Poetry Unit Reflection

Poetry Unit is completely brand new to me. Most of the time it was quite stressful, to fit my poems in to standards of the rubric, but I had my joy. I struggle most with figurative language and  the plot of the poem, how to smoothly and concisely create a beautiful poem.  I enjoy looking for creative commons between pictures and poems to visually enhance the idea and also enjoy interpreting the colour symbol and image from the picture to connect to my poem’s meanings. It is beautiful how things can be connected to each other in such a silent way, it makes people appreciate the beauty of it much more lovingly. 

Quite a lot of people seems to protest against the rubric of poetry this semester. In order to get exemplary in this unit, one must use stanzas, white spaces, repetition and line breaks to enhance the poem in a sophisticated way and must use plenty sensory details and imagery or have a superb extended metaphor, with most everything to the right (simile, personification, metaphor, alliteration, idiom, onomatopoeia, pun, hyperbole). Especially against the line breaks and white spaces, for most poems found aren’t exactly written in such form. Most 8th graders find that a poem should be graded by its content of meaning and not be limited to such qualities. I would not disagree on the fact that not many poems seems to have white spaces (the few only I ever saw was all in Alice in Wonderland poems of Charles Lutwidge) , and personally I quite despise line breaks and prefer a longer phrases of each poem, filling with emotions and words with so much mystery. Though I did learn how to at least use them adequately and I would bear that in mind to be grateful to Mr. Jardin for teaching me how to write poems. Perhaps one day if I might have to apply such knowledge into something of importance, I would not have to feel guilty for resenting. Not that I ever did, just disappointment of myself. 

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Human Rights Facts

Book title: Slavery in Ancient Greece and Rome
Author: Jacqueline Greene
Publication Date: 2000

  1. Slaves in Ancient Rome and Greece can be free if they can pay their masters enough money. In some cases, female slaves are set free if they bore enough children for their masters.
  2. According to Rome laws, if a slave murders his master, all slaves in that household would be put to death. However, in some rare cases, some slaves do succeed and escape.
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Theme Poem ‘Change’

A full poem with stanzas, extended metaphor, comparisons, similes, imagery, etc and white spaces, repetition and line breaks to enhance in a sophisticated way is what expected to have an exemplary grade. Also, a picture that indirectly has a common creative idea with that poem is essential for a passing grade. It was hard. Yet here it is..

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End of April Reflection

The weather is getting hotter, teachers are getting irritated, 8th graders are getting jumpy and anxious of their upcoming high school life. Considering that I’ve finished a complete year here without much trouble, is an accomplishment; and I’m about to face more challenges. Calling myself a professional student is still quite far a reach. To prove, here’s some analysis.

Celebrated qualities of mine

  1. Fine grades
    As in average medium range grade. Though in many U.S books, it seems a B is already a typical average grade for students, I’ve yearned for more during the entire year and believed that I’ve managed to pass my own goal. More importantly, I’m glad I find significance in learning and joy in experiencing.
  2. Diversity/ Flexibility
    It’s an achievement to engage myself to many activities from sports to new subjects. It isn’t always successful, but I’ve had much fun and not have been lethargic. I enjoy flexibility, for being a not quite planning person, I strive to start to be more organized yet still remain quite adjustable.
  3. Integrity
    There have been quite an uproar during this year about cheating. Such a serious event that the presence and lecture of our Middle School Principal was in dire need. I’m proud of myself for behaving well and being ethical. However, I do, seriously, admire those who possess Machiavellian traits.

   Unprofessional qualities of mine

  1. Lack of Attention and Persistence
    My mind is easily distracted. I like multitasking, albeit they don’t guarantee a good result. At home, I couldn’t keep working on school assignments for long periods of time, for only a difficulty in the assignment would imminently lead me to wander elsewhere on the laptop, procrastinating the work till the last day.
  2. Inefficient Learning Method
    Though the average grade is still in the A range, I have difficulties in Science quizzes. Most of my work are done on the day before the assignments are due, or actually, on the morning the assignments are due. More dreadfully, I didn’t quite spend time or effort investigating my failures to improve on in past quizzes, so my results remain the same with little progress.
  3. Unfit Time Management
    The time supposedly use for studying is commonly wasted by me to wander, read and see things unrelated; while precious sleeping time is used for finishing rushed assignments. All those nights lead me to being sleep deprive and possibly not progressing knowledge well like others. My health also deteriorates.
  4. Lack of Confidence
    Confidence is an element I severely lack. Without it, my self-esteem won’t develop properly, nor would my ability to deliver public speech, nor would my passion for my career and future. It is essential, lethal, and simply a necessity of life. I am getting better I assume, but not yet, not enough to be a leader, nor enough to understand or mature myself.


