Windows(Group Homework)

Hyunseong:Windows (OS)

Windows XP is made in  August 24, 2001 but sale on October 25, 2001, the microsoft doesn’t prepare antivirus stuff now.

Windows 7 is made in October 22, 2009, and it was

only for desktop and laptop.


Windows 8(8.1) is made in October 26, 2012(October 17, 2013) and it’s for desktop,

tablet, and phone.


Windows 10 is made in July 29, 2015, and it’s free for July, 2016.(Industry Pro can’t update to Windows 10. But you can with hack.)

You know that the logo is going simple and simple.

Group Homework (Video Games)

Video Game

The first video game is made on 1958, and its ‘Tennis for Two’, and it takes lots of time to make the  game like Minecraft, or something like you know.

We need video games, because we play it, when it’s automatically move, in the game, we are just watching videos, but we are playing games, video games so we can play it and enjoy it, that’s why we need video games.

Fantasy Share Day!

Fantasy Share Day

     Before tet, our parents came to school, because of our fantasy sharing. We tell what we learn, how to code, with scratch2 and I wanted to do it her self, but it was little bit hard for her.                             I read my story to her, and she say it’s good, but not actually. 😥

dragon-cut-out     IMG_1407