The Amazing Race!

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AAAAAWe started new unit called the ‘Amazing Race’ and it was so fun! There was put basket ball in basket 3 times, ball in the spoon, and you go around the cone back, making car, singing on top of the spider web, pick books in library, and (I forgot) etc. An Qan was really bit bossy.
aaaaaThe hardest thing was making car, and vlog, but not that much. Most fun thing was the spoon with ball, and singing on the spider web.

Sports Day!!


On Jan 20, 2016, we had ‘Sports Day’, and it was fantastic! We have 17 courses, and 3 of them are snack! My favorite game was picture down below, and the worst one is soccer replay, but it was not that bad. In snack, we saw that little poster, and there was something like snack and picture of banana, tangerine, and watermelon, but there wasn’t any tangerine….