped me. In the abstract I had found, there were a lot of references very useful for my research. My research basis was that abstract.

Lastly, it was difficult for me to keep on schedule. First, I did not have a clear schedule written out. It was planned in my head which was not a good idea. I thought that it would be fine to “go with the flow”, but there were many times which I did not have the discipline and procrastinated. I could improve a lot in this aspect of projects by actually planning out specifically beforehand what I was going to do and spreading out leisure and study time. It would not only help with physics, but also other projects.

Music Concerts and Greenhouse Gases Product!

I have come to a close with my digital project. In the process of answering how future generations may have a sustainable place to live, I ask the question: “In what way do music concerts influence the increase of greenhouse gases?” Through the whole process, I have accumulated the answers to the question and how we can prevent the harms.

First, I learnt about greenhouse gases and its effects in the past few decades. I have learnt that the greenhouse effect is harmful because it is a very efficient cycle at trapping heat, putting earth in danger if it continues because the earth would continuously increase in temperature, making it unsafe to live in. Since 1980, it has been recorded that global temperature has been a lot higher than before.

I’ve also learnt that greenhouse gas concentrations have been increasing exponentially. In the time frame of 1990-2010, it has been said that greenhouse gas emissions have increased by 35% worldwide which is not good at all considering that the average each year in the past has been 0.4% a year because the data shows a rate of 1.75% a year.

Next, I learnt about how music concerts(indoor and outdoor) effect greenhouse gases. From statistics, a Radiohead tour in 2003 had released 9073 tonnes of CO2, 97% coming from fan travel. The UK music industry releases 540,000 tonnes of CO2 each year!(Radiohead is an English band) It is not a lot, but that was only one tour, consider the number of artists that go on tour each year. To further prove my point, it was said that 74% of 540,000 tonnes of CO2 were from activities associated with live performances. That is a lot for a year. I had a talk with a friend of my father’s who is a scientist. I asked about his views and thoughts about how concerts may affect climate change. He gave me the advice that it would be more of the traveling and manufacturing of products that add to greenhouse gas emissions, further explaining that 97% of Radiohead’s CO2 emissions were from fan travel.

Lastly, I learn about how we can reduce concerts’ effects on greenhouse gases. There were simple ways that can be used for any topic like reduce, reuse, recycle, using efficient machinery and driving less. Then, I found methods to reduce one’s carbon footprint(the heat one produces that adds to greenhouse gas emissions. In our case, through travel or manufacturing). Ticket Liquidator, an app in partnership with Ucapture ensures that one cannot increase greenhouse gas emissions. It works by decreasing 15 pounds of CO2 every dollar you spend. I also learnt about the organization called Julie’s Bicycle who makes use of influencers to bring awareness to climate change and prevent it from further harming.

Overall, I learnt that concerts may affect greenhouse gases. A lot actually, considering how much it takes out of the music industry. So to end, I have my final project.

Music Concerts and Greenhouse Gases Progress

In the PBL that we are doing for physics, we are exploring the question: How can we ensure future generations have a sustainable place to live? To answer the question, we have each come up with our own sub-questions, mine being: How do music concerts influence the increase of greenhouse gases? Music concerts are lively and free, but they do take a lot of money and energy. In the process of researching and putting together information for my project, I find that not only the time of the concert itself brings an increase to greenhouse gases, but also the energy it takes to manufacture and transport people and objects needed. It releases a lot of greenhouse gases.

Currently, I am halfway done with my research and have reached out to interviewees that will take part in opinions and information. My research includes information about greenhouse gases and recent upbringing of the effect of music concerts on climate change. Like a recent piano concert which provoked the topic. The research for this project has been very progressive and clearly shows that there concerts do effect greenhouse gases.

Next, I will be writing my video or podcast script that will sum up all the information gathered.

Music Concerts’ Contribution to Greenhouse Gases

Arctic Monkeys, one of the world’s more well known alternative bands, best referred to for their AM album and concerts put on starring their lead singer, Alex Turner. Red Hot Chili Peppers, well known for their start with psychedelic rock music and their admirable bass player, Flea who never seizes to amaze audiences in concerts. And The Beatles well known for their rock music written by Paul McCartney, most famously performed by John Lennon in concerts. Imagine that these bands could no longer perform to try to stop climate change. How would the world think about the loss of spontaneous mistakes or improvisations that become phenomenal experiences? In my opinion, I would be pretty sad to no longer be able to watch my favourite artists in real life youtube videos that depict their greatness.