I believe I’m should be proud, for maturing much throughout the year. Next year, when I embark into a possibly intense high school life,  I hope to find myself momentarily satisfy when I look back. Many thanks to teachers, friends and my families.

(Here is a sample of my resume in Language Arts class)


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Imperialism Essay Reflection

G Block Camellia’s Imperialism Essay

This projects gives us lessons, informations, and insights about Europeans Imperialism in Africa.

How did time impact my work?

It was on the due date that I completed my rough draft, as well peer revising and finished with an unsatisfying feeling. First of all, I didn’t take notice that the essay was due in class that very day. Our work time is usually longer, for peer revising and finishing day is always different. I was on a rush, and my transitions between paragraphs/sentences weren’t very tended.

A strength I showed was my ability to support my ideas and clear analysis with appropriate evidence.

Something I should work on in my next essay is make more connections between global impacts/issues, revise my errors in writing/grammar and remove or add words to streamline the work more smoothly.

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Nutritious Cooking Group Assignment

My book (Watch with Cloud ePub Reader)

My team were tasked to cook a full nutritious meal, containing enough vegetables, meat, grains, and dairy products. The book above illustrates our menu and the video presenting our dish to the judges of SSIS Master Chef. In which they highly recommend us~


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Persuasive Writing

Gender Personality Discrimination

This is the piece of Persuasive Writing I was assigned to write. It got voted #1 by editor 2 days after I published, though I didn’t take picture of the award, unfortunately. I won’t say that I’m satisfied with this piece. I feared it, I’m anxious of it, I viewed it as a catastrophe. Enjoy.

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Poem Writing

A poem from a piece of random writing I wrote at a beginning of a class.

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Toy Story Enlightenment Review Project

In this project, we focused on improving our analysis, observation and presentation skills. These are important skills for our development because it hones our ability to become critical thinkers, presenter.  This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.
– How did my classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?
My partner and I took turns to rate the characters and

– What feedback did I get that was useful?
We are commented by our classmate after presenting that we should be more critical and focus on less characters. “Quality over quantity” was probably what they meant.

The sample Enlightenment Movie Review

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The Apeeling Banana Soccer Team Reflection

The Apeeling Banana splitting into second place with 90 points for the entire apeeling tournament, including overall apeeling running score, fair-play apeeling score and position in first and second apeeling tournament.

A) Introduce and explain your role in the soccer unit.
In the midst of 7 players with different jobs of my team, I was only the helper. Originally, I would like to be the publicist or fair play coordinator, but then there are those who seems to be more passionate than I am. By the by, I prefer diversity and the-ever-changing things, instead of one solid job. As it is said, I helped other jobs in my team, and replaced them if one is absent. I also once was the statistics recorder the class before the first tournament.

B) Explain what you did well in that role and what were your challenges
My challenges lie on the field more than my job, for it is quite a simple one, and require less work than other jobs. I guess as a helper, I’m supposed to encourage and sustain strength in my teammates. Which I believe I did sufficiently, though not as enthusiastic and natural as other players.

C) Discuss your running results Did you improve? Why or why not?
It definitely did. My first one was above 7 minutes,  for I ran with a friend that day and I didn’t challenge my strength. My fastest one was 5:53, I felt fantastic doing so. I tried my best.

D) Discuss your fair play points (effort and attitude). Did you try your best? If you went off task, why did you go off task? Did you talk kindly and positively to your teammates and the other teams?
I believe my attitude was always positive and supportive to myself and to others both in my team and outside. My team fair play coordinated noted that I do not communicated enough out on the field, which I agree also. For I’m not used to team coordination and communication in a game. 

E) What did you think of this kind of unit? How can Ms C improve it? Would you recommend it to others?
I personally enjoy this unit. I think it should be longer, so that the new players can practice more.

This is an apeeling video of pictures and videos throughout the unit of my team.
It’s called The Apeeling Banana’s apeeling video

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