My comic has a very depressing and melancholy feel to it so I kept the colors to a minimum. The only part of my comic that is colored is the blood-filled water after my character committed suicide. Because my comic has a very monotone and droning sense of depression, I used many different types of camera angles to make the viewpoint of the reader more interesting. As an example, when my character was deep in thought, I used a long shot with minimal background to establish that my character's thoughts were as vast as the room that she was sitting in. I also used a dutch angle to frame the bathtub with blood to create a sense of unrest and that something was very wrong. The most challenging part of this project was definitely coming up with an image/drawing to match the words that I had in my head. I am not the most skilled artist and that definitely hindered my ability to show the story that I pictured in my head. Altogether, this was a fun unit but it was challenging. I enjoyed analyzing why the illustrators frame the art in a specific way rather than just reading the comic and moving on.

In my latest ecodome, I simplified my design by completely removing all the plants and other objects, replacing the soil, and putting back the plants and some of the other objects. I only put in what needed to be there. The tree bark that was in my previous ecodome became moldy and smelled like rotten eggs mixed with gym socks. I am very excited to see if my new design lasts longer.

DAY 7:

My first ecodome was unsuccessful because I placed my ecodome outside which caused it to overheat. When I opened it, there was an extreme stench and a warm air was filling my ecodome. I added way too many big plants and they required watering which I couldn't do so ultimately, it failed. Next time I am going to have fewer things and find more self-reliant plants.

DAY 1:

  • In my ecodome, I decided not to use the support wire because I couldn’t find any vines
  • I used 55ml of water for the pool
  • Plastic cooking gloves for a waterproof pool base (Though it was an environmentally unfriendly decision. I was in a rush.)
  • Three small plants to provide oxygen and a possible food source
  • Small white rocks to support the pool
  • Flat tree bark to provide a climbing space for the grasshoppers
  • Three grapes for food
  • Bananas in the soil so they will decompose and provide nutrients

This quarter in ELA our main project was to create a newspaper article about something that we were interested in. For my article, I chose to write about the Jakarta riots. Ms. Thompson, our drama teacher at SSIS, was living in Jakarta at the time and witnessed the riots firsthand. A requirement for the project was to come up with detailed interview questions about our topic and interview a person who had knowledge of the subject. I think something I did well was looking at the rubric and structuring intriguing questions off of that. I enjoy writing about topics that I am passionate about and I think my abilities to do that were put to the test in this project. Overall I think I did well and my grade reflects on that but one thing that I might change was the layout of my page in the newspaper. I feel it was a little bland and I could have done something a little more interesting with it.

Something I learned from this quarter in ELA was that many people have interesting stories, you just have to dig. I had no idea that Ms. Thompson went through that scary hard time in Jakarta because she's such a happy person but everyone has had tough times and interesting things happen to them. When Ms. Thompson was explaining what happened in Jakarta, it was like she was in that situation, reliving it over and over again. I could see the emotions on her face, memories from that time in her life.

Two words to describe my quarter one school experience in eighth grade is difficult and stressful. For the majority of quarter one, I was involved in an out-of-school musical production and it took up a lot of my time. It created a stressful homework situation and it was hard to balance homework and lines and social issues. I lost a big chunk of friends last year but it's almost better having only a few good friends. I call a lot of people my "friends" but there are only a few people who I know really care about me. I have casual friends that I'll talk to if we're sitting next to each other though so that's nice. Eighth grade hasn't been all bad. I had a lot of fun in drama class, ELA, and the musical was an amazing experience. Even though it was stressful to have frequent rehearsals, I would do it all over again.

heliocentric-minimalist-poster church-minmalist-poster

Research Process:

When I was researching my topic, I found some really good sources on Galileo. There was one website that was a biography of Galileo’s life. I used that website frequently because it had all of the information in a timeline-like fashion. When  I take notes, I usually read over the source, find the information I need, then turn it into my own words and summarise. I use language that I will be able to understand later and writing that I can reflect on. NOTES HERE

Narrative Hooks:

In narrative hooks, I thought that you needed to have big words. In writing, you have to snag the writer’s attention but you don’t necessarily have to use mile-long words. In my writing, I used expressive language. When talking about accomplishments, I would use powerful words to express how amazing those accomplishments were. When talking about struggles I would focus on how difficult it was to overcome the restraints. FINAL NARRATIVES HERE


For this unit, we had to create three vlogs. I found that the vlogs were not very helpful and took up too much time. When I made them it was nice to hear the tone of the writing but I could get the same benefit reading it out loud. I love video projects because there’s so much you can do with them but I like having more time and freedom with them. As a larger project, videos are more fun. I could get really into them if we could expand the projects and incorporate more planning and/or theatrical elements. See vlogs below.

Biggest Takeaway:

From this project, I’m really going to remember all the things we learned about expressive language and power words. In my writing, I sometimes use very regular boring words and just type to get the work done. I forget to use expressive language and my paragraphs end up sounding bland. I really love reading books and stories with emotions that rope you into the book. I just need to incorporate that into my own writing. ZINE HERE

In our Renaissance projects we had a certain topic and we had to create an essential question based on that topic. My topic was Renaissance fashion and my essential question was, "How did social class and wealth link to fashion in the Renaissance?". I thought that this was very interesting and I really liked the type of research that I did. I got very passionate when I was explaining my project at the fair and I think that helped my argument because people could tell I believed everything I said. 

How did my consideration of an audience influence my work?

When I designed and presented my Renaissance project, I really wanted the audience participants to feel like they were part of the project and like I needed THEM to figure out my project. I wanted them to feel like they were an essential part of the project. And in a way, they were. The audience was always on my mind when I was designing my project. I think that I was successful in the interactive part of my project.