This unit of Physics, we are learning project-based where we try to answer the main question: “How can we ensure future generations have a safe place to live?” To answer that question, we also have sub-questions, in which mine is: “In what way do music concerts influence the increase of greenhouse gases?” Personally, I’ve grown up listening to a lot of music. Although my taste has changed a lot and I am not the best performer out there, I do still really enjoy listening to music by various artists. Particularly I find that concerts are significant as they are more than just the recorded music you listen to, but the artists really playing the music in imperfect ways that express themselves. But as research states, some conclude that concerts may be a cause of greenhouse gases, meaning that there may be an end in music performances. So, how do concerts contribute to greenhouse gases and how much do they contribute? That is to be answered with this project.

My product is going to be a video documentary which sums up all the information that I will learn this unit. It would include public opinions and research information to educate the public about the measures that may be taken to stop greenhouse gas emissions from concerts and so on. First off for the project, I will start to do research that answers my research questions and the sub-questions that come from it like which parts of concerts contribute to greenhouse gases? Research would be done through educational websites about climate change and also news about music and greenhouse gases. This would take a few days(3-5?). Then, there would be about two days of video planning and be contacting interviewees. The consecutive week would be filming and finalizing/editing of the video, which would hopefully produce a nice product.

Carla Viaja a Bogotá

¡Hola, Bienvenido a mi blog! Recientemente, fui a Bogota por tres días. Mi viaje fue incredible. Vi muchos lugares bonito. Siete y trecenta de la mañana en Octobre 31 tomé un avion de United Airlines a Bogota. ¡Fue vente y siete horas, muy cansada! Cuando llegué, yo aloje un dormitorio en el hotel hotel Villa America. Dormí mucho.

En el primer día, me comí el desayuno en el hotel. Es normalmente, no diferente. Despues de desayuno , fui al Museo Botero del Banco de la Republica. El Museo Botero del Banco de la Republica es el único museo de arte en Bogota. El arte en el museo es muy diferente comparado con normal arte. Pintados de rechoncho cosas como comida, personas, animal y líders por Fernando Botero. Tambien tiene arte de Picasso, Monet, Dalí y mas. Lo muy recomiendo el museo. Siguiente, tomé el Transmilenio fui al Mercado de las Pulgas de Usaquen a comprar regalos para mi familia y mi amigos. El mercado hay muchos cosas desde souvenirs a juguete, todo expresar Colombino cultura, tradicional y local. El mercado es famoso para cofí y vela, alguno dicen. Especialmente cofí vela. El mercado este un grande experiencia de diversidad cultural en Columbia. Yo completé el día y fui al hotel.


Image by TripAdvisor on Google Images         Image by TripAdvisor on Google Images

En el segundo día, me comî desayuno en el hotel y encontrarse un amigo de Columbia en el estacion de Transmilenio. Mi amigo tomo me a vi arquitectura. Nosotros tomemos el Transmilenio a calle Carrera donde todo el bonito arquitectura es. Nosotros fuimos visitar la Iglesia Nuestra Senora del Carmen primero. ¡La iglesia es muy linda! ¡Interior es cultivatar! Adentro y salir la iglesia tiene rayas de rojos y blanco. Puedes ver el historia de catholic en Columbia. ¡Es incredible! ¡Me encantar el iglesia porque es muy bonito! Despues de iglesia, nosotros fuimos al Torre Colpatria a ver un magnifico vista de Bogota. ¡Es el quinto alto torre en America del Sur! Mi amigo y yo al final del día.


Image by TripAdvisor on Google Images          Image by Wikimedia Commons on Google Images

En el final día, juntí el Ciclovia de Bogota para algun ejercicio. Yo andí en bici todo día. Muy cansadí, pero encontarse con muchos personas y vi el cultura de local en Columbia. Personas de Columbia estar muy amigable. Hice unos amigos. El siguiente día fui al Dorado aeropuerto y tome un avion de Japan Airline va a Ho Chi Minh.

SS – Human Rights Reflection

In this project on Human Rights, we focused on improving/learning about poverty and the different rules of Human Rights. This is an important skill because if not known, we would not be able to help the people going through poverty.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to connect with my team and research about such matters. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?

My collaboration helped me to remember what we’ve done and what needs to be done. It helps in the process of organizing the team to accomplish what needs to be done quickly. Also, when sharing ideas, it was easier as we could imagine and agree on one which included each of our ideas into one.

What did you learn from visiting other exhibits?

I learnt about the different things that are happening and the different organizations who try to solve these problems. I learnt many things about the organizations like the trips they have for volunteers and what they do to help. Also, the history of the organizations were also mentioned and I got many insights on how working with the organizations were. It was interesting to see that there are many people in Vietnam who are interested in helping.

How can you continue your involvement with this group or social issue?

To continue working with my selected organization, I might go over to Hanoi and help them during the summer and volunteer as a helper.

Here we have our video–> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC9r9cYw-yA
IMG_20160526_100810522 here, we are preparing for the showcase.