Living Wax Museum

So about two days ago I had something called the “Living Wax Museum”, and that means that we have to research about an explorer and we have to make a script, and then act them out when somebody presses your paper button. So all you have to do mostly is learn about an explorer and act it out like in a REAL living wax museum.

I researched about Leonardo Da Vinci, a great artist and explorer for me! And did you know one of Da Vinci’s paintings sold for 4 billion dollars??!! Wow! That’s a lot of money.

I found this project was a little difficult because I had a beard and the beard kept on going in my mouth!! Ha Ha!

My explorer had a positive impact on the world because he was also a scientist, and he found out a lot of things about this planet! Even some of his work is mysterious!

I used to think that my explorer was boring, but now I know that he was amazing and important to this world.


This is a drawing of four mannequins that I drew with charcoal sticks and charcoal sticks are also made out of burnt trees and this kind of drawing is called a “Figure Drawing”.

I am very proud of this drawing because  this is actually one of my very first paintings of figure drawing. But I want to improve on being more imaginative with my drawings.

Amelia Earheart

What did Amelia Earhart explore?
She explored how to fly airplanes freely.

What motivated her to explore?
In 1920, she went to an airshow and three days later she paid one dollar for a ten minutes airplane ride. She said,”As soon as I left the ground, I knew I myself had to fly.”

What characteristics did she show?
She showed bravery.

How did she go about exploring?
She explored by flying an airplane.

This is my timeline for Amelia Earheart.

Unit One Math


In this math unit we learned about lots of things, but I’m gonna tell you my favourite. My favourite subject was doing different forms like, for example, the number 176,302 can be many forms! Let me tell you all the forms, first, there’s expanded form and the number 176,302 in expanded form is 100,00+70,000+6,000+300+2. So that’s expanded form, next in line is word form, so the number 176,302 in word form is one hundred seventy six thousand, three hundred and two. So that means that word form is just saying the number in words! Third of all is standard form, and that’s easy! 176,302 in standard form is 176,302! Did I trick you? Standard form is just the number! I don’t know about you, but I’m laughing right now! Well I have to go now so see you later!

This is my math checkup about different forms

This is a photo of different forms if you don’t understand.

G4 Pioneer Sleepover

G4 had something special two weeks ago on Thursday, October 5th. It was a day to remember. We had a sleepover! The sleepover was AMAZING! For this blog I will be talking about how I felt about this sleepover. I felt like I was in school HEAVEN! I’ll tell you why it felt like heaven, it was because we played lots of tag and it made me feel happy, and then when we had dinner I was SO full! The food was SO good! I went to this place called Nha Hue, it’s a Vietnamese restaurant that is AMAZING!!! And when it was almost time for bed, the teacher let us play board games and I played a fun game! I forgot the board games name but the game was about how we put a metal thing on another metal thing and then put more on and try not to make it fall! And that’s all! See you!

This is a photo of me explaining the game “cyclops tag”.

My G4 Talk_You can’t beat me, bubble tea!

This is a blog post about how I felt on the G4 Talks, I hope you enjoy.

What did you do in the auditorium for the G4 Talk? Describe it.
I stood up there and I said my topic, my topic was bubble tea,I know, I know, its a stupid topic but it was really good. I also tried my best.

How did you feel before you went on stage?
Like so scared and excited, I felt like there was a puddle on the ground.
(Don’t worry it’s not real.)

How did you feel during your performance?
I was pretty confident, I’m so proud of myself.

How did your feel after your performance?
Like I was going crazy, I was like, HOW DID I DO THAT!? WHAT IN THE WORLD! OY MY GOSH!!!

How do you think you did overall?
It was actually pretty fun!

What are two things you did well and are proud of?
I liked my hand gestures and my expression!

What is one thing you think you could do differently?
I think I shouldn’t look at the screen that much!

I thank my mom for coming and watching me, I thank Mr. Stevens for helping me get my title for my topic, I thanks Mr. Papaseit for helping for the images, and yeah.

Thank you for reading this!


Hi there, I bet you know me already, but if you don’t, let me tell you who I am. My name’s Emily and today my topic for my blog is yoga. You will be really interested in this, trust me. Let’s get into it.

The first thing about yoga that is that it can help you be more flexible, sure, it might hurt your back but if you do it a lot of times you’ll get used to it and you can run, do sports, and more! The second thing is that yoga can help you be calm when your stretching because you cracked all your knuckles and stuff and you fell flexible like your sleepy.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog, i’ll see you next time, bye! 🙂

Body Systems

I learned about the nervous system and it was amazing!! The nervous system has nerves, the spinal cord and the brain. The nerves are everything, if your nerves shut off, your whole body shuts down, so you die!

An important fact I learned was that your nerves react rapidly once you get hurt.

The most interesting activity was when we drew the human body and drew the nervous system inside him.

I had a hard time with nothing, really.

I would still like to learn about the brain.

I think it’s important for me to learn about body systems because i get to take care of myself now.

Emily(unit 2)’s Post on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Easy Blog Photo
This blog is a reflection of this week in school. We did lots of things like the lion dance my favorite was when the lions were jumping on those poles.???

I liked the part where I got to touch the lions and the dragon! And when the dragon was going close to me!???

The challenging part was when I saw the man went up the pole because it was soooooo scary and I thought that guy would die!???