FESL (Fantastic Energy Saving Lamp)

Our class has been working on a project called TOTB (thinking outside the box). TOTB is where we build something that makes it so that energy can be saved and not wasted. My team name is FESL (Fantastic Energy Saving Lamp). In my team there is me, Huichan and Elena. Our team worked on making a prototype that uses only three energy efficient LED lights and one distance sensor, but keep in mind, that was only our prototype. If this was real, we would probably use around ten LED lights. Our prototype makes it so that you can walk close to the lamp and it turns on because of the distance sensor. Our prototype turns off in 5 seconds or so, but the real light would have turned off in about 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Thank you for reading.

Here is our code that could make all of this happen.

here is the youtube video of our prototype.


Viable Vietnam

On Viable Vietnam we had to make a documentary about Vietnam! We did this so our Vietnamese topic could be sustainable, sustainable means that thing will go on. My Vietnamese topic is the Linh Chi Mushroom, it is a very interesting topic! But that’s later, anyways before all of that, my class went on a field trip week! The field trip week was all about Vietnam. We went to an Ao Dai museum, a traditional Vietnamese medicine museum, a water puppet show and Benh Thanh food market! Then we got our topics! We had to start with a story line, then a story board. We had to get footage so we went to the medicine street, we interviewed people about our topic. Our documentary was very hard to do because it was hard to edit. Then we finally finished our documentaries and we had a film festival to celebrate and see our documentaries!


The one with the dress is me!

Fraction Cookies

        Last week (February 27th) we made cookies. At first, we had to do math to make the cookies and it was like 1/4 cup of butter but instead of doing that, we had to double the ingredients! It was really fun. Then we made our cookies. My group had to bring supplies like a mixing spoon, a mixing bowl, and measuring equipment! The teachers already bought the ingredients to make the cookies. It was really complicated in the middle of making the cookies. The cookies were delicious when we finished them. That’s all to tell you! I hope you enjoyed reading! Bye.

Emily’s Winter Break

             For my winter break I went to Taiwan! I stayed in Taiwan for 9 days. It took an hour to go to Taipei, the city of Taiwan. I stayed in Taipei for 3 nights and I did lots of things in that time! I went to some restaurants and they had lots of yummy food there! I went to Taipei 101, the fifth tallest building in the world! I was a little scared when I went all the way to the top because I’m scared of heights. After I stayed in Taipei I went to this place called The Flying Cow Ranch! Well there’s no flying cow of course. I had lots fun feeding the animals there, I felt so happy! On my last day in Taiwan I went back to Taipei. Surprise, it was New Years! I saved the best for last. Taipei 101 at midnight on New Years, shoots fireworks! Yep, that was incredible! I hoped you enjoyed reading this! Bye!     

Thinking about Literacy

In the middle of our super unit, we had book partnership. Book partnership is where you get a reading partner, and then you choose two books that are the same together. And split it into three sections of the book, then read it! We also have book partnership meetings. My book partner is Kia, and we read the book “The Bridge to Terabithia”. We put in our sections and read, then had meetings! (We also had active reading.) I learned how to read faster now and I know how to do meetings now. We also do reading response’s for how we thought about our book.

We also learned how to improve our writing by learning punctuation for compound sentences. Since we learned that, my punctuation is WAY better now. I also think that my writing has grown better because of the punctuation mostly. Thanks for reading.

This is my reading response.

Heart of Exploring Celebration (Ending)

So something sad happened today…. Our unit is over!!!! I’m so sad, this was my favourite unit! At our celebration we brought our parents to school and brought them to our specials. We had prepared for this day the entire week!! We had Drama, Music, Art, and we stayed in class because we showed our parents that we’re doing charity work!! My favourite HAD to be drama! My friends and I performed a play called “Fat Lady”! It was so funny!! I liked it because I could perform my own play, and see other peoples play!! They were so great! My second favourite is where we showed our charity work. And my project was about people that couldn’t pay for their school fees, I felt so bad for them! We sell art for money so we can donate the money to a community group called “ArtViz”. Of course we haven’t started our project yet, but we’ll start soon! So those are all my favourites, now I’m going to tell you about the ones that I didn’t explain. So there’s art, and we had a choice of what art we did and I did a water-colour painting! And in music, we played instruments and showed our parents how to use the instruments! I hope you enjoyed reading, bye!

This is a picture of me in my drama play.

IMG_0250 2

This is a photo of me explaining my charity work to my parents.

IMG_0226 2

Math Unit 2

So about one week ago I had a math test and it was hard and confusing and I made a lot of mistakes, but at least I tried my best.

I learned that I should always read the instructions carefully and always double check before I hand my test to the teacher. I also learned more about multiplication and division.

I am proud of myself for trying the best I could in this test.

I need to keep working on checking my work, reading the instructions carefully, and working more on division.

This is my Ice Cream challenge and this is where you do multiplication and division, then you get ice cream!! So you see I got all of them but the division was optional.

My IB Art Buddy

About two weeks ago our class went to the high school building and my friend and I had a high school buddy artist called Greta. And she showed me what she liked to paint. She drew light coloured, she was focused when she drew. And best of all, when I saw her drawings that were light coloured, I instantly felt calm and in peace.

This is a picture of my art buddy and her drawings.

Living Wax Museum

So about two days ago I had something called the “Living Wax Museum”, and that means that we have to research about an explorer and we have to make a script, and then act them out when somebody presses your paper button. So all you have to do mostly is learn about an explorer and act it out like in a REAL living wax museum.

I researched about Leonardo Da Vinci, a great artist and explorer for me! And did you know one of Da Vinci’s paintings sold for 4 billion dollars??!! Wow! That’s a lot of money.

I found this project was a little difficult because I had a beard and the beard kept on going in my mouth!! Ha Ha!

My explorer had a positive impact on the world because he was also a scientist, and he found out a lot of things about this planet! Even some of his work is mysterious!

I used to think that my explorer was boring, but now I know that he was amazing and important to this world.