My book review

Right now I am reading 3 books Judy Blume, meet Samantha and Stuart little. Stuart little is a book about  a mouse who helps humans. Judy Blume has many series and this one is about a girl who doesn’t like a main character called Peter. meet Samantha is a book about a girl who is a orphan and lives with her granny. We log on a website called Biblionasium.



1st G4 talks ever on 2016

This past few weeks was challenging. why? well yesterday on tuesday october 11th was our G4 talk. at our G4 talk we researched and made a presentation all about the topic.My one was about “pet therapy”. I was really proud of what I did and I liked making the presentation the most.the most difficult part was writing the script and editing it.I think my talk was important because to me pets are important and they can self soothe you. Self sooth means feeling calm and happy. the whole G4 did it and we were proud of what we did. I hope you enjoy my video my video down below. by the way it is the 1st G4 talk ever